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May 31

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: General News

From rain and overcast skies to heat and humidity, seemingly overnight. We are looking at clear skies and 90s for the majority of the week folks! Enjoy it for at least this week before you start complaining about how hot it is, please!

The most important and most disturbing story over the weekend was the report that former Kentucky tight end, T.C. Drake, was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident in Nelson County. Drake was riding his bike without a helmet when a driver under the influence pulled out in front of him. T.C. hit the passenger side door of the vehicle and was thrown from his bike, suffering major head trauma and was flown to Louisville hospital. I hope all of Big Blue Nation will take the time to send the most positive of thoughts to Drake and his family.

– Coach Cal sent a message to his “haters” last night when he tweeted, “Radio Silence is the sound you hear on twitter from the triumvirate & compadres when there are positive stories about UK. Can you hear it? “I am guessing Cal is referring to the story Fertig told you about last night. There are more than one national writer out threw who will not acknowledge when Kentucky or Cal does anything positive, and Cal has noticed. As R.D. Mercer might ask, ‘How big a boy are ya?’…

– Cal and Joker are in Destin, Florida today for the beginning of the SEC meetings. Cal has basically taken over for Mike Slive as the head of SEC basketball, and may dip into the football side of things if Mike doesn’t straighten up. I would guess there is a better than average shot that Slive will be discussing cheating, ridding of the divisions in men’s basketball, over-signing in football, and the beautiful women on the white sand beaches of scenic Destin!

– Word yesterday that Ohio State’s Jim Tressel was forced to resign as their head ca coach put a large Memorial Day smile on my grill. I love when things are in an “up roar” in Knoxville and I also enjoy a little controversy in Columbus. I hope for months and months of chaos to ensue within Buckeye Nation! Love you OSU! Couldn’t have happened to a better fan base.

-King James and his South Beach talent will host Game 1 of the NBA Finals against Dirk tonight in Miami at 9:00 on ABC. If there were to be a Game 7, it would not take place until June 14, which is nuts. Way to drag it out NBA! After declaring in the preseason that I would never cheer for LBJ again, I am going back on my word and pulling for him to get his first ring. The fact a pair of his Nike endorsed shoes exist with a UK logo on them is enough for me to forgive him.

– News that former cat, Derrick Jasper, will join Billy Clyde’s staff is beyond perplexing. This is the same jasper that transferred from UK after Clyde seemed to pressure him back on the court with a less than healthy knee. Is this proof that BCG was not exactly what he seemed to be? Good luck to DJ and BCG in lovely Lubbock.

We will try to sober up and give you all of the TGR posts you would love to read or ignore this week as we go along. Stay tuned as much as you possibly can. C! A! T! S!

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