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May 31

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Category: TGR's Tuesday Tweets

We are approaching 90 degrees here in the bluegrass, but the Tuesday Tweets have been boiling over for months! I tried hard to make that work…

Rich Brooks: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to TC Drake and his family. Hit on motorcycle by drunk driver and he was not wearing a helmet. Hope for best!“

Tom Leach: “coach Cal thinks new block/charge arc will help UK’s Dribble Drive; says he doesn’t “know the answer” on doing away w/ divisions in SEC“

Matt May: “Cal said the Dominican Republic approached him to “help build basketball in that country”“

Perry Stevenson: “I’m pretty sure Betty white was never younger than 143 years old but she is HILARIOUS.“

Chip Cosby: “Radio Silence sounds like a good name for an underground grunge/heavy metal band. I’mma start one up. Who’s with me?“

Darren Rovell: “Avg listed ticket price for tomorrow’s Bruins @ Canucks game is $1,697, according to seat geek. Cheapest is $728! Avg listed ticket price for tonight’s Mavs @ Heat game is $1,060 according to seat geek. Cheapest is $130 standing room only.”

Micah Johnson: “Oh yeahh..and HangOver 2 waz wack as hell!!!!!! I barley laffed! Had 2 tweet that b4 the plane take off!”

Terrence Jones: “With everything I’m facing I’m still gone make it!“

Aaron Boyd: “Magnesium Citrate! Waiting for it to kick in 0_o“

Blue Grass Baseball: “No Ky teams in NCAA tourn., but Ky HS alums Jeremy Dobbs & Jack Snodgrass (Austin Peay), Nick Maronde (Fla) and Spencer Petett (Belmont) are“

Mikie Benton: “Man lil kids be bad as hell at the doctor’s office!“

Thomas Beisner: “Cal takes subtle shot at Big East regarding NCAA Tournament berths vs. success. Followed by a subtle dig at Duke and their flops. He’s batting for the cycle today!!!“

Kyle Wiltjer: “In about a week ill be a college student. crazy“

Mike Gilchrist: “Good Morning world! Last week of school“

Gary Parrish: “Josh Pastner will announce Tuesday that he’s hiring Damon Stoudamire to be an assistant on the Memphis staff, a source told“

Daniel Orton: “I refuse to give up. Never will give up. God give me strength….“

UK Athletics: “UK Softball set five single-season offensive records in 2011, including runs scored, home runs and RBI.”

Nazr Mohammed: “For all the OKC fans that keep asking me about my free agency… My goal is to come back to OKC next season. I hope everything works out.“

Randall Cobb: “Get comfortable w being uncomfortable. Frustration comes when I can’t do something but I will continue to work until I get it”

Twany Beckham: “What if i kissed u right now…..”

Eloy Vargas: “I ate chicken, fried rice and eggs for two weeks straight.. time for something different.. Yessir..“

Stacey Poole: “Bored… watchin Wayne bros“

Ryan Harrow: “After this move and do my daily routine I need to be getting in someone’s pool“

Bill Simmons: “The Ohio State scandal didn’t scare me off — I’m going to continue trading ESPN memorabilia for tattoos.“

Steve Jones: “Miami Coral Reef rush end Julian Leslie told me UK is his favorite after getting offer from David Turner last nite“

Bleed Blue Kentucky: “Rashad Cunningham (2011-WR) who signed with UK in Feb. Will report to UK on June 18th. This should end any speculation regarding eligibility“

Doron Lamb: “The Show Basketball Wives is crazy“

Not Jerry Tipton: “Will Cal apologize to Forde & Thamel when their full length story on his generosity & UK’s APR is published, thus explaining radio silence?“

Oscar Combs: “The just-released Sports Illustrated story on OSU & Tressel should be required reading for every coach & student-athlete in the USA. And the story should put fear in the heart of every coach/administrator/athlete/fan/booster in USA. And no one should cheer.“

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