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Jun 9

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

After praying for warmth for most of 2011, we have gotten what we asked for Kentucky! It is smokin’…

– John Calipari has won, and been called, many things, but an Emmy winner? Well, that would just be silly. Actually sir, it may happen. Cal was nominated for a regional Emmy for his work on the WKYT (Channel 27) Hoops for Haiti telethon. The telethon which raised over 1 million for earthquake relief in the third world country was nominated by WKYT and puts cal in the running for the award. If he does win, will he consider regional Emmy night the greatest night in Kentucky’s basketball programs history?

– Another Kentucky Bat Cat was taken in the 2011 MLB draft yesterday when the defending World Champs, the San Fran Giants, took catcher, Michael Williams. The junior catcher was taken in the 37th round.

– UK announced yesterday that former Scott County, Purdue University, and Los Angeles Sparks star, Ukari Okien Figgs was named assistant athletics director for women’s basketball at the school. Figgs led the Scott County girls’ basketball team to a state title in 1995, and she was named Kentucky’s Miss Basketball. This shows the commitment by the school to Matthew Mitchell’s program. Welcome back to the bluegrass ma’am!

– Brian Eldridge of Scout is reporting that one of Joker’s top recruits in the class of 2011, Christian County’s Marcoreyon “Bubba” Tandy has not qualified academically and will attend Junior College this fall. He will head to Copiah-Lincoln, in Mississippi.

– I am not sure if new Kentucky b-baller, Anthony Davis, is in love with McDonalds food, or if he has a secret endorsement deal. Either way, he is blowing up the burger joint on Twitter since arriving in Lexington. Here are a few of his most recent Tweets, “Man that strawberry lemonade from Mickey D’s really hit the spot!! “ “Craving some McChickens from Mickey D’s and a frozen strawberry lemonade!! “ “Man I need my McChickens and strawberry lemonade but McDonalds is closed…only can go thru the drive-thru!! SMH!!“

Can someone please get this brother some strawberry lemonade and a McChicken, he is starving over there!

– I know I am not the only one in Big Blue Nation enjoying the chaos that is University of Tennessee athletics right now? They fired Pearl, they have now fired athletic director, Mike Hamilton, and it looks like former football coach, Phillip Fulmer might be interested in being the new AD. This entire thing makes me smile. Good morning Knoxville!

– Here is the TGR-MLB Review… Atlanta won a second straight over the Florida Marlins, 3-2. The Reds lost to the Cubs yesterday, 4-1. The hottest of the three, Tampa, won a third straight, 4-3 over the Angels.

Fertig brought a Slip’n’Slide to the tailgate this morning, so watch out! He has 2 gallons of cooking oil and you never know what he might lube up!

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