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Jun 13

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: General News

We got some much needed rain this weekend in Clark County and we got some bright sunshiney weather too. It was the best weekend of all time! No, seriously, all-time. We will cool it off this week for what could be known as the best week of all time! Dramatic? Naw.

– News broke this weekend that UK is working on a long term contract extension with Coach Cal. Mitch Barnhart Tweeted this, “We are working on an extension with Cal to ensure that he has long tenure at Kentucky. Cal and I are the same age and share some of the same thoughts on our careers and I’d like to align his contract with my current 8-yr deal.” As we all know, contracts mean about as much as a contract in college athletics means about as much as a LeBron James 3-pointer late in Game 6, not much. But, I applaud UK for showing some effort in locking down Cal in the bluegrass.

– Jerry Tipton reported that the NCAA has asked UK to release a statement regarding the celebration of John Calipari’s 500th victory last season. Due to the 42 vacated wins cal had at Memphis and UMass, the NCAA says UK incorrectly celebrated the 500th win and should apologize. Fertig and I discussed this issue last season when the celebration happened. I am not sure if it was written, or if was purely an off the record conversation. No matter, is the NCAA serious? Instead of using its precious time to investigate the well-being of NCAA student-athletes and improving it’s association, it is worried about celebrations? Tipton’s report said a 5 page letter was sent to UK explaining the reasoning for feeling UK should make a statement. Was it worth the paper it was printed on NCAA? You seriously need to look in getting a life.

– Joker and the football staff held their 2nd Sunday Showcase camp in as many weeks in Lexington yesterday. May talented high schoolers were in attendance and I am sure some offers were made by UK. This camp was the driving force behind the several 2012 commitments last week, so look for some more commits this week.

– I watched a good d deal of the NBA Finals game 6 last night, probably more NBA than I have watched all season, and I went to a game. The Mavs took the title, 105-95 over Jamaal Magloire and the Heat. Jamaal did not play, as we all became accustomed to in the playoffs. I will have more this morning on LeBron and my t thoughts of his treatment by the media during the season. Stay tuned, it will be epic.

– You may not have ever heard of Colin Boevers, but he is a relevant athlete this morning. Colin throws the discus for UK track and field. This weekend he competed in the NCAA Outdoor Championships and grabbed a 4th place finish in the discus. The reason you should care? Saturday’s final in the track and field event was the final UK event for the 2010-11 athletics year. Much love to all of the UK athletes for giving us a great 2010-2011 athletic season, all the way around! You give losers like us something to talk about, write about, and whatever else we do. You made us proud this year and we greatly appreciate your efforts! Go Cats!

I hope we can get off on the right foot this week, or the left foot, if the situation requires it. Nasty Nate will be around this afternoon with the TGR Looker OF The Week, Fertig will do his best, as always, and I will drift in the wind like a lonely flag in the middle of nowhere. Yes, flag. C! A! T! S!

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