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Jun 15

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

We went from the rainy season, to middle of summer conditions, and now to beautiful spring time temperatures in Kentucky. Last night’s weather in and around Winchester can not be matched by any other location on the globe…

– The story of the NCAA asking UK to apologize for celebrating John Calipari’s 500th victory as head coach in college basketball has made it national. Yesterday on my wife’s favorite television program, PTI, Michael Wilbon said that if he were UK he would tell the NCAA to “go to hell”. I find myself believing that “hell” would be a much nicer destination than the NCAA deserves.

– Kentucky football fans who follow Gene McCaskill on Twitter got good news yesterday. Gene Tweeted, “Guess what BBN IM BACK RUNNING FULL SPEED SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEAN” Gene I can only hope that means you are about ready to catch some passes and to run as fast as you can towards the end zone for the blue and white. Lord knows we need you.

– Eric Bledsoe, of “getting’ shit right” fame, had his option picked up by his current employer, the Los Angeles Clippers. The 2010-11 T-Mobile All-Rookie Second Teamer is now signed through the 2012-2013 season with the Clips.

– Enes Kanter is scheduled to work-out for the Minnesota Timberwolves Tomorrow. If they could not be consistently successful with Kevin Garnett, the T-wolves will NEVER be a long term winner. Please Minnesota, leave our Enes alone!

– The TGR-MLB Review… The Cincinnati Reds got a second straight win last night over the Dodgers, 3-2. The Rays got a 4-0 shutout of the Boston Red Sox. Finally, the Braves dropped a second straight, with a 4-3 loss to the Mets.

Fitz should be around this morning for some mid-week Reds news, Fertig will be here with some news that will even surprise me, and I will just be around. TGR baby!!

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