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Jun 17

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (1)
Category: General News

I can’t remember ever being more excited about a Friday this entire month!

– Big-ups to Terrence Jones for a great dig he took at himself yesterday during the Kentucky summer media opportunity. When he was asked about how tough it was for him to make his decision to return to UK, Jones said, “It was tough, just because I’m bad at making decisions”. Jones was obviously poking fun at himself for his decommitment from the University of Washington. Jones is on the right track to endearing himself to the UK fan base with a comment like that. Well done TJ and glad to have you back my man!

– Speaking of the 2011-12 season and team, it sounds like they are all getting along just fine. According to Twitter, t there is a lot of NBA 2K playing going on this summer… There may even be some friendly wagering going along with it. Anthony Davis said this recently, “Had to run to McDonalds to get Mike Gilchrist and Stacey Poole they 20 piece nugget… 2K11” Chicken McNuggets are also my favorite form of gambling incentive.

– Kentucky’s battle with the NCAA over the observance of Calipari’s 500th victory continued yesterday. After the NCAA gave UK orders to apologize for recognizing the feat, UK obliged by not apologizing what so ever yesterday in a statement. Correspondence between Sandy Bell and the NCAA indicates that the entire process and subsequent “apology” was spurred by a complaint by a fan of a rival school. Sandy also mentioned the name of the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Jerry Tipton and his multiple inquiries to the NCAA of the 500th win celebration and whether or not they felt it was valid. After Kentucky released their forced statement yesterday, Tipton wrote that UK “cried uncle Thursday and admitted it made a mistake”. Hardly Jerry, hardly you big jerk.

– If you don’t like Jay Bilas, I don’t like you. Bilas had this to say about the Cal vs. the NCAA,” NCAA Logic: When a win is vacated, other team must keep the loss. UK should celebrate Calipari giving opponents 500 losses.” Duke alumni or not, that is brilliant!

– UK football lost two defensive linemen over the summer in Nermin Delic and Brice Laughlin. Delic was the defensive tackle starter last year in the Louisville game. His playing time decreased as the year progressed. I don’t believe either player was going to be an impact player on the d-line, but it will hurt in the depth of the group.

– The UK basketball Father-Son camp starts today at UK. The camp is sold out and has become very popular within the elementary school circuit. Good luck to the entire out of shape dads in their bid not to have a heart attack or stroke during the proceedings.

– The TGR-MLB Review… Atlanta got a 9-8 win over the Mets last night. Tampa lost a second straight to the Red Sox, 4-2. The reds did not play. Inter-league gets going today with the Reds vs. Toronto, Tampa vs. Florida, and Atlanta vs. Texas.

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