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Jun 18

Saturday Morning Random Post

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (2)
Category: General News

– What does a 4 hour night filled with catfishing on the Ohio River amidst the rain, beer and chicken liver net you? Other than a third eye ball or a dead body, nothing but a damn soft-shell turtle. Even the best of the best have an off night I guess. Kind of like the first pitch we saw last night from John Wall at the Washington Nationals game.

It goes to show you that even if your #1 in one sport, it doesn’t necessarily translate into others. Next up I’d like to see him golf, then play tennis followed up with some hockey. If you were thinking I’m talking about “white guy sports” maybe I am.

– At TGR we don’t get the press passes and access like some of the others, so, when I sat next to Rajon Rondo at a stop light the other night in Louisville I got excited. For those wanting to know, he drives a Porsche Panamera and has a love for all-things Porsche. I did not snap a photo with my camera phone but I did text some people about my experience.

– One surprising nugget to me yesterday was the fact that Rodney Purvis had eliminated Kentucky and Louisville from his short list of schools he was considering. It’s surprising because he was high on the Cats just a few weeks ago and even noted that the Ryan Harrow transfer didn’t effect him. Rodney, I think you might have things twisted a bit. Kentucky is no longer pursuing you, get it straight!

– As Rob mentioned yesterday, we don’t get into all the hype created over “Calgate” too much on this site because we signed up for this sort of thing. But, when the NCAA is caught in a blatant smudging of the truth we have to say something…. If you remember in the letter from the NCAA to UK asking for the apology they stated that they didn’t have the “man power” to research into whether other schools were listing wins that were vacated in their media guides and records… Well, that sent BBN into a Google research project that the NCAA wanted no business in. In a matter of minutes twitter was a buzz of other schools that have done similar doings. San Diego State, Alabama and even a Conference USA team that falls under the jurisdiction of the committee’s chairman have all celebrated vacated wins.

It goes to show you that no matter we are told the NCAA has a vendetta against Coach Cal, Kentucky just happens to be the school he coaches at.

Let’s all hope for  a slow and rainy Saturday, fire up the Congressional, sit on the couch and drink you some sweet tea. Nothing is more American than that.


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