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Jun 21

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo | Leave a Comment (13)
Category: General News

Looks like it may be a little steamy this week in the bluegrass. Temps are going to be high. Humidity is going to be high. Fertig is going to be high.

– Former cat, Dwane Casey, will be named the next coach of the Toronto Raptors. Casey just received a championship ring wile a member on the Dallas Mavericks staff. Casey was the mastermind behind the defensive scheme the Mavs used on LaBron James. Brandon Knight is on the short list of possible draftees for the Raptors Thursday. It could soon be “Big Blue Toronto”!

– After ESPN reported that the Cavs had committed to choosing Duke’s Kyrie Irving, the Cavs administration could not revoke the reports quickly enough. Enes was working out for the Cavs and reportedly meeting the owner and his children when the report was released by ESPN. I am really hoping that none of the Cats go to filthy Cleveland.

– “Draft cat”, Daniel Orton has been cleared medically to get back on the court for the Orlando Magic. Orton missed his entire rookie year with a knew injury. If there is an NBA summer league, Daniel should be able to participate.

– Arkansas sharpshooter, Rotnei Clarke, received his release from the school to transfer. Clarke never seemed to be happy under John Pelphrey and after JP was fired, I expected him to stay. I guess John was not the problem after all. Clarke has a clean jumper and a terribly spelled first name.

– John Wall had his option picked up by the Washington Wizards for the 3rd year of his contract. He will not be tossing out a first pitch anywhere to celebrate.

– Current Louisville football player, Darius Ashley, was arrested for his 2nd Driving under the Influence charge in the last 7 months. The junior cornerback was arrested Saturday after blowing a.186 blood/alcohol level. In December, the 21 year-old was found by police passed out in his car in a fast food drive-thru line and charged with DUI. He was suspended from the cards bowl game in Tampa.

– The TGR-MLB Review looks like this… Tampa got a 4th straight win after they doubled-up the Brewers yesterday, 8-4. Atlanta got their 2nd straight win after shutting out the Blue Jays, 2-0. The Reds lost to the Yankees, 5-3.

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