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Jun 29

Getting Caught Up

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Category: General News

– Word from UK camp is that new football uniforms will be released on Thursday. Images of the changes have already hit the internet via twitter (above). Look for Nike to introduce a “new technology” as well, whatever that means. Not much has changed honestly, stripe added to the helmet, tighter numbers, that’s about it.

– Coach Cal and his wife are learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone to get ready for Coaching the Dominican National team this summer. Too bad they speak Dominican right? Ha, I would love Cal to speak to the media in Spanish. That would be hilarious.

– Keeping it all things Coach Cal, we wouldn’t be working in the summer if it weren’t for him, he mentioned on Radio New York that UK merchandise licensing revenue has doubled over the last 2 years and is currently at its highest level ever. “Our licensing revenue doubled last year and half of that double goes back to the general fund on our campus, $4.5 million in licensing. The other thing is we had 14,000 applicants for 4,000 positions for the freshmen, which is the highest in the history of the school. What you hope is you’ve added value … for everybody, not just me.”

– Ramon Harris scored 51 points in a game in China, Ramon Harris scored 51 points in a game in China. Yeah, it happened.

– South Carolina beat Florida with a 2 game sweep to win it’s second consecutive College World Series. SEC.

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