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Jun 27

Monday Morning Mullet: Eurotrip

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 9:00 am | Leave a Comment (2)
Category: Monday Morning Mullet

Good morning Mullet Fans, after a few weeks away do to vacation and other various excuses, I’m back today to start up the Monday Morning Mullet summer edition.  I’d like to start off this edition with a real beauty from our friends in Spain.

Europe likes to rock the mullet like no other continent I’ve seen before (or country on that continent for that matter Tim).  Mexico might come in a close second.  Regardless, I would be willing to bet that the European Union has more mullets per capita than the rest of the world combined. 

Walking through the downtown square of Barcelona, I spotted this hottie from a block away.  It was my first trip to Europe and my first mullet encounter, the excitement overwhelmed me.  Google translator later that night informed me of the word “salmonete” – Red Mullet.  So here’s to you Salmonete Senorita, thanks for making my trip memorable.

There’s no better way to start off the week than seeing a most awesome mullet on Monday morning. I pride  myself in  being somewhat of an amateur paparazzi, well at least when it comes to mullets and other hideous sites.  If you would like to send me your own pictures of an awesome mullet or anything else I might enjoy, please e-mail at

Jun 26

Brandon Knight Introduced In Detroit

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Category: Basketball

Jun 26

The “Palace Knight”

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Category: Basketball

Jun 24

What Do You Want Most Out Of TGR?

Posted by: Ryan at 2:19 pm | Leave a Comment (3)
Category: Random Notes

We have been all over the map the last few years on this site and as you probably know we are scaling way back for the next few months.

That got us thinking it would be the perfect time to strategize and define what we truly are. We like to think of ourselves as fans, not writers, and I am sure you are aware of that. We aren’t just another UK website, or are we, we don’t know…

With that being said, what are we? What do you want to see from TGR that we are/aren’t/or should be doing when we return in full force? What do you want to see more of, less of, etc.? Give it to us straight up, man-to-man. Or in Rob’s case, man-to-hermaphrodite.

Your comments are welcome.

Jun 24

Update On TGR

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Category: Random Notes

As noted in Rob’s previous post he is stepping away from the site for a while and hopefully he comes back in time for football.

With the draft being over now and BBN can start to ease into the “summer” pattern we will be scaling back the site content until football. That doesn’t mean we are going away at all, so don’t get it confused, it just means we will be more selective of the posts we do over the next few months. Our weekly staple posts should remain intact, we just won’t be doing 8-10 a day. I will be around the tailgate contributing as much as humanly possible, but the lake, my family, friends and work will take precedent over the site as we all re-energize our blogging abilities.

Sure, you may feel as if we aren’t writers in the first place, I agree. We are fans, just like you, who have day jobs and families. We still sweat the hell out of Kentucky Athletics but even the coaches and administration step away for the summer to recharge. We are doing the same.

If you have any ideas on how we should spend the time over the next few months or would like to contribute to TGR don’t be scared and email me at

We appreciate everything everyone has done for us up until this point and this thang has grown into something too special to just dump it. Not to worry, we won’t let it fade away at all. Just be patient with the site and keep us in your bookmarks.

Facebook and Twitter will remain intact.

Holler back!


Jun 24


Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 10:32 am | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Tailgating

The Tailgate Review has morphed into several different things over the last 5 or so years. It went from a simple e-mail chain that featured a Monday morning review of the weekend’s tailgating festivities, to a popular FaceBook page, and now to its current form. I have enjoyed it from day one and can not believe the things I have experienced due to having the site. From being linked by the biggest names in the UK media, to appearing on radio shows, to having articles written about us in local papers, it has been a hell of a good time.

As I have said before, I am not a professional writer, by any means. I am a fan who enjoys writing silly stories or articles about things that I like to laugh at and that my friends seem to enjoy reading. I have gotten away from what I enjoy doing lately and I haven’t written anything good for 3 months. Some would say it goes back a lot longer than that. I need to refuel.

The other reason I am saying “see ya”, and most importantly, is that I am going to be a daddy very soon. My wife is pregnant with our first kid, Robert Allen Pedigo, Jr., and he is due to be here very shortly. To put it simply, things are changing for me at an alarming rate and I love it. Things that I was once weirdly passionate about, suddenly don’t mean as much to me right now.

I appreciate all of those who have contributed to the site over the last 16 months. I dearly wish we had more of you interested in helping, but when you are doing it for free, it is hard to sell ‘free’. If you would like to be a contributor, please let Fertig know. He plans on updating the site as often as he can during the summer and into the fall.

Like Oprah, I am not going to say ‘goodbye’. Will I return to TGR? Possibly. Will TGR die without me? No. I am not sure what the future holds for me and the UK blogosphere. Whether it is here or somewhere else, I am sure you will once again here my completely asinine commentary on UK athletics. Lucky you, right? Thanks to all of you who added TGR to your daily rotation of UK sites. You really don’t understand how many of you there are out there until you actually see theh numbers. As always… C! A! T! S!

Jun 24

Kanter Love Toughness

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Category: Basketball


Jun 23

DeAndre Liggins to the Magic With the 53rd Pick!

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Category: Basketball

4 up 4 down. That’s 9 Cats drafted in two years. Can’t be too hard for Calipari to sell the program to recruits now!

DeAndre Liggin’s dream came true with the 53rd overall pick by the Orlando Magic.

Congrats to him for making it and all of the draft Cats this year.

Big time.

Jun 23

Harrellson to the Knicks With 45th Pick From New Orleans!

Posted by: Ryan at 11:21 pm | Leave a Comment (53)
Category: Basketball

Our man Josh Harrellson has landed on an NBA team with the 45th pick from New Orleans traded to the Knicks! He has a legitimate shot at making the roster in New York with a small front line. He will have to compete with Ronni Turiaf in the paint in practice for PT. Playing alongside Amar’i and Melo can’t hurt your game.

Congrats Josh!

Jun 23

Brandon Knight On Heading to the Pistons

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Category: Basketball