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Jul 8

Details On the New Video Boards In Commonwealth

Posted by: Ryan | Leave a Comment (9)
Category: Football

Finally we get to see shots of Rob in his front row seats inebriated, half clothed and in High-def! Nothing is more American.

Actually, today we get our first look at what the new Daktronics HD-X scoreboards will look like in Commonwealth Stadium. Installation is set to begin in early August after the original guts of the old boards are removed. In addition to the endzone boards Commonwealth will receive digital ribbon boards surrounding the first level bowl of the arena. Also in the plans are a completely new sound system and control room for all of the new technology.

According to UK Athletics: “Each LED video board will measure approximately 37 feet high by 80 feet wide (2,960 square feet), making each display the 15th-largest scoreboard in the country. Combined, the 5,920 square feet will make the new video boards one of the largest scoreboard systems in the country. The 14 digital ribbon displays will include additional statistics, scoring and timing information, animation, and other motion graphics. The digital ribbon boards will total more than 1,800 linear feet, with the two longest displays measuring more than 485 feet.
Commonwealth’s upgrade won’t just be for the eyes. Daktronics will also install a custom sound system. The Sportsound system will deliver pounding bass energy, smooth mid- and high-range frequencies, and high-impact entertainment. Components of the sound system include a main speaker cluster behind the end zone, under-balcony speakers and concourse speakers.”

Supposedly you can put together 550 42-inch LED screens and still not match the size of the new boards. That’s big.

Also word is that the old boards will be donated to Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium relief efforts. Even big bro helps little bro out from time to time.

R.A.Pedigo said on 07/8/2011 2:10 PM

I am more pumped for the new boards and sound system than I was the expansion. I hope that I don’t have to hear the Blackeyed Peas in Dolby Digital 59 times a game though.

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