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Sep 3

Three Questions: WKU edition

Posted by: Matt Downs | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Football


I have been dragging around all day knocking out my to do list with this same mean mug on my face for these reasons. One, lack of sleep for a 9:00 PM start. Also because I, like every year, got my hopes up for a great season. Well I think they broke my hopes in record time this season. That was some of the most uninspired game play on offense I have seen from the blue and white. Yes I know its the first game of the season with a bunch of brand new starters on offense and brand new defensive scheme, but if I’m not mistaken most of the defense returned and played well anyway. On offense we have a QB that has game experience and won some big games and also an experienced offensive line, yet they couldn’t score more than twice on the Hilltoppers. Out of this game I have developed three questions/worries for this team.

Remember reading all the articles this pre season that talked about our experienced offensive line? What happened to the line last night? I know they had some injuries but goodness even with two tight end sets and both of them blocking WKU was getting through and stopping the run. I blame the line for the lack of success of the run. Kentucky only had 93 rushing yards on 33 attempts for a 2.8 average. But the evidence that shows the line was not up to par is that Kentucky actually gained 140 yards rushing, but they lost 47 yards on rushing attempts. Let’s not forget that 58 of those yards were on one play. With the passing game not clicking WKU focused on the run, and was successful. Which leads to my next point….

What happened to the supposed leader Morgan Newton? He started games as a freshman and won in place of injured Mike Hartline. The reports coming out of practice were positive. All I saw was a scared, jittery man in the pocket. He had three picks, two that were because he couldn’t handle the pressure. Now part of that is the line’s fault, but pass protection was somewhat solid and he couldn’t make any worse choices. He did show that he has a strong arm making great throws but to my next point…

Why don’t we have any wide receivers that stepped up to be the man, or at least make catches? Newton probably wouldn’t of had such a bad game if the receivers would of not dropped so many passes. King and Roark were not thrilling to watch and must step up if the team is going to produce points.

I am pretty young, but I can’t remember when UK’s defense was so much more prepared than the offense. There were some good signs like freshman Josh Clemons at running back and Minter’s new defense was solid. Winston Guy was all over the place in his hybrid defensive back position as well. But if you don’t score points, you can’t win. I know its early and I’m not down yet, but I hope I’m not in the same mood next sunday morning. If your reading this on Saturday morning, see the sun did rise again, hopefully so will the Cats.

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