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Sep 27

A Patrick Towles and Austin Sheehan Update From the Highlands

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Category: Football

Check out this highlight video of Towles #8 and Sheehan #6 from this past Saturday as Highlands beat Cov Cath 42-37. The video shows us 3, count them, 3, Patrick Towles rushing touch downs and an 80 yard TD reception from Austin Sheehan.

Patrick Towles is on a roll this season thus far where he remains the leading passer in the Greater Cincinnati Tristate area, #1 of 170 QBs and is the leading passer in the entire state of Kentucky. He can also run the ball which you saw in the video, but check out the stats below:


31 carriers
216 total yards
8 rushing TDs
Average of 6 yards per carry.


1384 total passing yards
14 passing TDs
60 of 102 for 59% completion rate
Average of 23 yards per completion

Fellow Kentucky commit Austin Sheehan isn’t a bad target for Towles either, in fact, he remains the leading receiver in the Greater Cincinnati Tristate area, #1 of 650 WRs, he’s also the #4 leading receiver in the entire state:

579 total receiving yards.
4 receiving TDs.
14 total receptions
Average of 41.35 yards per catch.
42% of Highlands total reception yards this year are by Sheehan

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