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We both had kids and don’t have too much time to blog right now but we have one hell of a Facebook page. Check it out…..

The Tailgate Review (TGR) is a group of friends from Kentucky and abroad that eat, sleep, and drink University of Kentucky (UK) sports, mainly just basketball and football.  The name itself and the concept were creations of Rob , one of the main contributors and co-founders of the website.

Several years ago, during football season, Rob would title his email messages with his post-game thoughts as “Tailgate Review.”  He would not only provide his thoughts on the game, but he would also identify the folks who were in attendance at his tent in the Red Lot and any humorous stories that may have happened.  The weekly email messages eventually evolved into daily messages being exchanged between several members of the TGR crew.  And, as football season passed, we began talking about various other topics related to UK sports.  Finally, at some point, Ryan F, the other co-founder of the website, suggested that we should just start a blog, as it would be easier to communicate with one another and to other UK fans who may be interested.  It would also relieve our work email IT Technicians.

Ryan ran with the idea and, with some help from some former co-conspirators (who prefer to remain anonymous), locked down this website from the design, to the code, to the platform.  Since February 2010, we have operated this website so that we may include the entire Big Blue Nation in our discussions on UK sports, among other topics.  The TGR crew now extends from Florida to Indiana, California to Georgia, and most points in between.

Our goal is to be both entertaining and informative on a variety of topics.  This website also gives us a place to share the photos of our UK adventures.  However, we welcome your comments, opinions, and photos as well.  In fact, add your photos to our Facebook group by tagging Tailgate Review and they just may show up on the website.

The TGR crew is comprised of way too many people to list all of their bios, but get to know the main contributors to the website:


I claim to be one of the founding fathers of TGR and regularly try to bring the funk to the site. But, since I am from Louisville most of the TGR would rather not pay attention to me because what I say doesn’t matter. I am not a writer,  and don’t claim to be. I’m about my biznass first, spending time at the lake 2nd and this site 3rd.  I’m an advertising and marketing professional by day, blue-blooded-die-hard by night. Sue me.  I graduated from UK in 2005 with a degree in ISC (insert your big words here) and from Eastern in Louisville.  After college, I went down to Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater for two years, goofing off on the beach with fellow TGR members, but the heat got the best of me, had to comeback to the blue grass in 2007. I still to this day question that move.  I am married and have a beautiful wife and daughter, that’s all ya need to know.


My name is Rob, and I am an alcoholic. I am a college drop out, a wild catter, and a go-go getter.  I am blind, I am a paraplegic, and my memory struggles to stretch past breakfast yesterday.  I was raised on the mean streets of Winchester, Kentucky in the heart of the Bluegrass.  I work, I am married, and I am not as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I ever was.  I hate Louisville, soccer, Mike Piazza, and long walks on the beach (only because I can’t do that).  I care more about entertaining myself than I care about entertaining you, and I probably don’t take myself nearly as serious as you do.  Call me!