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May 27

People of Walmart Special

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Category: Looker of the Week

Personally I love a store where you can buy motor oil, underwear, propane tanks, fishing lures, c antelope, cupcakes, tire foam, potted meat, potted plants, wiper blades, fish food, end tables, rain boots, lawn mowers,  wrapping  paper, spiderman sleeping bags, rolaids, hair netting, door mats, diapers, contraceptives, birthday balloons, pet food, eggs, tic-tacs, prescription glasses, Red Lobster gift cards, chia-pets, Magic Markers, dish towels, Power Wheels, prom gowns, hat racks, camping tents, baby bedding, Miracle Grow, fountain drinks, Mothers Day cards, get your tires rotated, and pick up all your groceries in one simple stop. That store is Walmart and everyone of you have been there before, don’t act like you haven’t been. You’ve been, and it’s highly likely you ran into one of these characters, let’s just hope your not related:

Apr 29

TGR’s “Looker of the Week”

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Category: Looker of the Week

Normally Rob comes through on the “Looker of the Week” post but he was too busy this A.M. in front of the mirror working on his radio voice…..

It’s been a wild and crazy 3-4 weeks for us Kentucky fans, from the roller coaster ride of a basketball season, to the Final Four, to the guys entering the draft, to the spring game, to Coach Cal pressing on the brand like none other, to Jorts doing promo tours in Whitesburg, we’ve about seen it all in a short amount of time.

Honestly, we’ve been looking all week for a “looker” to emerge and have been reluctant to dish it out because it’s such a prestigious award. We thought about Ryan Lemond for his Rascall Flatts deal, seeing them in concert a fan record of 7 times, but decided that would be too harsh on a guy we only know through acquaintances. We also thought about giving it to the damn weather we’ve been having but feared some might mistake it for being negative to the misfortunes of many southerners.

Then Thursday night came and went and…………………. ding, ding, ding, ding! We have our looker!

The NFL Draft.

Seriously, most of us are football guys, we do the fantasy thing to a degree, but when it comes to the NFL something with me just begs to be desired. I guess that’s the Bengals fan in me just sounding off but last night’s NFL draft can be summed up in one word……….HORRIBLE.

Most of you probably wasted 3.5 hours of your life sitting in front of ESPN waiting to see who would go next. I can regretfully say I only could muster up about 1.25 hours of it before I had to turn it off. Teams passing on picks (Ravens), Cam Newton getting the number 1 pick when we all know he rode in on the $200k Bentley Auburn bought him, no running backs being selected until the 24th pick (Mark Ingraham – New Orleans), 7 minutes or whatever it was for each team to drag out who they were going to select when you knew it was going to be the next SEC guy on the list, and finally, each team passing up on Randall “Legend” Cobb.

It was miserable, all in the face of a looming lockout.

For this misery I and many of you have suffered through, the NFL draft gets the honors of being the TGR “looker of the week!”

Oct 18

Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Normally this post is reserved for that one individual that makes an arse out of themselves and gets called out for it. We’ve bounced around a few ideas through the wire this morning as to who the “LOOK” could be…. There were a few worthy candidates but none shine as bright on my old Kentucky home as head “looker” in charge, Steven Orr Spurrier.

Let’s set the stage here: 2nd and 10 with 11 seconds left. You call a timeout, most likely bouncing ideas around that big skull of yours whether to kick the field goal now to send it to OT or to run the ball to the right hash to spike it and kick the tying field goal and send it to OT. But NO, you are Steve 17-0 against the Cats Spurrier. Your arrogance proceeds itself being a Heisman QB and all so you decide to line up and take a shot at the endzone. After all, this is Kentucky, you’ve owned them so what could possibly go wrong, right?

Well looky here, 7 ticks off the clock just solidified you as a loser. Your ego just jumped up and bit you in the hiney. You could have settled to tie up the game up but you’d rather pull the same old Spurrier crap and go for the gusto. Well not this time buddy. You messed with the wrong group of Cats. You messed with the wrong coach. Joker Phillips is now a Spurrier killer. You are 0-1 against him as a coach and you are officially Looker of the Week.

I don’t think we have ever given out two “Looker” awards in one week. This is one of our sweet-spots and it is in prime real estate,  but if we did we would have to give credit where credit is due… Spurrier takes this week’s award by a landslide but we do need to call out one fan that stepped up to the plate and tried to lay the hammer down on the Cats. Maybe you need a refresher, but one Andrew Phelps, a UofL and Cock constituent, thought he would be so kind as to drive the nail a bit deeper into the fan base. Well Mr. Phelps, we appreciate you stepping in the line of fire but you couldn’t of been more wrong in your post, therefore you get the honors as well.

Aug 25

Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

It’s Wednesday which means it’s not the traditional day we do the Looker of the Week post, but hey, we forgot. Since I don’t normally run with the looker post I thought that instead of deciding who the LOOK will be, you will. Here are your candidates:

Tyler Patrick Thomas: Oregon State Lineman, Tyler Patrick Thomas, otherwise known as “3-names” was tased and arrested by police after apparently breaking into a 30+ yr old woman’s home. Thomas was drunk and clearly uncertain of what he was doing but here is the kicker, he was naked! Police claim that upon entering the home and finding Thomas naked, he immediately dropped to a 3 point stance and charged cops, Thomas was then tased. Oregon State head football coach Mike Riley immediately dismissed him from the team with no questions asked.

The City of Louisville, Kentucky: How in the world do you give an entire city the “look” of the week? Well, you could start with a University that resides in this city or the fans that support it but this one is directed at the weather. Yeah, yeah, it’s stupid, but according to and some absurd calculation, Louisville came in as this summer’s hottest city and we are talking about heat. According to the record books, this summer has been the hottest in terms of averages as well as days in the 90’s and 100’s.  Here is a snippet: “Louisville, Ky., according to analysis of data from the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration. Louisville has spent the most days above normal temperatures beginning in June, according to NOAA: a total of 73 for June, July and up to Aug. 17. The city normally sees summer high temperatures ranging from 83 in June to 87 in July. But this year it logged nearly all of June and July above normal, and it spent every day in August, up to Aug. 17, above normal. Still, it hasn’t broken its record 107-degree day, set in 1936.

Skydiver: It doesn’t happen at every game you attend, but from time to time we are graced with the flying skydivers that land on the field during a baseball or football game. It gets the kids excited and it’s cool for about 2 seconds. Enter the candidate in the photo above from Tuesday night’s Twins/Rangers baseball game and you have a classic “looker”. The (get this) unidentified U.S. Army skydiver was un-injured and was immediately brought to safety. However, all of the other skydivers landed where they were supposed to, on the field.

So there you have it TGR faithful. 2 strong candidates and one sub-par. Who deserves the “looker” of the week? My vote, dude rocking the mullet.

Jun 21

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Courtesy AP

This week’s edition of TGR’s “Looker of the Week” was a tough one. It came down to several strong candidates but the one more fresh in our recent memory (that being very short term) has to be the meltdown of Dustin Johnson, leader of US Open heading into Sunday’s play by 3 strokes.

Dustin opened his play with a triple-bogey and double-bogey on holes 2 and 3, blowing a three-shot lead to fall to two behind Ernie Els and Graeme McDowell (eventual champ). After hitting his approach shot into an awkward lie in a bunker on hole 2, Johnson had to swing left-handed due to a poor lie. The ball barely made it out, then Johnson’s fourth shot from the deep grass popped up and over about two feet. He then missed a 3-foot putt for double bogey and wound up with a 7. On No. 3, Johnson pushed his tee shot far to the left, unable to find his ball after a five-minute search near the 16th green, he had to head back to the tee box to hit again. Seconds later, course workers found his ball, but it was too late, and Johnson made 6. This looked like one of my instances at Seneca or Eagle Creek…. The butchering continued… After driving his tee shot into the ocean on No. 4, Johnson saved bogey, but was 6 over for the day and even par for the tournament.  Johnson finished with an 11-over 82, which tied for eighth place. His 82 was the second-worst round of the day and the worst final round by a 54-hole leader since Fred McCloud’s 83 in 1911. Now Johnson will be remembered as one of the biggest meltdowns in major play.

I get it, Pebble Beach is hard. Especially when the wind is blowing and the greens were in the condition they were in. Heck, winner Graeme McDowell finished even for the tournament. Tiger couldn’t get it under par either. But, although Johnson looked like myself out there at times he gets the Looker of the week for blowing it.

In at a close second was the US vs. Slovenia ref, Koman Coulibaly or however you spell it. The dude robbed the US of 3 points in group play in the world cup. That deserves a “look” as well.

Who do you have?

Apr 16

Looker of the week: first edition

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Category: Looker of the Week

Name this lady. She is a celebrity in my household and I am sure you recognize her at every home game. I’m not talking about the bald one with the head piece…