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Jun 22

ESPN Ranks UK’s D-Backs 10th In SEC

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Category: Football

In recent years, Kentucky has had a pretty good defensive backfield. Last year, it was not good. In 2011, we find ourselves returning just about all of last year’s starters, but is that a good thing? ESPN ranks the SEC’s defensive backfields today. They did not include a Wildcat defender in their list of individual defensive backs, but were nice enough to include Kentucky in their team list.

10. Kentucky: There is a lot of experience with four senior starters returning, but the unit has to show that it can be consistent in big games. Safety/linebacker hybrid Winston Guy leads the group with his speed, strength and athleticism, and will move down into the box as the nickel linebacker. Seniors Randall Burden and Anthony Mosley are back at corner after combing for 11 pass breakups and two interceptions. Junior Martavius Neloms began the spring as the starter at corner, but could see more time at safety this fall. Mychal Bailey will line up at safety and was second behind Guy with two interceptions last season. Inexperience behind this group is still a problem.

Jun 22

Kentucky’s Newest Kids On The Block

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Category: Basketball

Jun 22

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

I hope that everyone within the sound of my voice will grab this day and hump it like the damn dirty couch cushion it is!

– ESPN’s Chad Ford continues to tweak his mock draft for Thursday’s NBA Draft. At this point, I have no clue why it is still changing. Don’t NBA teams basically know the players available? The answer is ‘yes’, of course. The real issue is that Chad Ford has no clue about the talent available .his latest edition has Knight to the Jazz at 3, Kanter to the Cavs at 4, and DeAndre Liggins 56th to the Lakers. I would LOVE to have a Lakers Liggins jersey!

– Enes Kanter has requested to the NBA that when his name is announced Thursday, he would prefer them announce him as “Enes Kanter from Istanbul, Turkey and the University of Kentucky”, according to KSR. I would wear a Enes jersey too, but not if it is a Cavs one.

– ESPN ranked Danny Trevathan the 4th best linebacker in the SEC yesterday. They said, “Talk about being the hardest working man on the field. Trevathan led the SEC with 144 tackles a year ago and was third with 16 of them behind the line of scrimmage. He’s Kentucky’s most trusted defender and was the first Kentucky linebacker to ever earn any sort of All-America first-team honors.“ if Danny is #4, I don’t want any part of 1,2, or 3.

– The MLB-TGR Review… Tampa suffered a loss to the Brewers last night, 5-1. The Braves won their third straight with a 5-1 win over the Blue jays. The Reds and Yankees were rained out. A few TGR members are attending the early game today in Cincy. Due to the rainout yesterday, the yanks and Reds will play a day/night double-header. Here is my question, will your ticket to the first game get you into the 2nd game? Or will they clear the stadium and allow those with tickets from yesterday enter? I bet one of the attendees that your ticket to the 1st gets you into the 2nd too. I had an exact same situation happen to me once at Turner Field in Atlanta. The game the night before I was scheduled to go to got rained out against the Mets, so the next day our tickets got us into both games. We actually never left. You have to love beer sales for an entire game and until the 7th of the next one. I have a 12-pack on the line if I am right about today’s Cincy game. Let me know if you know the rules there.

Fertig will be clueing you in on the Cats chances to win the NCAA title this year, according to USA Today. Fitz will have his Reds mid-week ramblings tomorrow. You won’t believe how high they have the L-Ville Cards on the list of odds. I will be slumping in my cubicle until 4 o’clock. At that point, I will quickly rush to the nearest telephone booth to change into my Lycra suit. C! A! T! S!

Jun 21

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Category: TGR's Tuesday Tweets

TGR’s weekly voyage into the world of Big Blue’s Twitter! Tweets from anyone and everyone in Cat Country…

John Calipari: “It’s neat to see the next generation of the Big Blue Nation learning how special this game & this program are. “

Terrence Jones: “I love this team”

Mike Gilchrist: “Me John Wall & Quin Cooke all in the same boat. But this is what Leads us to be Great!! Our Father’s would be Proud Let’s keep on Grinding”

Stacey Poole: “finna take a shower an cool it fa tonight! Prolly throw in a season of the BOONDOCKS!”

Ryan Harrow: “It’s been that hot outside and today is only the first day of summer ?“

Anthony Davis: “Mad Hungry… But dont feel like walking… Legs Are Dead”

Doron Lamb: “Back to sleep“

Jon Hood: “Nap, class, camp.“

Twany Beckham: “Good pickup runs with the team…..”

Marquis Teague: “Showed her real n now she hate lame”

Eloy Vargas: “i walk around the club …. everybody..“

Patrick Patterson: “Dropped… My… Fone… In… The… Water…kill me now”

Perry Stevenson: “Shredded chicken is gross. Anytime I eat it, I feel like a baby bird being fed chewed-up food by it’s mom.”

Nazr Mohammed: “On Mother’s Day, fathers take the kids so mom can relax & on Father’s Day were suppose to hang w/ the kids & b good dads lol. NODAYSOFF”

Josh Harrellson: “Sittin on this plane 40,000 feet off the ground! Wonderin what will happen thurs. I have done everything I can! Only time will tell!”
Randall Cobb: “I would do anything to get on the show GUTS. nickelodeonflow“

Tee Martin: “We suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or pain of regret. Difference is, discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons“

Morgan Newton: “Sitting in the computer lab over @ CATS, would much rather be doing football stuff over at Nutter.. this school thing is for the birds“

Danny Trevethan: “Watching film. Tryna get better in every aspect of my life. Its a money year.”

Larry Vaught: “Looking more and more like DeAndre Liggins could go undrafted. Sure hope it works out for him“

Matt Jones: “In the continuing search for NCAA hypocrisy, Florida has a banner hanging for it’s 87 and 88 NCAA appearances…both of which were vacated”

Dick Weiss: “this is huge for ohio state. no laws broken in car deals“

Alan Cutler: “Amber Smith is thinking about the Final Four. She also talks about her knee and you can see how it’s doing on LEX 18”

Dick Vitale: “Player whose stock rising Klay Thompson Wash St.- Flat out Reggie Miller shooter.Great genes Dad Michael ex NBA hoopster! Will make it big!“

Anthony Wireman: “Former Louisville big man David Padgett has been added to the coaching staff at IUPUI…“

Ben Roberts: “Cal on if there will be enough shots to go around: “If you’re teaching them to be good teammates and good players, that won’t be an issue.”“

Oscar Combs: “Must say Chip Cosby always did great job at Lexington Herald-Leader. Never had an outside agenda. Never!“

Aaron Smith: “Jay Bilas on SportsCenter says Kyrie Irving has a better NBA future than John Wall.“

Matt May: “ESPN’s Chad Ford has Brandon Knight going #3 to Utah, Enes Kanter #4 to Cleveland and DeAndre Liggins #56 to LA Lakers in latest mock draft“

Next Cats: “ZagsBlog source says No. 1 recruit Andre Drummond has narrowed his list to UConn and Kentucky.“

Jun 21

ESPN Ranks Kentucky’s Linebackers #6 In The SEC

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Category: Football

Edward Aschoff of continues the positional rankings of the 12 SEC schools today by ranking the linebacking cores. It is no secret that Kentucky returns one of, if not the best, linebacker in the conference in senior, Danny Trevathan. Here is what Ed says about UK…

6. Kentucky: Things start with one of the nation’s best in Danny Trevathan. He led the SEC with 144 tackles a year ago and the word out of Lexington is that he’s looking to be even better this fall and wants to move around the field a lot more. Ronnie Sneed returns as the starter in the middle, after grabbing 61 tackles a year ago. He made some nice improvements this spring. Ridge Wilson will be another hybrid on the outside, and will occasionally lineup as a rush end for the Wildcats. The talented Winston Guy, who has played just about everywhere on Kentucky’s defense has finally settled into his home at linebacker and should play closer to the line of scrimmage and be a nickel linebacker.

The linebackers and defensive backs for the Cats will be the strong suit for the defense. Most of both groups return with a lot of good SEC experience. It is questionable whether or not having your butt kicked over and over again is good experience or not.

Jun 21

2011-2012 Kentucky Basketball- Written in the Stars- ukcats8fan

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Category: Basketball

Jun 21

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

Looks like it may be a little steamy this week in the bluegrass. Temps are going to be high. Humidity is going to be high. Fertig is going to be high.

– Former cat, Dwane Casey, will be named the next coach of the Toronto Raptors. Casey just received a championship ring wile a member on the Dallas Mavericks staff. Casey was the mastermind behind the defensive scheme the Mavs used on LaBron James. Brandon Knight is on the short list of possible draftees for the Raptors Thursday. It could soon be “Big Blue Toronto”!

– After ESPN reported that the Cavs had committed to choosing Duke’s Kyrie Irving, the Cavs administration could not revoke the reports quickly enough. Enes was working out for the Cavs and reportedly meeting the owner and his children when the report was released by ESPN. I am really hoping that none of the Cats go to filthy Cleveland.

– “Draft cat”, Daniel Orton has been cleared medically to get back on the court for the Orlando Magic. Orton missed his entire rookie year with a knew injury. If there is an NBA summer league, Daniel should be able to participate.

– Arkansas sharpshooter, Rotnei Clarke, received his release from the school to transfer. Clarke never seemed to be happy under John Pelphrey and after JP was fired, I expected him to stay. I guess John was not the problem after all. Clarke has a clean jumper and a terribly spelled first name.

– John Wall had his option picked up by the Washington Wizards for the 3rd year of his contract. He will not be tossing out a first pitch anywhere to celebrate.

– Current Louisville football player, Darius Ashley, was arrested for his 2nd Driving under the Influence charge in the last 7 months. The junior cornerback was arrested Saturday after blowing a.186 blood/alcohol level. In December, the 21 year-old was found by police passed out in his car in a fast food drive-thru line and charged with DUI. He was suspended from the cards bowl game in Tampa.

– The TGR-MLB Review looks like this… Tampa got a 4th straight win after they doubled-up the Brewers yesterday, 8-4. Atlanta got their 2nd straight win after shutting out the Blue Jays, 2-0. The Reds lost to the Yankees, 5-3.

Jun 18

Kanter And Knight Invited To NBA Draft Green Room

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Category: Random Notes

John Calipari will be joined in the green room by Brandon Knight and Enes Kanter according to multiple reports this afternoon. Draftees expected to be taken with picks 1 through 14 are invited to the historical green room for the draft.
BYU legend, and nearly the namesake of my unborn son, Jimmer Fredette, will also be in NYC on Thursday in the green room. This is the list of invites being circulated around the net as of now… Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, Enes Kanter, Brandon Knight, Tristan Thompson, Jimmer Fredette, Marcus and Markieff Morris, Kawhi Leonard, Chris Singleton, Klay Thompson, Kemba Walker, Jonas Valanciunas, Jan Vesely, and Alec Burks.

Jun 17

TGR’s Friday Flatulence

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Category: Random Notes

The views and opinions expressed within this post do not necessarily represent the views of the TGR Crew. The author (R.A.) of the post is solely responsible for the content. In other words, holler at your local media!

In the short John Calipari era at UK, he has managed to make a normally ‘dead period’ for UK athletics news, June and July, very alive. Whether it is recruiting win-falls, the NBA Draft, state wide book tours, NBA coaching rumors, trips to the Orient, home buying, or battles with the NCAA over whether or not he has 500 wins, The road goes on forever and the party never ends. Events and issues that would seem to be very miniscule to other fan bases suddenly turn into world changing events when Kentucky’s Cal is involved.

What bothers me about Cal and his issues with the NCAA is not Cal or the issues; it is how Kentucky fans continue to react. Look, we have said it over and over again… We knew what we were getting into when UK hired him. It did not take much research to figure out that cal was considered an “outlaw” by the media and had been continuously targeted by the NCAA. It was said here, there, and everywhere that if you hired Cal, you would have to deal with plenty of rumor and controversy. Yet, when something is written or something is reported negatively about Cal or UK, we lose our minds.

Jerry Tipton obviously gets his rocks off by attempting to get his name on the radio or on blogs like this one. He is employed by a dyeing newspaper and his only shot at survival in Lexington is writing outrageous opinionated pieces on Kentucky athletics. He has to do things like contacting the NCAA to inquire about why UK was celebrating Cal’s 500th win when the NCAA had taken wins away from him. A story n what UK is doing wrong would probably sale more papers than an article about what they are doing right, right Tipton? Don’t look at it as Jerry trying to bring down the organization that has helped him make a name for himself by writing about them, look at it as Jerry trying to support his family.

Bottom line; let’s pick and choose our battles BBN! Cal is targeted and we have to deal with it. C! A! T! S!

Jun 17

The SEC 2011-2012 Bowl Schedule Announced

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Category: SEC

The Football Bowl Association has released their 2011-2012 Bowl schedule. The 35 game bowl schedule does not include one bowl game played on January 1, New year’s Day. January 1, 2012 is on a Sunday and is the final Sunday on the NFL schedule for 2012.

Below is the schedule for bowl games connected to the Southeastern Conference in 2012. Kentucky will attempt to make their 6th straight trip to the post-season in 2011-2012…

Fri., Dec. 30 6:40 p.m. ET Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
Nashville, Tenn. ESPN

Sat., Dec. 31 3:30 p.m. ET AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Memphis, Tenn. ABC

Sat., Dec. 31 7:30 p.m. ET Chick-fil-A Bowl
Atlanta, Ga. ESPN

Mon., Jan. 2 1 p.m. ET Capital One Bowl
Orlando, Fla. ESPN

Mon., Jan. 2 1 p.m. ET Gator Bowl
Jacksonville, Fla. ESPN2

Mon., Jan. 2 1 p.m. ET Outback Bowl
Tampa, Fla. ABC

Tue., Jan. 3 8:30 p.m. ET Allstate Sugar Bowl
New Orleans, La. ESPN

Fri., Jan. 6 8 p.m. ET AT&T Cotton Bowl
Arlington, Texas FOX

Sat., Jan. 7 1 p.m. ET BBVA Compass Bowl
Birmingham, Ala. ESPN

Mon., Jan. 9 8:30 p.m. ET Allstate BCS National Championship Game
New Orleans, La. ESPN