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May 11

DeAndre & My Wife

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Category: Crazy Stories

Fertig’s post about the most memorable DeAndre Liggins moments got me thinking about my most memorable Liggins moment, or at least my wife’s. You may have to know my wife to understand how funny this is. You will know by the end that she is not a person who is shy in public or in the presence of “celebrities”.

As I have told you before, my wife is a big fan of the women’s camps the UK athletics department puts on for certain sports. Her first women’s basketball camp was Coach Caliper’s first year, Liggins’ sophomore year. My wife’s favorite part of the camp, and I assume most of the lady’s favorite parts, is when they are given a tour of the UK basketball facilities and allowed to get the autographs of the current team.

In the first year, the player’s were put in different positions around the facility to demonstrate certain parts of the building. Some players were b being taped, some were in the weight room, and some were in the Wildcat Lodge. If you have ever seen DeAndre Liggins around town, you know he is not the most-outgoing person in a crowd. He keeps to himself and does not seem comfortable with being a “superstar”, as some UK players are.

As my wife toured the facility, she came upon DeAndre sitting in a chair away from the group. She of course wanted an autograph and a picture, but not your average fan-hero picture. She asked DeAndre if she could give him a “noogie”. Before you run and tell something crazy about my wife, let me explain a noogie if you are not familiar. Actually, I will explain it to you as she explained it to DeAndre when he asked, “What is that?” Jess told him, “It is when I rub my knuckles across your head,” with her best Bath County accent. DeAndre said, “Oh, OK”, and the picture happened.

She went back this year and got a similar picture of the two of them giving each other noogies and the entire world is right! Well done Mr. Liggins, you will be missed.

Mar 13

Absorbing Today And TGR On Music Row – Part IV

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Category: Crazy Stories

I know all the talk right now is about seeding and where the Cats will land in the NCAA Tournament, but I am just going to enjoy this one for a moment. There are only a few things that can make me happier than beating Billy Donovan’s brains in on national television in the SEC title game. We will have plenty of time in the next few days to talk about the next step on the road to Kentucky’s 8th national championship. I am just so impressed by this team after the long season they have had and the way they played in the SEC Tourney. I will get into more individual performances tomorrow, but for now, enjoy the win and the selection show.

Below is the last leg of our 4 part series on last year’s tourney which ended in the same manner as this one, a title for the Cats!

Extremely late trips to the hard Rock, Cadillac Ranch, and that piano bar I mentioned before to celebrate the big win over the Vols made Sunday morning a little rough. Another noon start meant that we had to pack, get ready for the game, and get the hell out in a short period of time, and with a pretty solid headache, it was not pleasant.

After the chaos of preparing to leave our hotel subsided, we then attempted to start the process of getting an elevator. In the past posts, I mentioned that it was tough to get an elevator when just about everyone in your hotel is leaving at the exact same time. I also mentioned that our hotel was the main hotel for the Mississippi State team and fans, being that they were our opponents for the championship game; it was going to be tougher than usual to get a ride down from our 9th floor room. It was also impossible to get a luggage carrier to put our stuff on; we were going to have to pack it all with us. My brother and sister in law took the steps down with their arms full of luggage.

My mother, wife, and I had more than we could carry down ourselves and we were going to wait on those two to return to help with the rest. Already in a foul mood from the fact that I knew we were not going to make it for tip off, I rolled toward the area that I needed to be in to wait for an elevator. Before this day, I had sat waiting for an elevator for nearly 30 minutes, watching the elevator doors open several times only to have the elevator be full and force me to have to wait for the next one.

With all the UK and Mississippi State fans leaving and checking out all at the same time, getting an elevator was going to be near impossible. With this thought running through my head, I could feel my blood starting to boil. That is when I found out that today was going to be my day. The first elevator that stopped at our floor opened its doors, and not a soul was on it, a big blue miracle!

I wedged my wheelchair in it’s doors and began yelling for mom and Jess to hurry. They somehow managed to grab up all of our 20 bags and stuff them on the elevator with me. The only problem with this elevator was that it was going up, but I did not care, as long as I was on it, I would ride it out.

We went up nearly 20 floors, stopping at almost every one only to have to tell a UK fan there was no room, and that we were sorry. The UK fans understood and politely said they would take the next one. Eventually we got to a floor where a couple of UK fans were and the husband, I guess, told the wife to go ahead and get on with us and he would walk. The elevator became a bit more cramped, but it was manageable. The hotels elevators were tiny. The next
floor up there were 2 Mississippi State fans and that is where the fun began.

When the door opened, my wife and mother politely said to them, “Sorry, it is full”. The man, in his 50s, said, “It doesn’t matter, we are getting on anyway” and stuffed him and his wife/prostitute in to the tiny elevator with 3 women, a guy in a wheelchair and 6 large suitcases plus luggage of their own. If you are one of these types of people who stuff your fat butt onto an already packed elevator, I will tell you exactly what my wife told this MSU jerk,
you are a rude piece of trash (that was very edited). We had to go back down 20 floors with this ass and his hooker/wife, stopping at every floor, and the 5 of us jawing at each other the entire way down.

I was very impressed with myself that I could find that many ways to tell the man and his tramp how classless he and his silly little school were. I doubt I have ever told someone to shut up that many times in a row, in that short a period of time, in such a confined area in my life. I have cheered for the Bulldogs more than once against other SEC teams, but that will never happen again. It might have only been one or two people that threw water bottles and debris onto the playing surface in Starkville, but it was only because the other fans who didn’t throw anything, didn’t have anything to throw. They are all creeps and their school should be banished from existence. AS they say, dogs drool and cats rule!

This was never so evident then when we finally reached the lobby and a young man (wearing blue), under the age of 16, saw us with our many bags and offered to help jess to our car with them. I wish I would have gotten the young man’s name, because I would have given him a shout out. The young Kentucky fan didn’t even want to accept the $10 bill my mom made him take for the help. Mississippi State could learn a lot from that young man.

The tension was thick in our final entry into the Bridgestone Arena. You could feel that the Big Blue nation was not satisfied with a 2nd place finish in the tournament. My brother and sister in law, after seeing every team except UK play in the tournament, finally came across a decent price on a couple of tickets for the championship game. MSU brought probably the 2nd biggest fan base, yet, it did not compare to the sea of blue inside the arena Sunday

We all know how it went, Cousin’s put back stirred up the biggest roar I had ever heard at a UK basketball game. It was one of the luckiest wins I have ever seen a team get. 8 different things had to happen in that last 2 minutes in order for UK to win, and they all happened, beautifully. MSU missed free throws, John Wall’s steal, Eric Bledsoe’s made and intentionally missed free throw, the Patterson tip, the Wall lane violation no call, the Wall air ball, and the Boogie catch and put back, and that wasn’t the half of it. Basically MSU was beaten by a series of fluke events, and after the event in the elevator with the old man and his jail bait, it could have not happened to a better bunch of people.

Our TGR trip to Music City was an experience I will never forget. I hope all of you are able to experience at least one SEC Tourney, it has to be on your bucket list. Next year’s Big Blue Family reunion is in Atlanta. Maybe we will see you there.

Mar 12

Reliving TGR On Music Row – Part III

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Category: Crazy Stories

Today’s game against the Tide ended like Kentucky’s second round game last year against the Vols, not good for the bad guys. Here is the 3rd leg of the 4 part saga…

You would have all been proud of the crew on Saturday morning. Everyone was recovered, and ready to beat some Volunteer butt! My only issue of the morning was whether to wear my Jodie Meek’s ‘Witness’ t-shirt, in order to make sure the Vol fans remembered how Jodie poured in 54 and the order the baskets fell in, or my Jon wall t-shirt so that UT fans would know that there is no Scotty Hobson dance, only a J-Dub jig.

Ticket prices were once again, out of this world on Saturday morning. Scalpers were talking in the thousands when discussing a transaction with perspective buyers, this, once again, meant my brother was watching from a near by establishment. The first time I was told that there were more people without tickets, than people with tickets; I was hesitant to believe that. Like I have bragged about before, I have been to 5 and I had never known that to be the case.
In Music City, this was absolutely the case. I know the SEC wants to move around the tournament to different parts of the south, but they have to put this thing in bigger arenas/domes. The tournament is becoming more and more popular; it is only going to grow. Why put money into the pockets of scum bag scalpers unnecessarily, and keep fans of your conference out of games they are willing to pay you money to attend. You might be able to provide HD
cameras to your SEC Network games with a few more bucks.

Going into the arena, I really thought it was going to be a pretty good Tennessee crowd. I guess there horrible school colors somehow deceive the mind and eyes, because there might have been 2,000 UT fans, and that would be a generous estimate. I either heard or read that someone had said “Tennessee fans should be embarrassed” and they should have been, it was in their own state.

My lovely wife had surmised earlier in the week that the C.A.T.S! chant was probably as bad to UT fans as ‘Rocky Top’ was to us. Stating that that song makes her ears bleed, I completely agree, that song is the entrance music of the devil. I decided before the game that I would count the number of times it was played, and I did. It was played twice before the teams were even introduced; it was on the 3rd playing that the Big Blue took control of the arena.

When the first cords of that joke of a fight song fired up, the BBN started the “Go Big Blue” chant throughout the entire song. From our seats, you could not even faintly hear the band playing, it was completely drowned out, and it was one of the most inspiring moments of my BBN career. The next 16 times they played it, the ‘Go Big Blue’ chant went up every time and it was great. The sparse Volunteer crowd made it tough to find someone to talk trash to during the “Beat Down at Bridgestone” (I think I just made that up). The few Vol fans that were near me probably heard me scream to Daniel Orton, “Be careful Daniel, He Might have a gun!” a few times.

I told you that I had a story about Ashley Judd’s backside, and I do. A couple of TGR idiots had seats 20 rows behind the movie star, and she never sat down the entire game, none of the games. He had quite the view for the greatest show on earth, and the basketball games too. The guys sitting directly behind her did not pay nearly what their seats were worth, I am sure. I heard from a few UK fans that they are tired of Ashley being put all over TV during UK’s games, your thoughts, if any?

The game was great, as we all know. There is no better team and coach to put a complete beaten on than them. It took Vol fans, the few, a lot less time to get out of the gym, then it did to get in. The Big Blue celebration was on!

I could not get my hands on a cold beer fast enough. The bar we found ourselves at after each game is on the corner of 4th Avenue and Broadway, that is why it is called Legend’s Corner, because it is on a corner (Tennessee is a very intelligent state). After a few drinks, my brother and I strolled out to see if their was any ticket scammers out looking for a sucker. Not long after we made it out the door my brother looked up and saw something down the street that caused him some distress. When I asked him what he saw, he said that some of the UT players were walking our way.

He was distressed simply because he knew it would be physically impossible for me to let them walk by us without saying something ‘smart asses to them. Lucky for him, they chose to take the opposite side of the corner we were on, unfortunately for them, the rest of the TGR crew was walking towards them on that side of the building. The hated Scotty Hobson happened to be the one the guys recognized, and immediately started the chant, Scot-Ty-Hob-son! With a clap in between chants, this seemed to upset Mrs. Hobson. Scotty’s mother had some very explicit comments for the TGR boys, I can’t believe such a pretty lady could have such a dirty mouth. This became the highlight of the entire trip for a few of us.

Once again, we were at legends too long. This time long enough to have the next game, Vandy vs. Miss State, end. That meant plenty of victorious MSU fans would have to walk right by us to get out of the area, another chance to run our mouths. I can’t understand why UK fans get a bad rap. I don’t think I have said the words, “call me” as many times as I did in an hour’s time. I held my hand to my ear like I was talking on the phone for the duration too. I had no idea that encouraging MSU fans to leave their water bottles in their hotel rooms could be so much fun, and I had no idea it would bother them so much when you reminded them to do so.

The last good story of the night happened, yet again, in the Legend’s Bar. The bar and its employees were very hospitable the entire time they served us throughout the weekend, let me point that out. The bands and the lead singers of its bands let UK fans participate in its songs and most of them even put something to do with Kentucky into their songs they played. Everything was great, until late in the day on Saturday, that is when the lead singer of the band on stage decided to play ‘Rocky Top’ after we had kicked UT’s tail all over the floor across the street. This infuriated quite a few of the UK fans in attendance, including one inpeticular TGR mom. Legend’s is damn near her favorite bar in America, it is the reason we spent so much time there.

After spending so much time and money in her favorite bar, the idea that they would play that song at this moment made her so mad that she got up and left, vowing never to return. It is her favorite bar! She spent 99% of her time in Nashville there! She talked about it for an entire year after last year’s tourney, but it had betrayed her and she took her ball and went home. If that ain’t Kentucky, I’ll kiss your ass. Go cats!

Mar 11

Reliving TGR On Music Row – Part II

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Category: Crazy Stories

It is game day for the Cats, just like it was a year ago in Music City! This is part II of my four part series on the 2010 tournament. If you are in Catlanta and have something you want to share with us, email me at C! A! T! S!

Is there anything better than a UK game day? When you have a ticket? If there is, I don’t know about it. The TGR family was moving a little slow early Friday. The arrival celebration went deep into the night for most, I being one of the few exceptions.

After a quick preparation, we made our way to the elevators. For those who don’t know me, I am a wheelchair user, have been for 12 years now. I understand that our country was not built for wheelchair use originally, so I don’t bitch when there are issues with the accessibility of different places or what have you. I understand that our society is trying to conform itself to regulations, slowly but surely. Saying that, I am going to rant. If you are one of these people who wait for an elevator, and when the elevator comes, no matter how many folks are on it, you squeeze yourself in it…You are a rude piece of trash. If you are in that big a hurry to get down stairs, either use the stairs (if you are able), or get up a bit earlier and take in consideration that most of the hotel occupancy will be going downstairs at the same time, just like morning traffic. My wife and I are very considerate when it comes to this process, if it looks like my chair might make anyone in the elevator uncomfortable, we pass up the elevator and wait on the next one. Why is it that difficult for others to do the same? OK, I’m done.

When we got to the lobby my TGR peeps were pitiful. I even heard one refuse a beer, which is unheard of most of the time. I ended up with a pre-noon Bloody Mary, which I was careful not to drip on my sparkling new white Patrick Patterson jersey I was sporting. We departed soon there after, those with tickets to the arena and those who did not have any, to the bars to watch their cats with thousands of others in the same boat.

It was when we got within a few blocks of the Bridgestone Arena that we began to understand the magnitude of the Big Blue nation’s complete take over of Nashville. It was not only fans, it was vendors selling UK gear, it was car and trucks decorated to the max with UK flags and stickers and blue and white paint, it was basically a circus of blue.

My mom, Jess, and I had seats together. They were not bad, 3rd level about the 3rd row. They were on the same side of the floor as the benches, behind the UK bench. The arena there holds about 20,000 for basketball games, and there is not a terrible seat in the building from all indications. My brother and his wife did not get in, the cheapest ticket any of us saw on game day was $400 a piece.

No reason to recap the game, we all saw it. There were some really tight moments for me; Alabama played a very tough 1st half. When we cut the lead to 1 in the 2nd half, then the Tide rolled off 2 straight baskets, I got a bit nervous. Surely I had not come all this way to see only one game, right? PPat grabbed control late and pulled out a close vic over the Crimson Tide.

Tide fans are very odd, I had two different sets of fans say that they would cheer for the Cats to win the tourney after their loss to us, not another fan base in the conference would ever do that, so “Roll Tide!”

A group text was sent out late in the game for the TGR to meet back at Legend’s Corner, and a celebration cold beverage was had by all! 1 Down, 2 to go!

Lunch was had at Bailey’s Pub & Grille on Broadway. I recommend it, nice food, and nice atmosphere. It was one of the locations for TGR non-ticket holders to watch the Big Blue. My only problem was that it was very very loud, I am all about loud, but their TV‘s could be heard from blocks away. The best stor yof this place? One of the founding fathers of TGR ran into a guy he met on his honeymoon in Jamaica a couple of years ago, very very random. Proving the BBN knows no boundaries.

Most of us returned to the hotel after lunch. Some of the girls, both male and female, took naps to help the recovery process. I took my show to the hotel bar for some post game discussion with random people, both UK fans and different team’s fans. Time flies when you are discussing basketball with people who know quite a bit less than you do about mark Krebs high school career and Ramon Harris’s shoe size, but it was fine. Before I knew it, most of the girls had risen from their beauty rests, and were ready for…not much. Quite a few ate dinner in the hotel. After to long, most of the REAL soldiers
had gathered in the hotel bar to watch Miss State beat Florida. An hour or so after the game, the Bulldogs came walking through the hotel lobby, only feet from the bar. Out of no where, an applause grew from the patrons of the bar for the MSU team, UK fans included. That is when the TGR crew joined in, not with applause though. All of us were holding up our hands to our ears, signaling to them, “Call me”. One or two were yelling at them to “call me!” I was yelling at MSU All-American, Jarvis Varnado to “Please don’t throw any water bottles at us!”, he simply shook his head and smiled. Nothing like harassing young adults because of the school they chose to play a sport for.

After a short stay at a downtown piano bar, that I can’t remember the name of, I tucked it in for the night. The Vols were next on our list, and payback
was going to be a beotch! Go cats!

Mar 10

Re-living TGR On Music Row – Part I

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Category: Crazy Stories

On March 16, 2010, I began reliving my trip to the 2010 SEC Tournament in Nashville. As I told you yesterday, I will be reposting all four parts of the saga beginning now until Sunday. If you are heading south and come back with a story to tell, please let me know at Enjoy!

My trip to Nashville started last Wednesday after work. An uneventful trip down the BG parkway and I-65 landed us at our hotel for only one night. We would be moving to the Sheraton Suites Downtown on Thursday afternoon. We have had reservations there since last June or July. Being the tourney veterans, we know you have to plan way ahead, so get your rooms for the ATL now if you are going.

My brother and I were a little anxious and decided on a late night cruise to Broadway and 2nd Ave. after we arrived in the city. Although it was not a completely ‘blued’ out scene, it was obvious UK fans were starting to make their move into the city limits. A few ‘C.A.T.S! chants could be heard murmuring from the numerous watering holes, the invasion was happening and it was going to happen fast.

Thursday morning of the SEC Tournament is a very cool day to be an SEC basketball fan. No one has played yet, no one has lost yet, and everyone has plenty of spirit and hope for the upcoming weekend. Vandy fans even take time to look up from their encyclopedia’s for a brief moment to enjoy what is happening. The colors, the sounds, and the pageantry are something that all UK and SEC fans should try to experience at least once.

After a short stop at the nearest liquor store, the TGR train pulled into its final destination Thursday afternoon. It did not take long to discover that we were staying at the Mississippi State fan and team headquarters. We saw more than 8 of their fans early, so it had to mean this was where they are all staying, because there are not more than 10 MSU fans in existence (Due to a rude MSU fan on an elevator, I will no longer ever be a fan of or cheer for the bulldogs, more about that later). When we got to our 9th floor room, it became clearer that it was MSU’s hotel, when we saw the entire MSU team chillin’ on their balconies one floor above ours. I never saw them contending for the tournament title, so I did not take the time or effort to heckle them like I had done the UT Vols the year before, not worth it.

The TGR family started to assemble soon after we arrived. The planes and vehicles all arrived safely in Music City and moved toward our downtown home.

Our SEC Tournament started the same as it had the year before, with a tequila shot for my mother, this time minus the iced tea. Legend’s Corner Bar was the official TGR gang hang out for the weekend. It is located on the opposite corner as the Bridgestone Arena, its location is butter for UK fans while attending the tourney. It has a wonderful combination of country music and extremely cold beer that makes it hard for me to pass up. The band was “just OK”, he seemed to think he was Tim McGraw. It was kinda weird actually that someone would try to immolate someone that much. He had the hat, the look, and the wiggling hips (my wife noticed that, not me). Cold beer makes any music good though, and it was handy in this situation.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how to get SEC tickets, if you don’t have any, from scalpers. Wear a neutral color or the color of a losing team, etc… My brother did not have tickets and took this advice. He went in the afternoon and night sessions searching for tickets for the cats Friday after noon tilt. He was unsuccessful, not only were tickets hard to come by, the ones that were available were extremely overpriced. Scalping is legal in Nashville, if you have an ID from the local chamber of Commerce, so there was no real limit on ticket prices folks could ask for. A ticket to UK’s first game is being described from some as the “toughest ticket in SEC tournament history”. Prices ranged from $1,200.00 for upper level to $2,000.00 a ticket for lower level seating, quite a bit out of the league of most UK fans.

Several hours after we arrived at Legend’s Bar, we were still there. It was only after about 5 or 6 hours that we took our group elsewhere. By this time most , if not all, of us were feeling no pain, to say the least. My wife was no exception, and the moment she saw UK Head coach Joker Phillips walking down the street, it was on. So, here goes…

Dear Joker, I am sorry for my wifes behavior Thursday night. She knew the next morning that you probably did not care about her going to the women’s football camp last year. She also knew that you probably could not understand much else she said. She was just very excited and happy to see her fav new football coach, and she can’t wait until next year. She is very sorry for harassing you.

Thanks. R.A.

Our stroll down Music Row went in and out of some of Nashville’s best honky tonks. It was a perfect atmosphere for UK’s ballgame eve. A couple of cold snacks later, I found myself tucked into my cozy hotel bed.

A few of the TGR crew did not do as I did, instead they took to the hotel bar on the lower level. Cat fans have a lot of things in common, one being that it is never too late, or too early to get a big loud ‘C.A.T.S!’ cheer going. Our hotel had an open area in the middle of the hotel, so all of the hotel balconies were on the inside. Whenever there is the slightest sound in the bottom of the hotel, it echoes up all 20+ floors. That might have been why
the hotel manager, followed by one of Nashville’s finest had to tell the TGR crew to shut up. When one of the TGR was told to stop chanting he told the cop that he would stop, but the 9 year old in the bar had to also. The late 20 something and the 9 year old were asked to leave the bar area.

Friday was game day for the Cats, more on that later…Go cats!

Jan 14

The Birmingham GameDay Story

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Category: Crazy Stories

For those of you who have been around TGR for more than a few weeks, you know there is nothing we enjoy more than a good story. I told you that I had a story or two from Birmingham and it is now time to share one with you.

My good friend Jason and I made the trip south to watch our cats play, as you could see on TV we were two of the few. We stayed in a fancy hotel downtown Birmingham and were forced to take a cab to Legion Field on the day of the game. The game was not a “must go” for a good part of BBN who live in Kentucky, but for those who live south of Bowling Green, it was a nice trip to make. An old friend of mine, we will call him, Bama, was in the group who made the trip due to living within a close proximity to Birmingham. Jason and I met up with Bama and a few of his friends before the game for some early morning beers and some Kentucky bourbon around “The Old Grey Woman”.

Luckily, Bama’s tickets were in the same end zone that Jason and mine were in, so, we were able to hang out during the game and to enjoy more alcoholic beverages together. Not only did I have the beers I was able to sneak past the crafty legion Field security team, the stadium sold beer for a reasonable price as well. For a fan of a team whose team is being beaten like a red headed step child on the field, beer sales are wonderful! Lord have mercy on us all if the SEC ever reverses it’s stance on beer sales at SEC games.

Bama and his friends parked in the terrific stadium parking area because they came to B’ham the day of the game and planned on leaving afterwards. I asked Bama if he thought he might be able to give us a lift out of the area after the game in order to go watch the cats on the hardwood and Bama obliged. We pounded beers until the buzzer sounded (which sounded like a kazoo), and then staggered out of our viewing area. The entire crew began walking down a ramp out of the game, but Jason and I veered off to the little boy’s room. When we came out, we expected to see Bama and his boys waiting on us, but no dice. We looked around a little bit and decided to head out of the stadium to where we knew they had parked.  I was not familiar with Bama’s car, only that it was a Jeep Cherokee, and there was one parked where we thought he was parked. We waited and waited and the guys never showed up. Jason and I really wanted to see the tip-off to the Kentucky game, so, we decided to take off and fend for ourselves.  I called Bama at least 15 times and he never answered, I knew there was going to be a classic story when I did get in touch with him.

On my cab ride from Birmingham to Hoover to watch the game with the UK Alumni (which was a mistake), Bama called me and I understood him to say something about riding in a golf cart after the game.  I was drunk and he was drunk, so, there were very little details shared. Below are Bama’s adventures after we walked out of the game that he sent me on Monday morning. Enjoy…

-Again great to see you Saturday buddy…had a freakin blast and can’t wait to do it again!  So here’s the scoop on what happened after the game! I remember walking down the ramp when leaving the game, then a heap of debauchery breaking out.  The Woodford Reserve we drank pre-game was starting to mix with the Miller/Bud Light we drank during the game!  Both great going down, not good coming back up.  Anyway, the first thing I remember encountering is what appeared to be a private concert, but it was only being made private by some long white sheets (ironic huh!) that were hanging from the ceiling.

I busted in the back of the area where the band was playing and immediately found myself on stage.  I drunkenly did the “Dougie” across the stage and got a laugh from the crowd.  I got pulled down off the stage by some security guards, then grabbed a few pizza rolls off a server’s tray and started walking  out of the private party!  I stopped a few steps later and talked this old man into letting me borrow his cane, then jumped back in the party and did the Dougie a few more times, this time with a cane in hand.

Finally left the private party and about 20 feet after that is when I found the Gator/Golf Cart.  It was red (I was looking on the side to see if it said “Roofs” on it) and seemed to have some horsepower behind it.  There were two “guys” watching it…wish I could say they were security guards, but they were just guys!  I asked if I could take it for a spin and of course they said “NO” to which I ignored and took off driving it.  I got about 10 yards away before those 2 guys turned into 6 guys and forced me to get out of the cart.  There was no reprimanding, only some comments like, “Come on man, what are you thinking?”  I was thinking, “Thank God I didn’t hit any Kentucky fans and why couldn’t i have hit an Auburn fan and ruined his weekend!

Anyway, we leave the scene of that mischief and find what we thought was Erin Andrews then realized we were just drunk.  She had to have been someone important though because she was a) Hot, b) Blonde, c) Had an ESPN Badge on and asked d) Do you know who I am? when we asked if we could take a picture with her. So we took a pic with her and thank God I had my sunglasses on because I barely remember it and was extremely drunk.  I’m trying to remember where we were at this point, but can only remember that it was somewhere that in a normal stadium would have been a VIP area because everyone had those kind of badges.

After this, things get real hazey for me and I remember waking up in the back of my jeep telling whoever was driving the I needed to throw up.  We stop on the interstate somewhere and I get out and throw up then get back in and tell them that we need to pick you and Jason up and take yall somewhere to watch the game.  This is when they inform me that we left the stadium 2 hours ago and that’s when I called you.  Sorry again that we left yall stranded…I’m glad yall eventually found a ride and made it where ever you went safely. We need to do it again sometime brother.  –

I would do it again tomorrow Bama, but next time we have a video camera on you at all times. If you have a good story that occurs around a Kentucky sporting event or just a good story in general, let us know.  With your permission, we will post for all to enjoy! C! A! T! S!

Oct 15

Taking Our Word To The NCAA!

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Believe it or not, the friends of TGR are found in all corners of this beautiful country of ours and beyond. A few minutes ago, I got the following story from, well, let’s just call him Sue. Sue is an employee at the NCAA and is a huge TGR fan and reader.  We appreciate ‘Sue’ letting us in on her story and allowing us to share…

“In yet another sign that Kentucky fans are as crazy as they come…

I walked out of my office a little over an hour ago to go grab some lunch and my eyes were immediately drawn to a middle aged man with a nasty scowl on his face and a blue Free Enes t-shirt on his torso.  The man was enthusiastically strutting around and ‘jersey popping’ his Free Enes t-shirt on the front lawn of the NCAA offices, apparently thinking that the only thing that me and my co-workers do all day is stare out the front windows to see what’s happening outside.  From inside the office, I’m sure it looked like the guy was getting after it outside, but when standing just feet from him, it was really awkward because he wasn’t making any noises, nor was he saying anything at all.  Just lots of t-shirt jersey popping, strutting around, and angry looks towards the office building.  Apparently, the man was unaware that the Eligibility Center (where the ultimate Enes decision will be made) is about 2 miles north of my building.  Then again, I really don’t think the guy cared.  He was just trying to let it be known that he thinks Enes should be freed.

I agree.  Free the big man.  But don’t make all of us look like lunatics in the meantime, t-shirt jersey popper. “

Classic. Unleash The Enes!

Oct 12

TGR2K!!! TGR Hits A Milestone

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You are reading that right folks. The good ol’ boys at TGR just hit another milestone in our short history…… This post marks our 2,000th post since February 5th….. Talk about bringing the pain in 249 days! That’s 8 months and 1 week of funk for an average of 8 posts a day….

From Hazard to Harlan, from the great Ale 8 fields of Winchester to the chin strap wearers of Louisville, to the coal mines of Pike County, to the bourbon vats in Bardstown, we’ve been right here keepin’ you up to date, informed, and maybe even entertained a little about Kentucky Athletics and some valuable life lessons. It’s been a good ride thus far, and it seems as if we are finally making our dent in what is about 1,000 UK entities in the blogosphere.

Anyways, keep up the support, we feed off of it. After all, we wouldn’t be doing this if you weren’t there.

Also, Stay tuned as we are partnering with the great folks of the Coca-Cola company for a tailgating giveaway contest in the coming weeks…

Holy TGR2K baby!

Oct 6

My Coach Calipari Women’s Camp Story

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Last week I promised you a story about our beloved John Calipari that even Cal himself is unaware of.  The only thing I told you about the story is that it had something to do with the university’s women’s basketball camp and since tonight is Cal’s 2nd edition of that camp, it is only fitting I break the story out today.  My wife, mother, and my mother –in-law are all going to be in attendance tonight as my wife and mother were last year.  The girls in my life love the women’s clinics at UK and I am sure tonight will be another great experience for them.  Plus, I am guaranteed 3 nice Nike balls signed by the entire team just like the one I have from last year, it is a no lose situation for everyone!  The story I am about to share was told to me by my wife and mother and may not mean much to anyone else, but it is pretty cool in my eyes.

At the beginning of last year’s camp, all of the women and girls assembled in the stands of memorial Coliseum.  Cal introduced himself, his staff, and his team to all of the lovely ladies. After welcoming all of them, the women were separated into groups for the duration of the camp and for a special photograph they would be taking with the new head coach, Mr. Calipari.  After a majority of the groups had had their picture taken with the head coach, one particular young woman could be seen edging closer and closer to the area where the pictures were being taken.  She was in one of the final groups that would get their chance to be seated close to Cal for what would be a memorable moment for all of those involved.  The reason she was sneaking closer and closer to the photo area was because when her group was finally called, she wanted one of the prize positions directly beside Cal.  Some of you men that are reading this might giggle at such nonsense, but I would wager that at least 60% of you would do the same thing.  The other 40% wouldn’t’ do it only because your friends would laugh at you.  Finally, the young woman’s group was called and it was a mad dash to get that coveted seat nearest Cal for the photograph.  As she ran for the seat she wanted so badly, she caught a glimpse of a young girl out of her periphery running hard towards the same seat.  The fact the young woman had been scoping the scene and knew the most direct line to get to the chair closest for Cal for the past 30 minutes enabled her to overtake the young girl to get the seat she had wanted so badly. So, there she was, right beside her newest UK hero, John Calipari, she could have not been happier about her decision to attend the camp at that point.  Then, the young woman noticed the young girl who she had beaten in a foot race had taken the seat beside her and looked very disappointed she was not going to get to sit next to the coach. After a little thought, the young woman (an elementary school teacher) decided to forgo her prime spot to the young, 13 year old girl. A smile immediately spread across the young girl’s face, as well as Coach Cal’s. Cal told the young woman how nice it was for her to perform such a gesture, and spread his arm around the young girl and over to the young woman’s shoulder for the picture.

After the group photograph, all of the girls began their camp experience, touring the practice facility, weight rooms, Wildcat Lodge, and various other areas.  They were able to meet all of the 2009 Wildcats as well as get pictures and autographs from all of them.  All of the ladies that I know had a great time and could not tell me enough about how wonderful everyone on Coach Cal’s staff was to them.  After all of the tours and activities concluded, the women and girls met back up in Memorial Coliseum for the closing ceremonies.  Coach Cal had a raffle for the campers where he gave out wine, madness tickets, and his book, Bounce Back to raffle winners.  Towards the end of the presentation, Cal announced that he also wanted to give a special prize to someone who had done something really nice by giving up their seat to a young girl for the pictures.  He instructed one of his managers to go up to his office and bring back the audio book of Bounce Back he had on his desk.  Once the manager returned from getting the prize, he asked the young woman to raise her hand and he took the audio book to her and thanked her for being so nice.  Of course, the young woman was overjoyed and could not wait to go home and tell her husband about what had just happened to her.  The camp ended and all of the campers went home to tell the men in their life how cool they were and how they knew more about the “dribble Drive Offense” then they did.

That would have been a sweet story in itself, but there is obviously more.  This is the part Coach Cal doesn’t even know about.  From all of the reports I received after that night, the audio book Cal gave to the young lady for her good deed was the only audio book of Bounce Back he gave out that night.  He gave out plenty of books in print, but that was the only book on tape he had to give away.  The reason this is significant is because they young lady who cal gave that audio book to actually had a reason for needing an audio book.  Unbeknownst to Calipari, the young woman’s husband is legally blind and is unable to read a printed book.  I am not sure of how many ladies in those stands were or are married to blind guys, but I would have to think the odds of Cal finding one of them to give an audio book to are fairly large.  The young lady and her wonderful husband have talked about this story over and over again over the past year and I am happy to be able to share it with you folks this afternoon. As some of you might have guessed by now, the young lady, Jessica, is my wife.  Thanks Coach Cal.  Have a great time tonight girls!  Go cats!

Jul 28

The No-No That Was Not To Be

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We haven’t posted a good TGR story lately.  During the summer things are slow, but when it comes to one of us making a fool of ourselves or of others doing the same it has to be mentioned….  About 4 seconds after I wrote that last sentence I realized that was an out right lie, we are always making fools of ourselves, but that is not the point.  The point is, we have a story to share with you courtesy of our Florida correspondent, corky Patrick.  When I got the call from Patrick after this incident occurred, I have never heard him so miserable in my life.

Take it away Corky, and thanks for sharing…

– As an avid baseball fan, you grow up your whole life hoping that you will one day have the opportunity to see the improbable.  I have seen some pretty great baseball games in my time including a World Series, Sammy Sosa hitting his 400th homerun in Wrigley, and many other games in some great venues.  Ever since I was a kid; I have always been fascinated with no-hitters because they are such an unpredictable event.  2010 is a perfect example.

There have been 5 no-hitters (6 if you count Gallarraga’s heart breaker).  Some of these have been pitching gems and others are unbelievable that they were a no-hitter, see Edwin Jackson’s no hitter with 8 walks.  This brings us to Monday evening.  I am often criticized for my rooting for teams in the area I live.  Since moving to Tampa, FL early in 2004 I have become a Rays fan.  There is not a more exciting team in baseball to watch considering the young talent and with the exception of B.J. Upton, the all out hustle they bring to the ballpark each night.  Plus I sweat incredibly bad, and enjoy watching games in the air conditioning of Tropicana Field.  In the first home series of the season, my wife and I went to a game and the first thing I do is check out the schedule to see if the Rays will be playing at home on July 26th, my 29th birthday.  I could care less if it is the Orioles or the Yankees, I just would like to spend my birthday at the ballpark with some cold snacks and good company.

As I notice that the Tigers are going to be in town, I could not be happier. At that point I am 99% certain that my wife, a friend that we could refer to as “Buffet”, and his wife would for sure be attending on that Monday night. As time got closer I was informed that I would have to fly to Jacksonville on Tuesday morning at 6:55 AM to attend some work meetings.  I knew with that early of a flight, it might not be in my best interest to go to a Rays game the night before due to the fact of getting home late with an early flight and the fact that I might indulge in a few too many cold beverages, especially with “Buffet’s” presence.  My wife agrees that going later in the week would be a smarter decision.

Fast forward to Monday night, when my wife and I are eating a wonderful meal at my favorite restaurant, Fleming’s Steakhouse. The place is dead and we get a booth where we can both watch the game.  I made a comment before the game even started stating “There better not be a no-hitter tonight.”  Every game I attend, I make a comment after each team’s first hit that we won’t be seeing a no-hitter tonight.  You could tell from the beginning that the Rays defense had really come to play and Garza was actually hitting the corners on his pitches, which he has not done in over a month.  In about the 4th inning I realize that both pitchers have a no-hit bid going.  You could still tell at that point that the Tigers pitcher didn’t have his stuff because he was walking a batter basically per inning, plus he had thrown way too many pitches to even finish the game.  As we leave Flemings and are listening on the radio, the innings are starting to become very quick because Garza is just mowing the Tigers down.  After a Matt Joyce grand slam I knew there might be trouble brewing due to a 4 run lead which would allow Garza to relax.  We get to the house and at this point, I can’t watch.

It is the top of the 7th and I am pissed.  If this was any other night I would have been as pumped as possible.  I then explain to my wife that I need to go for a walk and just chill out hoping someone for the Tigers would get a hit.  After a walk to our dock and actually touching a few manatees (I know this sounds very weird) I decided to check my phone.  I could have cared less about the manatees but at least it kept me from focusing 100% of my attention on this game.  After about 20 minutes I decided to check my phone and as the score came up and read “Tigers 0-0-1” I knew that I was in for heartbreak.  It was now the top of the ninth and I thought it was best that I put my selfish/pissed off attitude to rest and we hustled back to the house to watch the bottom of the ninth.

I truly was shaking at this point in disgust at myself.  I now know that I didn’t go to the game because I didn’t want to be out late and have too many drinks.  I have now pounded a few cocktails and know that if this happens I won’t sleep so my excuses are not valid now.  As I watch the last 3 routine outs, I was disgusted.  I was furious.  I was in a state of depression on my birthday.  My wife is pissed as hell at this point too.  I make no noise as the last out is caught besides just stare at the ceiling.  The #1 item on my bucket list is going on 30 minutes from my house on my birthday and I am sitting on the couch.  I did not move a muscle for at least 5 minutes, just staring at the TV in disgust at myself as I watch the camera scan thru the crowd showing grown men hugging each other and experience the euphoria that I have dreamed of each time someone has not given up a hit by the 4th inning.  My wife figures if I go open up my birthday presents it will calm me down.  We sit down and after opening up a box of golf balls, a nice golf shirt, I get to the last box.  I can tell by the look on her face that this could be bad.  I open up the box and I got a brand new Rays shirt and hat that I will be able to wear to the game on Wednesday night since I made the decision not to go on that historic Monday night…….-