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Jun 29

Getting Caught Up

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Category: General News

– Word from UK camp is that new football uniforms will be released on Thursday. Images of the changes have already hit the internet via twitter (above). Look for Nike to introduce a “new technology” as well, whatever that means. Not much has changed honestly, stripe added to the helmet, tighter numbers, that’s about it.

– Coach Cal and his wife are learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone to get ready for Coaching the Dominican National team this summer. Too bad they speak Dominican right? Ha, I would love Cal to speak to the media in Spanish. That would be hilarious.

– Keeping it all things Coach Cal, we wouldn’t be working in the summer if it weren’t for him, he mentioned on Radio New York that UK merchandise licensing revenue has doubled over the last 2 years and is currently at its highest level ever. “Our licensing revenue doubled last year and half of that double goes back to the general fund on our campus, $4.5 million in licensing. The other thing is we had 14,000 applicants for 4,000 positions for the freshmen, which is the highest in the history of the school. What you hope is you’ve added value … for everybody, not just me.”

– Ramon Harris scored 51 points in a game in China, Ramon Harris scored 51 points in a game in China. Yeah, it happened.

– South Carolina beat Florida with a 2 game sweep to win it’s second consecutive College World Series. SEC.

Jun 23

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

The weather this weekend is going to be hit and miss by all indications around Central Kentucky. Kinda like the sea salt French fries Wendy’s is currently serving. I may start to go strictly baked potato…

– Tonight is sure to be one of the greatest nights in the history of Tailgate Review! Not only will it mark an end to the obnoxious NBA draft talk, it could also be the night in which my unborn child’s rights are drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. I have a tough time deciding which I am more excited about.

– Enes Kanter got some flack from idiot Louisville fans on Twitter about his statement to reporters that he thinks he is the best player in the 2011 draft. To those Louisville fans who opened their hole… I would attempt to deflect if I was not in the conversation too. Don’t worry Louisville fans; Kentucky’s Miss Basketball is on the way to rescue you!

– Demarcus Cousins joined John Wall and Eric Bledsoe in a group of ex-cats who had their contract option picked up by their current NBA team. Per the Kings, Cousins, who recently finished his rookie campaign with the Kings, averaged 14.1 points (.430 FGs,.167 3FGs, .687 FTs), a team-high 8.6 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 1.05 steals per game through 81 outings, of which he started 62. He set a new Sacramento-era rookie record for total rebounds in a season. Congrats to Cuz and my good friend, Towel

– Coach Cal hit the radio airwaves yesterday to give his plan for a large scale NCAA defection for all of the major conferences. Basically, Cal laid out plans for an “association” that had 4 major conferences (West, East, North, and South). Each conference would have 16 to 18 teams and players would be paid to play. Of course, this will NEVER happen, at least not in my lifetime, I am not that lucky. But, I do enjoy talk of leaving the NCAA high and dry to investigate Twitter. IF Kentucky’s paranoia over the NCAA is reality…How hard are they going to be on cal now?

RF edit: The US National Soccer team beat Panama 1 nil to advance to the finals of the annual Gold Cup. They will face Mexico in the finals on Sunday at the Rose Bowl. The two teams have won a combined 9 of the 10 Gold Cups played. The United States is unbeaten in 22 of its last 24 games in the Gold Cup, a tournament with 12 teams from Central and North American and the Caribbean.

We hope to have Fitz around today with his most recent take on the Reds and all things Chris Heisey. I now owe a dear friend of mine a 12 pack of Coors Light due to being wrong about the re-entry policy of yesterday’s Yankees-Reds day-night doubleheader. You had to have a ticket from the rain out the night before to get into the night tilt, making me wrong. I hope your mountains are as blue as possible Patrick! C! A! T! S!

Jun 22

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

I hope that everyone within the sound of my voice will grab this day and hump it like the damn dirty couch cushion it is!

– ESPN’s Chad Ford continues to tweak his mock draft for Thursday’s NBA Draft. At this point, I have no clue why it is still changing. Don’t NBA teams basically know the players available? The answer is ‘yes’, of course. The real issue is that Chad Ford has no clue about the talent available .his latest edition has Knight to the Jazz at 3, Kanter to the Cavs at 4, and DeAndre Liggins 56th to the Lakers. I would LOVE to have a Lakers Liggins jersey!

– Enes Kanter has requested to the NBA that when his name is announced Thursday, he would prefer them announce him as “Enes Kanter from Istanbul, Turkey and the University of Kentucky”, according to KSR. I would wear a Enes jersey too, but not if it is a Cavs one.

– ESPN ranked Danny Trevathan the 4th best linebacker in the SEC yesterday. They said, “Talk about being the hardest working man on the field. Trevathan led the SEC with 144 tackles a year ago and was third with 16 of them behind the line of scrimmage. He’s Kentucky’s most trusted defender and was the first Kentucky linebacker to ever earn any sort of All-America first-team honors.“ if Danny is #4, I don’t want any part of 1,2, or 3.

– The MLB-TGR Review… Tampa suffered a loss to the Brewers last night, 5-1. The Braves won their third straight with a 5-1 win over the Blue jays. The Reds and Yankees were rained out. A few TGR members are attending the early game today in Cincy. Due to the rainout yesterday, the yanks and Reds will play a day/night double-header. Here is my question, will your ticket to the first game get you into the 2nd game? Or will they clear the stadium and allow those with tickets from yesterday enter? I bet one of the attendees that your ticket to the 1st gets you into the 2nd too. I had an exact same situation happen to me once at Turner Field in Atlanta. The game the night before I was scheduled to go to got rained out against the Mets, so the next day our tickets got us into both games. We actually never left. You have to love beer sales for an entire game and until the 7th of the next one. I have a 12-pack on the line if I am right about today’s Cincy game. Let me know if you know the rules there.

Fertig will be clueing you in on the Cats chances to win the NCAA title this year, according to USA Today. Fitz will have his Reds mid-week ramblings tomorrow. You won’t believe how high they have the L-Ville Cards on the list of odds. I will be slumping in my cubicle until 4 o’clock. At that point, I will quickly rush to the nearest telephone booth to change into my Lycra suit. C! A! T! S!

Jun 21

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

Looks like it may be a little steamy this week in the bluegrass. Temps are going to be high. Humidity is going to be high. Fertig is going to be high.

– Former cat, Dwane Casey, will be named the next coach of the Toronto Raptors. Casey just received a championship ring wile a member on the Dallas Mavericks staff. Casey was the mastermind behind the defensive scheme the Mavs used on LaBron James. Brandon Knight is on the short list of possible draftees for the Raptors Thursday. It could soon be “Big Blue Toronto”!

– After ESPN reported that the Cavs had committed to choosing Duke’s Kyrie Irving, the Cavs administration could not revoke the reports quickly enough. Enes was working out for the Cavs and reportedly meeting the owner and his children when the report was released by ESPN. I am really hoping that none of the Cats go to filthy Cleveland.

– “Draft cat”, Daniel Orton has been cleared medically to get back on the court for the Orlando Magic. Orton missed his entire rookie year with a knew injury. If there is an NBA summer league, Daniel should be able to participate.

– Arkansas sharpshooter, Rotnei Clarke, received his release from the school to transfer. Clarke never seemed to be happy under John Pelphrey and after JP was fired, I expected him to stay. I guess John was not the problem after all. Clarke has a clean jumper and a terribly spelled first name.

– John Wall had his option picked up by the Washington Wizards for the 3rd year of his contract. He will not be tossing out a first pitch anywhere to celebrate.

– Current Louisville football player, Darius Ashley, was arrested for his 2nd Driving under the Influence charge in the last 7 months. The junior cornerback was arrested Saturday after blowing a.186 blood/alcohol level. In December, the 21 year-old was found by police passed out in his car in a fast food drive-thru line and charged with DUI. He was suspended from the cards bowl game in Tampa.

– The TGR-MLB Review looks like this… Tampa got a 4th straight win after they doubled-up the Brewers yesterday, 8-4. Atlanta got their 2nd straight win after shutting out the Blue Jays, 2-0. The Reds lost to the Yankees, 5-3.

Jun 20

Big Blue Morning Review

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Category: General News

Rain, rain go away that’s what all my haters say. My pockets stuck on overload my rain never evaporate. No need to elaborate…. That about sums up every morning for the last week around the Bluegrass. If you are clueless about the italics just go here.

I hope everyone had a memorable and safe father’s day. Mine was spent waking up to French toast made by the wife, a brief trip to the lake to spend time with the pops, capped off by the “crap I need to mow my yard” gasp after dinner. The more things change the more things stay the same.

Rob won’t be in today due to a mild case of syphilis, so let’s run down the weekend that was in BBN:

– As Rob mentioned on Saturday, Brandon Knight and Enes Kanter have been invited to attend the NBA Draft in New York on Thursday alongside coach Cal and have cameras stuck in their face the whole time. I’ll gladly trade places with one of you guys if you don’t like it.

– The Washington Wizards have exercised their 3-year option for John Wall, smart move Wiz. Now exercise the option to get better players surrounding him.

– DeAndre Liggins and Josh Harrellson both worked out for the Sacramento Kings on Saturday and then with Philly on Sunday. Liggins will now head to Atlanta. No word if they have been traveling together or not.

– In some rather promising notes, Eloy Vargas has gained some confidence with his performances in China last month: “I had more confidence at the end of the season. I’m kind of used to it now. Over there I did pretty good. … I’m trying to be like that, but Josh is a different guy than me. I’m going to be myself. I want to show energy, rebounding and blocking shots.”

Go get these fools. Some Duke blog takes a shot at Calipari and basically tucks their tails between their legs and clucks at the thought of having to play in Rupp Arena. Here’s a snippet: “given the venom that still comes out of Lexington, nearly 20 years after The Shot, why would anyone from Duke wish to play there?  It’s an unhealthy atmosphere which comes from the inability of Kentucky fans to deal with reality.”

See, that wasn’t so bad!

Jun 18

Saturday Morning Random Post

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Category: General News

– What does a 4 hour night filled with catfishing on the Ohio River amidst the rain, beer and chicken liver net you? Other than a third eye ball or a dead body, nothing but a damn soft-shell turtle. Even the best of the best have an off night I guess. Kind of like the first pitch we saw last night from John Wall at the Washington Nationals game.

It goes to show you that even if your #1 in one sport, it doesn’t necessarily translate into others. Next up I’d like to see him golf, then play tennis followed up with some hockey. If you were thinking I’m talking about “white guy sports” maybe I am.

– At TGR we don’t get the press passes and access like some of the others, so, when I sat next to Rajon Rondo at a stop light the other night in Louisville I got excited. For those wanting to know, he drives a Porsche Panamera and has a love for all-things Porsche. I did not snap a photo with my camera phone but I did text some people about my experience.

– One surprising nugget to me yesterday was the fact that Rodney Purvis had eliminated Kentucky and Louisville from his short list of schools he was considering. It’s surprising because he was high on the Cats just a few weeks ago and even noted that the Ryan Harrow transfer didn’t effect him. Rodney, I think you might have things twisted a bit. Kentucky is no longer pursuing you, get it straight!

– As Rob mentioned yesterday, we don’t get into all the hype created over “Calgate” too much on this site because we signed up for this sort of thing. But, when the NCAA is caught in a blatant smudging of the truth we have to say something…. If you remember in the letter from the NCAA to UK asking for the apology they stated that they didn’t have the “man power” to research into whether other schools were listing wins that were vacated in their media guides and records… Well, that sent BBN into a Google research project that the NCAA wanted no business in. In a matter of minutes twitter was a buzz of other schools that have done similar doings. San Diego State, Alabama and even a Conference USA team that falls under the jurisdiction of the committee’s chairman have all celebrated vacated wins.

It goes to show you that no matter we are told the NCAA has a vendetta against Coach Cal, Kentucky just happens to be the school he coaches at.

Let’s all hope for  a slow and rainy Saturday, fire up the Congressional, sit on the couch and drink you some sweet tea. Nothing is more American than that.


Jun 17

Big Blue Mornin’ Review

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Category: General News

I can’t remember ever being more excited about a Friday this entire month!

– Big-ups to Terrence Jones for a great dig he took at himself yesterday during the Kentucky summer media opportunity. When he was asked about how tough it was for him to make his decision to return to UK, Jones said, “It was tough, just because I’m bad at making decisions”. Jones was obviously poking fun at himself for his decommitment from the University of Washington. Jones is on the right track to endearing himself to the UK fan base with a comment like that. Well done TJ and glad to have you back my man!

– Speaking of the 2011-12 season and team, it sounds like they are all getting along just fine. According to Twitter, t there is a lot of NBA 2K playing going on this summer… There may even be some friendly wagering going along with it. Anthony Davis said this recently, “Had to run to McDonalds to get Mike Gilchrist and Stacey Poole they 20 piece nugget… 2K11” Chicken McNuggets are also my favorite form of gambling incentive.

– Kentucky’s battle with the NCAA over the observance of Calipari’s 500th victory continued yesterday. After the NCAA gave UK orders to apologize for recognizing the feat, UK obliged by not apologizing what so ever yesterday in a statement. Correspondence between Sandy Bell and the NCAA indicates that the entire process and subsequent “apology” was spurred by a complaint by a fan of a rival school. Sandy also mentioned the name of the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Jerry Tipton and his multiple inquiries to the NCAA of the 500th win celebration and whether or not they felt it was valid. After Kentucky released their forced statement yesterday, Tipton wrote that UK “cried uncle Thursday and admitted it made a mistake”. Hardly Jerry, hardly you big jerk.

– If you don’t like Jay Bilas, I don’t like you. Bilas had this to say about the Cal vs. the NCAA,” NCAA Logic: When a win is vacated, other team must keep the loss. UK should celebrate Calipari giving opponents 500 losses.” Duke alumni or not, that is brilliant!

– UK football lost two defensive linemen over the summer in Nermin Delic and Brice Laughlin. Delic was the defensive tackle starter last year in the Louisville game. His playing time decreased as the year progressed. I don’t believe either player was going to be an impact player on the d-line, but it will hurt in the depth of the group.

– The UK basketball Father-Son camp starts today at UK. The camp is sold out and has become very popular within the elementary school circuit. Good luck to the entire out of shape dads in their bid not to have a heart attack or stroke during the proceedings.

– The TGR-MLB Review… Atlanta got a 9-8 win over the Mets last night. Tampa lost a second straight to the Red Sox, 4-2. The reds did not play. Inter-league gets going today with the Reds vs. Toronto, Tampa vs. Florida, and Atlanta vs. Texas.

Jun 16

UK Responds to NCAA, Sort Of

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Category: General News

Just moments ago UK released a statement regarding the NCAA’s request for a public apology. See below:

“After consulting with the NCAA, the University of Kentucky has been informed that the honoring of our head men’s basketball coach for his 500th career victory on Feb. 26, 2011 was in error and that, henceforth, we will reflect our head men’s basketball coach’s career record in our media guides, Internet sites and other publications consistent with the NCAA’s official records and statistics.

A big “MY BAD.”

Moving on…..

Jun 16

Big Blue Morning Review

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Category: General News

Kenny Concert 5-30-2009

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! Absolutely nothing. Thursday is better than Wednesday but still way worse because it’s not Friday. What the hell am I talking about, I have no effin’ clue. Hey, at least I didn’t mention the weather like Rob has in his last 14 morning posts.

On that note, I want to let you all in on a little house keeping we have going on around the Tailgate. Stuff has wound down to a nice crawl around UK land for the moment and by god we are glad. Its the perfect speed because we are exhausted, over-worked and under-paid (understatement of the year). We have literally done this TGR thang for two years straight without earning a penny. We do it for fun because we love all that is UK. We do it for you because quite frankly you need another option and we appeal to many different demographics.

The problem is that we have gotten away from our roots.

The Tailgate.

So, with that, after things wind down with the NBA Draft next week we are going to scale it back until football. That doesn’t mean we are completely going away until then, it just means you may check the site and wonder why we haven’t posted the random crap we do. Now you will know.

We need some time to refresh and get our swagger back is all. Don’t worry, we will still be here. We aren’t gonna do you all like that. It’s just good timing. We will pick things back up in full swing just in time for………………. you guessed it…………….TAILGATING! Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.

We originally created TGR to be a sounding board for the tailgating stories and it turned into much more than we could even fathom. We never thought it would get as big as it is to be criticized by John Clay, shared by Larry Vaught and even have guest appearances on the Leach Report. In our eyes that is all ridiculous. We don’t want to be the next UK blog. We don’t want to be compared to other sites because we aren’t other sites. Our bread is buttered at the Tailgate and that is where you will be able to find us, straight down from the C on the Commonwealth sign, in the Red Lot, right next to the tree line.

Now time for the notes from yesterday:

– Obviously the big news of the day has to be the response from Coach Cal at a fund raiser on the whole 500 wins saga. Cal essentially reiterated the “player’s first program” in his statement: “Let’s just say my record is 0-0.  I’m fine with that.  This is about those kids, and that’s what I’ve always been about…. I’m not even paying attention to it, because it really doesn’t have anything to do with me… Obviously they can kind of do what they want to do.” Take that NCAA! Quit trying to belittle a guy that only cares about making his kids better!

Some other un-important stink of the afternoon was from the piece Jeff Goodman wrote on his top coaches for age groups. He put Calipari behind Pitino, Roy Williams, and Tom Izzo. At first I read this thing as if he was basing the order on all-things now. Nope, it was based on accomplishments in their careers thus far. Boring and easy at the same time. I apologize for even posting that garbage.

– ESPN’s SEC correspondents Chris Low and Edward Aschoff continued their hot streak of ranking Kentucky football positions close to the bottom of the barrel when they had the Cats running backs at #12. Proposterous is a good word to describe that. Yeah, I am being critical of people that write for ESPN. The problem is that they have the same stigma about the Cats that everyone else in the league does. Until the season starts. Yes. The departure of Derrick Locke, the transfer of Donald Russell, and the early NFL debut of Randall Cobb all hurt the running game. But I think Coshik Williams and Raymond Sanders will have something to say about that.

– Congrats to former Cat Rodrick Rhodes as he finally landed that head coaching job he’s be in search for all Spring. Rod will coach at Cordia School in Knott County.

– If you are in the Lexington area today around 5:30 and you have your Wildcat gear on you should head on over to Commonwealth Stadium. The 2011 football promo video will be shot for the year and this time UK has asked for fan participation. Should be interesting, when they leave it that open ended you never know what your gonna get!

– In some repetitive draft-cat news Brandon Knight will be working out for the Utah Jazz today. The 23rd can not get here soon enough.

– Dick Vitale is starting to get the credit he deserves in the world of hoops. The Detriot Titans, where Vitale coached to a 78-30 record from 1973-1977 will dedicate the floor in conjunction with a nationally-televised event against Big EAST foe St. John’s on December 5, 2011 on ESPN2, Vitale’s 32nd anniversary of calling games.

Rob will be by later to give you his side of the story. Keep it locked.

Jun 15

Michael Wilbon Tells The NCAA To Take A Hike

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Category: General News

Wilbon, the host of PTI, one of my least favorite television programs out there, actually defends UK in the wake of the 500 wins/NCAA thing. He even goes as far as telling them to go to hell. Love it.