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Mar 27

Outside In, Cats down 28-26 at the half

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Category: Half-time Report

Um. Not sure what to say here. The Cats are scoring in the paint, West Virginia is scoring from outside the arc. It’s been weird. The refs aren’t helping our cause, again missing several calls……

West Virginia has not scored a 2 pt. field goal. Kentucky has not hit a 3. Kentucky is shooting 35.8% from the floor, West Virginia is shooting 25.8%.

WVU is 8-15 beyond the arc, shooting 53.3%.

John Wall leads all UK scorers with 8 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists.

There is no way that WVU can continue to shoot outside like this and the Cats can’t continue to shoot this poorly. Look for the shots to fall for the Cats as the middle continues to be clogged with the 1-3-1 zone.

Mar 25

All Academics, Cats up at the half 32-16

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Category: Half-time Report

Well that was fun. The Cats bit off a chunk of the Bears early and didn’t look back. Cornell jumped out to a 10-2 run, then the Cats responded with a 30-6 run to end the half!

Cousins has been strong, Miller, Patterson, Bledsoe, Orton as well. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, the Cats will win this one in the paint. We are just too athletic, too physical and too big for the Red.

Cousins leads all scorers with 8 points and 1 rebound in a well balanced attack.

Look for Big Cuz to be the brunt of some fouls early in the second half as the Cats will pour it on in the paint!

Hell yeah, Go Cats!

Mar 20

Cats up at half, 44-28

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Category: Half-time Report

It’s the Darius Miller show folks. We all wonder where he went. Here he is! Darius is flat out balling with16 points and 6 rebounds.

The Cats looked sluggish early, then looked to rapper Drake for some words of wisdom. Drake yelled “You can’t stop us, I got money to blow, oh oh oh oh” and the Cats found their swagger, going on a 25-9 run to finish the half.

Cats are shooting 66.7 % from the floor and winning the rebound battle 16-13. John Wall has 9 points and 4 assists despite 4 turnovers. Cuz has 8.

Look for Wake Forest to get into foul trouble early in the second half and the Cats to improve free throw shooting. Patterson and Cousins will step it up down low and this game will be won in the paint. Drake will be yelling “good riddance” to the pesky Deacons.

Mar 18

Cats Flat Out Ballin’, Lead Bucs 54-26

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Category: Half-time Report

Courtesy of

I know it’s a #1 vs. #16 folks but come on! This is one of the best halves of basketball the Cats have put together all season. Passing has been crisp, shooting has been stellar, rebounding, defense, you name it! It all has gone the Cats way.

I mentioned in a post earlier how they wouldn’t cut into our game. That was false. In Louisville, they screwed us again and we missed the first 5 minutes of the game because CBS apparently switched their satellites…… Guess we missed the worst part because the Cats turned on the heat.

– Patterson has 15
– Bledsoe is burning the nets with 15, going 4 for 5 from 3Pt.
– Kentucky shot 60% from the floor and 50% from beyond the arc.
– Cats are out-rebounding the Bucs 23-13.

Look for Perry, Razor and maybe even Harrelson to get some PT in the second half as the Cats continue to control the tempo….

Mar 14

Miss. State Leads at the half 35-31

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Category: Half-time Report

Dave Martin/AP Photo

Cats are down at the half 35-31.

Mississippi State must win this game to make the NCAA tournament, and it is clearly evident today in their hustle. UK is slightly being out-played, but not by much. A few layups here and and there and we are leading.

Noticeably several times during the first 20 minutes the Cats left shooters open and MSU made the shot. Cal was not pleased heading into the locker room.


– Cousins rode the pine a majority of the first half with 2 fouls.
– Patterson leads all scorers with 9 on his 21st B-day, Bledsoe has 7.
– Cousins has 0, Wall has 2, Miller has 0, and all three need to step their game up.
– A promising note, Daniel Orton is playing with some authority and has 6.
– Cats are shooting 48.3%, MSU 42.9%
– Cats are being out-rebounded 17-16.
Mar 7

Cats Lead Gators at the half, 41-31

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Category: Half-time Report

The Cats put together some nice stretches of ball to take a lead of 18. The Gators widdled away and we sit with a 10 point advantage at the half.

– Kentucky is shooting 54% and 88% from the line. 50% from three.
– Eric Bledsoe leads all Kentucky scorers with 9.

Look for the Cats to amp the intensity back up in the second half and run the lead back to where it was, 18 or so.

More on the game later, heading out for 18 holes right after the game.

Mar 3

Cats up 40-36 at the half, Game on!

Posted by: Ryan at 8:56 pm | Leave a Comment (5)
Category: Half-time Report


The game finally came on here in Louisville halfway through the first half. Thank the lord. You know, a full days work, a nice meal, and sitting down to watch the game is very frustrating when it isn’t on!!!!!

I understand the game has been on across the state so what did we miss?

Cousins left the game early with 2 cheap fouls.
The Cats hit their 3’s, shooting 37.5% over all.
Cats are shooting 48% from the floor
John Wall has been playing with reckless abandonment, hitting the floor several times, including on a tremendous breakaway dunk.
Dodson has emerged from the bench, hitting many tough shots.

Patterson leads all scorers with 11 pts., 5 rebs. John Wall has 10 pts., 3 asst. Dodson has 8.

The Cats have managed to shoot well and play good defense. With Cousins back in the lineup look for the Cats to control the paint and the boards in the second half and pull away.

Feb 27

What was that? Cats trail UT 40-29 at the half…

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Category: Basketballparents=singleHalf-time Report


I’m not sure the Cats translated the message Cal was sending when he said we are at war. Look lackadaisical and slow to respond of defense. Wall leads the Cats with 8 pts but nothing else is really going on.

The Cats have failed to get back on defense several times and UT put together a big time run of 18-0.

Look for the Cats to step up the intensity on D and get UT into foul trouble. WE HAVE TO HIT OUR SHOTS. The Cats need to shoot better if they want to win. Let’s focus on D and chip away at the lead in the paint.

Points UK 29 UT 40
Field Goals 7-29 (24.1%) 16-33 (48.5%)
Free Throws 14-19 (73.7%) 4-7 (57.1%)
3-pointers 1-10 (10.0%) 4-15 (26.7%)
Rebounds (Off) 19 (8) 20 (5)
Assists 3 9
Steals 5 3
Blocks 4 4
Turnovers 6 5
Personal Fouls 8 13

Feb 25

Halftime: Cats Lead South Carolina 37-26

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Category: Basketballparents=singleHalf-time Report

Cats came out with some intensity and held USC to a long 5+ minute scoreless drought until Downey knocked down a deep three from the K (Tayshaun range) at the buzzard. Look for the Cats to keep up the defensive intensity in the second half.

UK 44% shooting, USC 42%

UK 2-7 3pt, 28%

USC 2-8 3pt 25%

UK leads in rebounding: 23-12

Cats Leaders:

– Patterson 10 pts., 4 rebs., 4 blks.

– Cousins 8 pts., 5 rebs.

– Wall 6 pts., 4 rebs, 3 assts.

Gamecocks Leaders:

– Downey 9 (2 fouls)

– Muldrow 8

Feb 9


Posted by: Ryan at 9:26 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Half-time Report

This is ridiculous! The game wont end. If we are lucky we will catch some of the second half.

Doesn’t ESPN make more money off of us?

HIT THE SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!