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Apr 18

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

After a little bit of a hiatus, TGR’s Looker of the Week is back in business! For those new readers we have gathered over the last few weeks, and we know there are a few, ‘Looker’ means many things to TGR. A ‘Looker’ can be a pretty girl or boy, a ‘Looker’ can be a disturbing looking boy or girl, and a ‘Looker’ can be someone who has done something completely dumb or embarrassing to his or her family. To see all of those we have honored as TGR’s Looker of the Week over the last 14 months, click on our Looker of the Week link and you will quickly learn which definition we enjoy using the most.

This week’s winner was not on the radar as far as candidates go until this morning. I was hoping to honor a choking golfer or one who fired a 14 on a par 4. I even considered recognizing a Major League Baseball team who over paid for a mediocre team in the off-season. It would have even been easy to, once again, attempt to put into perspective the nonsense going on in the NFL negotiations. I could have gone with any of those and felt satisfied, but then I got to work this morning to a certain YouTube video.

There are certain people in and around your life that creep you out. Some you are able to eliminate from any frequent trips into your daily grind, others you are forced to deal with. Some are family members and you are fully aware of why they are there, others you are unsure of when and how they came into your world. This week’s Looker of the Week is someone that I can not seem to be able to shake from my life. I have never met this person, I don’t want to meet this person, and if he knows what is good for him, he does not want to meet me either. He is known around the world as a basketball legend, but the game passed him by years ago. Due to this, he has been relegated to a simple commentator and he has never been more miserable. At this point, he is no more thoughtful than the old man who believes that the music on the radio today is not near as good as the tunes he rocked in his 46 Ford. He is the ultimate definition of the phrase “has been”. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, our TGR Looker of the Week, Mr. Robert Montgomery Knight, also known as Bobby…

I find it very humorous that Knight has become so old and decrepit that he falls into the trap of answering a question about Kentucky and Calipari. It is like when I would call a girl on 3-way as a kid with my buddy on the line to ask her questions about him without telling her he was on the line too.

This apparently took place in Wabash, Indiana at the Honeywell Center. Did these folks really need Knight to point out he is not a “Kentucky fan”? The fact you can not seem to keep our name out of your mouth makes me think he may be more of a fan than he lets on.

“Kentucky started 5 players in the NCAA games that had not been to class that semester”? I always find it funny that guys like Knight can make statements like this from so many miles away from Lexington. As far as I remember, Patrick Patterson was a starter for all of Kentucky’s games last year and he was a pretty good student. The only player who was ever rumored to have not gone to classes in the 2nd semester was not a starter. Try again old man.
Not your idea of what college basketball is? Who asked you sir? I am not sure that even the slow Hoosiers in the audience care what your idea of college basketball is. I have always been told…If you don’t like it…Leave it.
The only thing you seem to be doing “your way” is clearing your nasty throat over and over again. You are so gross, just go away. But, before you do, please accept this beautiful honor of being our TGR Looker of the Week!

Mar 21

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Damn, it feels good to be a Wildcat! The Cats are back in the Sweet 16 with a shot at the #1 seed in a “no lose situation” and Billy Clyde is back in basketball! All of this, on the first full day of spring in the bluegrass! I am not sure if Donald Trump’s current wife even woke up to this much goodness this morning! Did you see Trump’s roast? “The Situation”? Child please. He almost was made Looker of the Week for that attempt at comedy.

With last week being the start of this year’s Road to the Final Four, or something like that, Lookers were abundant. Blown leads, bad calls, and terrible losses were all over the bracket over the weekend. On Friday, after weeks of anticipation, the George Rogers Clark cards met the Eastern Eagles in the 2nd round of the Sweet 16 in Rupp Arena. With most of the TGR crew from wild and wacky Winchester and Fertig hailing from Eastern High, the match-up was billed as “The Battle of TGR”. In the end, GRC was throttled by Eastern and I rode back to the tailgate with my tail tightly tucked between my legs. Fertig’s Eagles were able to celebrate for less than 24 hours because they were upset by Christian County less than a day later. Once again, the Sweet 16 makes fools of us all.

Then there was the Big East who sent 11 teams to this year’s tournament. The “super conference” sent well over half of their schools into the first weekend, but only 2 survived. Oddly enough, the two teams who managed to win, Marquette and UConn, beat a Big East team in order to advance to the Sweet 16. The Big East is taking the same stance as Michael Jackson’s father, if you can’t beat anyone else’s, beat your own.

I truly looked hard at making the University of Louisville our Looker of the Week. The problem is, MOST of the time, our Looker is someone or something who has done something silly, stupid, or embarrassing. The thing is, I loved the fact Morehead State knocked the Cards off so much, I don’t consider anything they did silly, stupid, or embarrassing. I f**kking loved it! Well done cards!

In what Rick Pitino did in a quick 15 seconds, Pitt and Butler did in 2.2, embarrassed themselves and their families. By now, I am sure most of you are aware of the situation Pitt and Butler found themselves in Saturday night. With the clock running down, Butler’s Andrew Smith hit a turn-around jumper to give Butler what seemed to be a game winning 1 point lead over the top seeded Pitt Panthers. With only a few seconds left, Butler only had to play good defense without fouling for a moment or two. Enter former Bryan Station Defender, Shelvin Mack. With 2.2 seconds left, Mack inexplicably fouled Pitt’s 5th year, redshirt, grey shirt, graduate-assistant, Gilbert Brown with only 2.2 on the clock, giving Pitt’s guard a chance to not only tie the game, but to take the lead.

In a split second, Mack had become the donkey of the tournament. Brown stepped to the line and sank the first free-throw to tie the game, on the second shot, he missed, and chaos ensued. Butler’s Matt Howard came away with the rebound and everyone in the building and watching on television KNEW the game was going to overtime. All Pitt had to do was let Butler get the board and run out the last:08 seconds, enter Nasir Robinson. On Brown’s second free-throw, Robinson went over Matt Howard’s back and drew the whistle of the referee, sending Howard to the foul line where he hit one free throw and then missed the 2nd one intentionally, ending the game.

It would be easy for us to make Nasir Robinson our TGR Looker of the Week. It would also be very easy to make Mack the Looker for the “near miss” dumb move of fouling Brown. But, before Howard made it to the foul line to win the game, I already knew who our Looker of the Week was. The first question I asked, “Why would you even have your team on the free throw line during Brown’s foul shot?” Why not clear the lane and the worst that can happen is that Butler heaves one 95 feet to beat you. The worst thing that can happen if you leave them around the lane is exactly what happened. If Butler fails to sling one in from 95 feet, the worse thing that can happen is overtime. After Brown ties the game on the first shot, take your guys off the lane! By leaving them there, you are encouraging them to attempt a tip-in or a rebound, which makes the possibility of an over the back call very likely.

Congratulations to Mr. Jamie Dixon, this week’s TGR Looker of the Week! Blame no one but yourself Dixon!

Mar 14

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Merry Bracket Monday TGR! Today is undoubtedly the most useless and unproductive day of the year in our country’s workforce. No one is making money, no one is making deals, and no one is taking pride in anything else other than their choices for the Final Four. This is where normal Americans and I differ. I am working my ass off to make sure you, my best friends, get the entertainment you deserve on a tough Monday. It is time to award a freakishly fine person, or group of people, our TGR Looker of the Week!

Until yesterday, our Looker of the Week was locked down. In the 2nd round of the SEC Tournament, we were all shown a perfect example of a “Looker”. In a tie game with only seconds left in regulation, Georgia had the ball and a time out left. Instead of calling the timeout right after Bama scored, or a few plays earlier when Georgia was in a trap, Head Coach Mark Fox waited until there was .8 seconds left on the clock and called time out. The problem was, Dustin Ware banked in a 3-pointer just ahead of the buzzer and just after Fox’s timeout, which would have won the game. Instead, the Dawgs went to overtime with the Tide and lost. I like Mark Fox, but this was proof that he is definitely a “Looker”.

Then came yesterday, the day the NCAA was to release their 2011 men’s tournament bracket. I believe that after nearly20 hours to contemplate their work, the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Committee has to be 10 of the most confused people on the planet. Cases can always be made for teams who get in, and those teams who are left out. No matter how large the money hungry NCAA makes the tournament in the future, you will always have those “snubs”. Saying that, UAB and VCU’s participation in this tournament is about as ridiculous as it gets. I don’t want to throw out numbers and stats on this, you can get that type of information anywhere. The problem is, it does not appear that the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Committee knew this information was available.

I am sure it is now clear that I am a Kentucky die-hard fan. Making that clear, how in the F**K could we be a 4 seed while Florida is a #2? I have considered Florida, its university, its fans, and it’s administration #2 for a long time, but in a different sense than the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Committee. Was the entire last 2 weeks of the season and the recent SEC Tournament all for not? Was there any real reason for us to embarrass one of your #2 seeds on national television yesterday in a conference championship? As much time as they claim to put in on the construction of the tournament, it really doesn’t seem that complicated. This year, it just looks like they took a few teams from each tournament, looked at their record and RPI, and threw them on a board. They then spent the next 4 weeks eating beef jerky and drinking green tea. I hope like hell that your tournament falls apart in the first weekend, the Cats are the highest seed to advance to the next round, 15 “Cinderella” teams move on, and not a damn person north of Covington or south of Corbin watches your mess.

Congratulations to Eugene Smith (2010-2011 Chair) Director of Athletics, Ohio State, Stanley M. Morrison-Director of Athletics, UC-Riverside, Jeffrey A. Hathaway-Director of Athletics, UCONN, Lynn Hickey(a woman)-Director of Athletics, UT-San Antonio, Mike Bobinski-Director of Athletics Xavier University, Dan Beebe-Commissioner Big 12 Conference, Doug Fullerton-Commissioner Big Sky Conference, Ron Wellman-Director of Athletics Wake Forest University, Steve Orsini-Director of Athletics SMU, and Scott Barnes-Director of Athletics Utah State University! The 10-member NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Committee! Do all of the schools they represent even have D-1 basketball teams? No matter, they are TGR’s Lookers of the Week!

Mar 7

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

It is amazing how much more enjoyable your Monday is when the cats hammer down on a highly underachieving opponent on their own floor! Ruining Senior Day for student-athletes at the University of Tennessee should be added to the list of games played in both the winter and summer Olympics. That is an event that I would gladly pay enormous ticket prices to view each and every year. Let’s get to it, this week’s TGR Looker of the Week!
It would be very simple for us to bestow the greatest of all honors upon the greatest man to ever live, Charlie Sheen. If you hate cocaine, whores, binge drinking, not hitting girls, winning, tiger blood, rocketing to the moon, or anything else he has referenced in the last week, you might disagree with my fascination of him. Before you get too upset with me, let me inform you that I don’t care. I am winning, you are probably not.
Tennessee’s Bruce Pearl and Scotty Hopson were mentioned as possible nominees this week. Hopson for his performance against the cats yesterday in Knoxville and Pearl, well, for just being Pearl. Pearl has already been honored by being named our Looker this year and Hopson has a great excuse for playing like a scared little girl for most of the game…he was being guarded by Deandre Liggins. His Kid’n’Play haircut and his trash talking were epic yesterday, unfortunately for him; in what could very well be his last day in Knoxville was a loss, just like Bruce’s.

The Tennessee YouTube terrorist, BigVOLdaddy, was nearly made our Looker this week for this video. In it, he references and congratulates TGR’s YouTube correspondent, CF15, aka CatsFan15. He takes a little shot at CF15 for his “Tennessee Hate” videos last week and the quantity of them, but not anything terrible. I just don’t appreciate this turd having our man’s name in his dirty pie hole.

This week’s winner could very well be a repeat winner, I am too lazy to look. She is apart of a story that I am very sick of hearing about and I am sure that most of you are too. I have vowed not to mention this woman’s name or the situation she has found herself in the last year, but I can not resist this one. In the last year or so, she has become the Queen of Louisville cardinals basketball and the apple of Big Blue nation’s eye for so many reasons. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Karen Sypher has made her return to TGR!

To catch you up on her fabulous life, she was sentenced in February to seven years and three months in federal prison for trying to extort money, cars and a home from University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino. We are not celebrating her and her life as a whole today, just for a comment the future federal prison inmate made recently to the congregation at Gospel Missionary Church in Louisville. The honorary member of Big Blue Nation said, “I have said over and over, I feel like Rosa Parks on the back of the bus…” Look, I am not a civil rights or African-American historian by any means. There are many points in time that I wish I knew more about, the civil rights movement in the mid-20th century being one of those times. Saying that, what on earth could have Rosa Parks been doing on that bus that would afford Karen Sypher to compare herself to the civil rights leader? I have heard many stories about Rosa and her participation in the movement, but never about anything that Karen Sypher could relate to. I guess there is an above average chance that Outkast might put Karen Sypher’s name in a song in the future, but that is the only possible comparison I could imagine. I am not sure, but I bet there might be a few individuals in the federal prison Karen Sypher will soon be apart of that might disagree with Karen’s assessment of the two individuals.

Congratulations! You are our Looker of the Week!

Feb 28

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

It is Monday again and that only means a few things… Today sucks, the weekend is not nearly as close as I would like it, and TGR’s Looker of the week is rockin’ and rollin’! Last week I took a different approach and gave you a little on a man I respect as much as my own father. He disagreed strongly with the Jimmy Dean sausage company’s decision to change the 16 ounce rolls of sausage to 12 ounce rolls and made it clear to Jimmy Dean. I have never felt as passionate about any change a company has ever made, so, I respect a man who can be that upset by such a change.

If this was the “old me”, I might decide to make the Looker of the Week a number of people this week. There would be no better candidate then the male Louisville cheerleader who ran on the playing floor yesterday, grabbed the ball, and threw it into the air before the game was over. Thankfully, or not, Louisville was up by 5 points and the technical foul awarded to Louisville because of his actions did not lose Louisville the game as I wished it had. It is debatable whether this action, or the fact he is a male cheerleader for Louisville best qualifies him for the Looker award.

I thought maybe if I was the “old me”, I would consider making the #1 ranking in college basketball the Looker, since no one can seem to hang on to it this year. Duke lost again, to Virginia Tech on Saturday night which means there will be a new #1 today. Watch out Buckeyes, you are next.

Like last week, this week’s recipient of the TGR Looker of the Week award is someone we can all look up to. He has a passion he is able to display for the entire world to see and hear. I became aware of this man a few weeks ago due to a Howard Stern Tweet and I have quickly become his biggest fan. For any of you who are animal lovers (nothing perverted), you will also surely become a big fan of this week’s winner. I was alerted to his description of the honey badger at first, but all of his videos are very educational and entertaining. His name is Randall and he is the narrator of Randall’s Wild Wild World of Animals. According to Randall’s YouTube page, “There is no other animal in the kingdom of all animals, as fearless as the crazyass Honey Badger. Nasty as hell, it eats practically whatever it wants. Randall is disgusted.” Here is his video on the very dangerous honey badger…

HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE! How much fun would it be to have Randall as the color man on a Kentucky basketball broadcast? You can see all of Randall’s videos here. Congratulations to Randall, our TGR Looker of the Week!

Feb 21

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

If you haven’t noticed, TGR’s Looker of the Week award is normally given out to someone who is or has done something dumb. We have honored athletes,   coaches, fans, and anyone else who we felt was a ‘Looker’. Today I am going to change things up.  I want to truly honor someone and I am afraid this might be my only chance to do so appropriately.

Before I tell you who it is, I will tell you who it isn’t. It is not Renardo Sidney, it’s not Dale Earnhardt Jr., it is not Dwight Howard, and it certainly is not the Detroit Tiger’s whisky bent bopper, Miguel Cabrera. No, on this, the third Monday of February, a day in which we celebrate the fine men who have served this country as President of the United States of America, I want to recognize someone who has acted upon one of the greatest rights this country allows us, the freedom of speech! He is a proud citizen of the great state of Texas, a state that produced our previous president, George W. Bush. Its presidential natives also include Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, and George Herbert Walker Bush, but today I am going to honor another Texan that is a fine American, Randy Taylor.

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Taylor, but I have a feeling that we would get along just fine. Randy is a man of his word and his beliefs.  He is willing to stick out his neck for what is right and wrong in this world of ours. The following is Randy’s finest works in my opinion.  Actually, it is the only thing I know about Mr. Taylor. This is a call Randy Taylor made to the Jimmy Dean Sausage complaint number…

If that doesn’t make you want to fly the stars and stripes out in front of your trailer or to shake Randy’s hand, I don’t know what will. Randy is fighting for all of those Americans 200 pounds plus and little Scottish girls all over this wonderful country of ours!  We want our 16 ounce rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage, we want our fried eggs, we want our t-bone steaks and we don’t want your pussy ass northern Maple or sage crap! All Randy and I want to do is eat!

Congratulations to Randy Taylor! The TGR looker of the Week!

Feb 14

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

The American thing to do would be to make our TGR Looker anyone who pretends that those Sweetheart candies, the ones with the ridiculous messages on them, are quality candy. There is nothing good about them and we need to let that company die. If I needed a message with my food or treats I would take a Sharpie marker to a restaurant and write myself a more in depth message on a filet. Those little heart shaped turds are nothing more than Valentine’s Day’s version of the Easter Peep.

This week’s most prestigious award given to those honored by TGR each week was a recent visitor to the bluegrass. In a “less than triumphant” visit to Rupp Arena after a long suspension from the sidelines, our Looker managed to make himself look even more foolish. I would not disagree if you had a hard time figuring out how a person could look even more foolish while wearing a pumpkin orange jacket, but our winner is known for taking things to the “next “level.

Our honoree entered Rupp Arena last week with a talented team full of athletes and a very well-rested body after not being present for the Vols first 8 games on the SEC schedule. Pinocchio, I mean, our winner was greeted to the bluegrass by the eRupption Zone with chants of ‘Cheater” and various other things, but held his head down and marched along. As we have seen with our very own coach, the good ones rarely hear anything from the stands when they are focused in on coaching. Apparently, our Looker was not able to block out all of the taunts that came from the stands last Tuesday night. In fact, at half time, our winner asked for extra security to exit the playing surface and reportedly asked police in the arena to remove a couple of individuals seated behind the Tennessee bench. After Kentucky sent him back to Rocky Top with a loss, he had this to say about the situation, “They can say whatever they want,” he said. “But for me, the language … I have family sitting back there.” Really Looker? You expect me to believe that, your family, who sits behind your bench full of thugs and that are kin to YOU are offended by foul language? Something tells me that if any Kentucky fans did get sideways Tuesday night and crack off a 4 lettered word, those Pearls in attendance were not losing their “curse word virginity” in historic Rupp Arena.

Bruce Pearl, you are our Valentine’s Day TGR Looker of the Week! I heard that Sandy Bell had to get involved in the questioning of UK and Tennessee fans Tuesday and that is just a shame. Who knew that a bad word would have that much of an effect on you Bruce. I suppose that, in your world, lieing for your own benefit and saying “asshole” are on different levels of acceptability.

Below is a video of some of your emotions caught on tape Tuesday by TGR friend, Keith Taylor, and the picture above is of Bruce’s daughter with some of the TGR crew in Tampa for the SEC Tournament a couple of years ago. I heard she was behind the bench Tuesday, so I thought I would throw that in.  Congrats to her and the entire Pearl family for their father’s accomplishment!

Feb 7

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

You may have noticed that our link to past “Looker of the Week” posts was moved when our new additions were made. It was once right at the top of things we do on here, but the powers that be at TGR felt that it was no longer of high importance. I understand that it was probably more entertaining when it’s former creator and writer, Nasty N8 was in charge, but I believe its removal from the top is a deliberate kick in the nether regions of my ego.

There are a host of nominees for this week’s ‘Looker’. It could be given to a certain college basketball team who went 7-12 behind the 3-point line, 11-13 from the free throw line, had only 11 turnovers, and managed to lose their 2nd straight game. Their point guard, Brandon Knight, had his 8th 20 point game, breaking the school record for 20 point games by a freshman, but the team was not able to avoid their worst start in conference play since 1989-1990, Pitino’s first year in Lexington. But, I decided they had a rough week, why pile on them, right?

I was a Big Ben legendary drive with 2:00 minutes left from making Aaron Rogers’ entire receiving core the ‘Looker’.  Yeah, I am looking at you Jordy Nelson.  You and your mates on the outside were very close to becoming some of the most hated people in every cheese factory in Wisconsin this morning. But, as they say; ’almost’ only counts in The TGR Pick and in Darius miller’s floor game.

Then there was the most traditional moment in the Super Bowl’s arsenal, the singing of our national anthem by Christina Aguilera. Unlike most pop stars of her era, I actually enjoy Christina Aguilera and her music. She is not only a filthy hot whore, she actually has a great deal of talent. If you did not see her rendition of our country’s anthem, Christina admittedly messed up. Instead of singing the line “o’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” Christina sang “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming.” Here is her performance…

It is very easy for people to bash Miss Aguilera for her mess-up.  The reason it is so easy for everyday shlubs like me to criticize her is because we have never stood in front of the world and sang such a song. If you are a fan of YouTube or sports bloopers in general, you know that The Star Spangled Banner is butchered regularly before sporting events. The most memorable performances of the song, including Whitney Houston’s, are lip sinked and are done with a countless number of takes.  I give Christina Aguilera all the credit in the world for trotting her big ass out in front of the world to perform such a difficult song without lip sinking. People are questioning her patriotism, but I would ask for the patriotism of those who are not singing with pride and live be questioned, for choosing to put the version on a track.

If you are not paying attention, I am officially making those of you who were quick to criticize Christina Aguilera, our Looker of the Week. If you have not stood in front of a giant crowd, and I am not talking about opening day for the Legends, and belted out the anthem live for all to take apart, shut up. Just wipe the bean dip from your chin and stick to something you know how to do like microwaving Hot Pockets and chewing your toenails.

Congrats to all of the “arm chair national anthem singers”! You are TGR’s Looker of the Week!

Jan 31

TGR’s Looker of the Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

Good afternoon looks!  I hope that all of your lunches entered your stomachs in a satisfactory manner and exit in the same fashion.  Yes, I realize I am probably the only person who has wished you a good bowel movement today.  That is just the kind of guy I am.  Around 10 am Sunday, after a long night of vodka and cranberry concoctions, I was wishing someone had wished me “happy trails” in the ladies room.  As much as I would love to continue on with this conversation, we must move on to the task at hand which is announcing our newest TGR Looker of the Week.

I must admit that this was a tough week for TGR to nail down a solid winner of our weekly award. We decided that it would be to easy to honor those involved in Kentucky’s “Larry Brown-gate”.  After rereading that sentence, it sounds like I have returned to my original bathroom talk, but I haven’t.  LHL’s Jerry Tipton, hater of all things fun or UK, got everyone fired up this weekend over possible violations committed by Kentucky by having Larry Brown in and around the program last week. DeWayne Peevy, Josh Harrellson, Sandy Bell, and a cast of characters were mentioned by Tipton and it is all ridiculous.  The “ridiculousness” does not end with those around UK or Tipton; it stretches all the way to Indy and the NCAA’s actual rule which reads, “ Use of outside Consultants. An institution may use or arrange for a temporary consultant to provide in-service training for the coaching staff, but no interaction with student athletes is permitted unless the individual is counted against the applicable coaching limits. An outside consultant may not be involved in any on- or off-field or on- or off-court coaching activities (e.g., attending practices and meetings involving coaching activities, formulating game plans, analyzing video involving the institution’s or opponent’s team) without counting the consultant in the coaching limitations in that sport. (Adopted: 1/10/92, Revised: 3/10/04) “The answer to this problem is that UK hires Larry Brown and he is no longer a “temporary consultant”.

My second choice was going to be to take a swing at the most useless sporting event in the world not involving ice and/ or Vuvuzelas, the NFL Pro Bowl.  Surely I don’t have to explain to you or the NFL that any sporting event where Terry Bradshaw is in the booth is not a real sporting event.  Terry is more suited for a World’s Strongest Man broadcast than anything legitimate.

If you take the time to read about UK athletics on the internet everyday, you probably know that Wednesday is National Signing Day. National Signing Day occurs each year on the first Wednesday of February and is the first day high school seniors can sign a binding National Letter of Intent to play college sports.  Not only is it a huge day in the life of 18 year old children, it is an even bigger day, in some cases, for 40 something year olds who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of teenage boys.  If you don’t know who I am talking about, good, “recruiting analyst” and “recruiting experts” are not worthy of your acknowledgment.  I have no way of knowing what these people’s motives are; it is all very strange to me.

They spend the better part of their time calling and or following young, talent riddled boys in order to find out where these young men are going to spend the next 4 or fewer years of their lives. They go from high school to high school, tournament to tournament, and coast to coast in order to get the “scoop” on a young man’s future. Most of these men’s every waking moment are spent tracking the location and mood of 18 year old boys.  I know that I am occasionally known as an outcast myself, but am I the only one who sees this is being creepy as hell?

With signing day creeping up on us, the FaceBook and Twitter worlds are lighting up with info from these folks about all of the big names still left on the boards across the country. Personally, I feel weird reading all of the odd information about these kids online, I can’t imagine how dirty I would feel if I was actually gathering the information.

It is my distinct honor, on this national Signing Day week, to announce this week’s TGR Looker of the Week as all of the creepy recruiting experts around the country!  No one rocks a pair of Adidas nylon pants, a tucked in 1994 Little Caesar’s Invitational t-shirt, a 20 year old starter jacket, and a clipboard better than you.  What one man considers being creepy, another man considers to be a passion.  Here’s to all of the teenaged boys telling you where they will go to school before they tell the other guy hoping for the same thing!

Jan 24

TGR’s Looker Of The Week

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Category: Looker of the Week

What it is TGR Lookers?  Have a good weekend? No?  You don’t have to explain, I really don’t care.  I was being dishonest when I acted as if I did, and I apologize for that up front. By now you have figured out what time it is, so, let’s get to this week’s nominees for TGR’s Looker of the Week, shall we?

One of our newest additions to TGR, Carson Lilly, came strong with his newest edition to the site and nearly convinced me the man in the picture should be our looker as well.  The only problem is that I would have hated to use Fertig’s dad’s name without his permission.

Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartan’s are looking more and more like frauds.  They suffered their 7th loss this weekend after starting the season in the Top 5 in America. I will say this for the Spartans though… There is not a team in the country that wants to see MSU on their side of the bracket in March.

Even though they were victorious, I would love to make the Pittsburgh Steeler organization and fans the ‘Looker’ this week.  Not only because it is my post and I can do what I want, but because I truly hate them. I have a suspicion the way I view Steeler nation is the same way most of America and the south views Big Blue Nation. They are obnoxious, brash, arrogant, loud, and will follow their team to the ends of the earth and beyond to show their support.  Go Packers.

I doubt that TGR’s choice for it’s Looker is going to be  a surprise to anyone who viewed yesterday’s NFC Championship game.  At the half, Green Bay led the Bears, 14-0, but the game seemed to be even more lop-sided than the score indicated.   After the Chicago Bears first possession of the 2nd half, something was different about their offense, their starting quarterback and Santa Claus, Indiana native, Jay Cutler, was absent. Replacing the greatest player in the history of Vanderbilt football was 39 year old back-up, Todd Collins. Cutler never left the field in order to receive an X-ray or any other test, so, it was initially unclear on what was wrong with the Bear’s star. Some were saying it was a concussion and some were saying it was a knee injury.  A knee injury seemed unlikely as the camera showed Cutler walking around the Chicago sidelines and riding an exercise bike.

The Bear’s 3rd stringer, Caleb Hanie, entered the game in the 3rd quarter after Collins showed he is possibly the worst quarterback to ever play in the NFL playoffs and the Bears should be ashamed of themselves for paying him. Hanie played a hell of a game considering and the cameras caught Collins and Hanie attempting to put together a plan on the sidelines while a pouting Cutler stood alone, not helping his teammates. Cutler has had a reputation for being a selfish jerk and the look on his face as his team rallied late in the 4th quarter proved that.

TGR!  I give you this week’s Looker of the Week!  Vanderbilt’s own, Jay Cutler!  The only guy who has ever “torn” his ACL,  only to be able to ride an exercise bike in sub-zero temps mere minutes after his injury.  Not buying it Jay!

Here are a few Bear fans to help me congratulate Jay on his newest honor of TGR’s Looker…