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Mar 20

Internet Scuttlebut, Pitino to St. John’s

Posted by: Ryan at 3:54 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Rumor Mill

You saw it last night. That “stamped” look of being done with it on Rick Pitino’s face when the Cards went down to Cal. You all but knew what he was thinking. It’s been 9 long seasons at UofL, and as you know, Rick doesn’t stay put long. This summer could also prove to open up more information on the Karen Sypher case that could impact his stature as a man.

To add to the internet rumors, last night Brandon Bender a former UofL player posted on his Facebook that Pitino could be headed to St. John’s. Dick Vitale also commented similar on his bloggy blog…..

Do we care? No. Rumor at best….

Mar 19

Tubby to Auburn?

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 8:51 am | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Rumor Mill

Not a picture you thought you would see on here today, huh?  Dennis Dodd of CBS is reporting that Auburn is “close” to hiring Orlando “Tubby” Smith as their next basketball coach, according to a “source”.  We all know how “sources” are, right?

Mar 16

Must Be The Shoes!

Posted by: Puckett at 2:33 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Rumor Mill

Could these be the Cats tourney shoes?

Mar 8

UPDATE: Internet Rumor Mashed

Posted by: Ryan at 8:48 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Rumor Mill

Earlier today we posted a piece on an internet rumor that started over at the Leo-Weekly. We didn’t put much into it as it appeared to be totally bogus. It was.

Matt Jones over at KSR confirmed that this story is completely untrue, saying that he touched base with many media outlet writers and they have not heard anything either.

You have to expect that with success there will be haters and naysayers. Calipari has had his fair share of them over the years and so have we. Even in the Pitino era there were rumors and they always seem to surface this time of year. Tubby had his to deal with as well.

If there is dirt out there it will surface and it hasn’t.

Mar 6

Who’s Doing The “Y” On Sunday?

Posted by: Ryan at 8:00 am | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Rumor Mill

We all know Cal is not only the “Savior” or the “Grand Pooba” but he’s also one hell of a CEO. One of the responsibilities of a CEO is to always promote your brand through clever and intuitive means. Cal gets that, he also gets Kentucky and the brand power it possess.

One of the challenges Cal has had with this young team all year is getting them to buy into the brand from all angles. The players have covered many of them quite well and have embraced the rock star status that comes along with being a Wildcat.

To address this issue, Cal has turned towards the gods and asked for a solution. What is that solution you ask? STAR POWER. And, I don’t mean Terry Minors or Bob Valvano (sorry Cards fans, you lose). I mean real, genuine, you know who they are, celebrities.

Let’s run down the list so far:

– Magic Johnson
– Lebron James
– Ben Roethlisburger
– Mike Tomlin
– Drake
– Charles Barkley
– Ashley Judd (she’s still a celebrity cause ESPN says so)
– Irv Gotti
– Govenor Breshear
– World Wide Wes
– Erin Andrews
– Countless former Cats

Most of these celebrities have participated with the National Champion (like saying that) cheer-leading squad doing the “Y” in the Kentucky ceremony.

So, the begging question….. Who will be in attendance Sunday @ noon when the Cats take on the Gay-Turds? Surely Cal has this one wrapped up and in the bag. There are going to be several recruits in the house as well that have been long awaited for visitation: Quincy Miller, Michael Gilchrist, Marquis Teague, Josh Selby, C.J. Leslie, Enes Kanter and Deuce Bigalo (kidding); Deuce Bello. We land one of these guys and we are good, land two and we don’t miss a beat, land 3 or more…. You get the point.

I have no clue who will be there but I suspect we will see 24,000+ celebrities in their own right.

Mar 1

Memphis Win Appeal?

Posted by: Ryan at 10:59 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Rumor Mill


I received a few calls tonight from several sources that told me Memphis is very close to winning their NCAA appeal process. No one has confirmed this yet, but it is possible to be announced within the next several days. What does this mean for Coach Cal? Probably not much, but if the final four stands I’m sure there will be many relieved folks in the Memphis camp and the nay-sayers about Cal can eat a fat one!

Now, if this rumor is false and what we are hearing turns out not to be true, then we will move on as scheduled. However, it is very interesting news needless to say.

In other news, the bachelor is the worst show on TV and dude is suspect.

Feb 19

Cats Still a #1 Seed.. According to Lunardi

Posted by: Ryan at 6:00 pm | Leave a Comment (0)
Category: Basketballparents=singleRumor Mill

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi still has the Cats at a #1 seed in the East (Syracuse, NY) playing the play-in game #16. UK is listed at a 65% probability to get the #1 seed at this time.

Joe calls out UK’s resume up to this point in the season:

Good Wins
RPI 1-25: Vanderbilt, Tennessee
RPI 26-50: N-Connecticut, Louisville, Ole Miss

Bad Losses
RPI 101-200: none
RPI 201+: none

In other news:

Fox Sports South’s “Under the lights: Kentucky Basketball” airs again tonight at 10 PM in case you missed it the first time.

According to Rich Brooks Twitter page he  had a “Great day with sun and warm 60 degrees. Shot an 85 with 1 bad hole. Off to the big island tomorrow.”

Despite rampid internet rumors and flutter, JOHN WALL IS OK. Breathe easy people. He did not fracture his foot as some have speculated. Besides, even if he did, he still would be able to fix himself right?

Feb 17

New UK Maker’s Bottle on the Horizon?

Posted by: Ryan at 11:30 am | Leave a Comment (4)
Category: Basketballparents=singleRumor Mill

I know many of the BBN is absolutely nuts about the Cats, which may explain our affinity for a nice bourbon and coke from time to time, however, many of us like to collect stuff UK related. This could mean standing in lines at Keenland to get a bottle of bourbon signed by our Coaches and former players or waiting around after a game for hours only to get an autograph….

Many of us collect the limited edition UK bottles of Maker’s Mark. I proudly own 6 total (should be 7 but one was “accidentally” opened in college). Several people I know own every one of the special releases dating back to 1993. In all there are roughly 18 to 20 (don’t know exact number) Kentucky related masterpiece’s relecing Joe B. Hall, Rich Brooks, The Untouchables, the UK vs. UL rivalry, etc. .

While watching UK’s “Under the Lights” last Thursday on Fox Sports my eye caught something very intriguing in the background….It appears either Cal has bottle I’ve never seen before in his office or he has a pre-lease of a new one…

Maybe I just missed the last one… Not sure which, but the last bottle I have purchased was the Rich Brooks one…. Someone please holler if you know anything about it.

UPDATE: Thanks to a TGR reader….

Feb 17

Demons, Monsters, and BCG

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 10:00 am | Leave a Comment (5)
Category: Rumor Mill

Mike North, Monsters Money in the Morning co-host in Chicago, says his sources are telling him BCG is a serious canidate for the Depaul head job. Tracy Webster, BCG’s ex-assisstant coach at UK, is the current interim (a.k.a. Fake) head coach for the Demons.

I don’t know that I have ever written about something I care less about. Chicago, BCG, and any sort of monsters are a few of my lesser liked subjects. If you would like to read more about this subject though, read the link below:

CBS-Chicago: BCG to Depaul?

Feb 12

Surely not?

Posted by: R.A.Pedigo at 8:12 am | Leave a Comment (2)
Category: Random Notesparents=singleRumor Mill


This is part of an article written today in the NY Daily News by Julian Garcia. Sounds to me like the Nets are reaching for straws, but who knows in this day of contracts not meaning anything in sports…

“Mike Krzyzewski
is No. 1 on the Nets’ wish list, according to a report posted on The Record of
‘s Web site last night. And
John Calipari
, who coached the Nets during the late ’90s, is also on the team’s radar, sources told The News.

Krzyzewski and Calipari are two of the top coaches in the college ranks and it makes sense that the Nets would be eyeing either one. Krzyzewski has led
Duke to three national titles and is also the coach of the
men’s national team, which makes him close to potential free agents
LeBron James,
Dwyane Wade,
Chris Bosh,
Carlos Boozer
Amar’e Stoudemire
, who all play for
Team USA.

Meanwhile, Calipari is now coaching
point guard John Wall
at Kentucky. Wall is expected to be the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft and the Nets, currently 4-48, have a 25% percent chance of owning that pick. Calipari
to the 2008
title game, coaching Nets second-year forward Douglas-Roberts, who is now on the outs with GM/interim coach
Kiki Vandeweghe.