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Jun 24


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Category: Tailgating

The Tailgate Review has morphed into several different things over the last 5 or so years. It went from a simple e-mail chain that featured a Monday morning review of the weekend’s tailgating festivities, to a popular FaceBook page, and now to its current form. I have enjoyed it from day one and can not believe the things I have experienced due to having the site. From being linked by the biggest names in the UK media, to appearing on radio shows, to having articles written about us in local papers, it has been a hell of a good time.

As I have said before, I am not a professional writer, by any means. I am a fan who enjoys writing silly stories or articles about things that I like to laugh at and that my friends seem to enjoy reading. I have gotten away from what I enjoy doing lately and I haven’t written anything good for 3 months. Some would say it goes back a lot longer than that. I need to refuel.

The other reason I am saying “see ya”, and most importantly, is that I am going to be a daddy very soon. My wife is pregnant with our first kid, Robert Allen Pedigo, Jr., and he is due to be here very shortly. To put it simply, things are changing for me at an alarming rate and I love it. Things that I was once weirdly passionate about, suddenly don’t mean as much to me right now.

I appreciate all of those who have contributed to the site over the last 16 months. I dearly wish we had more of you interested in helping, but when you are doing it for free, it is hard to sell ‘free’. If you would like to be a contributor, please let Fertig know. He plans on updating the site as often as he can during the summer and into the fall.

Like Oprah, I am not going to say ‘goodbye’. Will I return to TGR? Possibly. Will TGR die without me? No. I am not sure what the future holds for me and the UK blogosphere. Whether it is here or somewhere else, I am sure you will once again here my completely asinine commentary on UK athletics. Lucky you, right? Thanks to all of you who added TGR to your daily rotation of UK sites. You really don’t understand how many of you there are out there until you actually see theh numbers. As always… C! A! T! S!

May 5

Last Year’s Derby Party, At My House…

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Category: Tailgating

There are few better days to be a Kentuckian, not UK related, than the first Saturday in May. It is bred in all Kentuckians to love thoroughbreds, gambling, and a damn good party. I have been lucky enough to have attended 3 Derby’s in person, 2 in the infield at Churchill and once out in the tents on the first turn. The two experiences in the infield were two of the most unbelievable experiences of my life, and not for all the right reasons. Some of the things I witnessed, and some of the things I participated in, even I would not write about. I know that the infield for the Derby is on a lot of folks ‘bucket list’, but if you are someone who considers yourself to be a fairly classy and upstanding citizen, I would stay away. Just mark it off, and retain your integrity.

In the past few years, I have resorted to the “Home” Derby party. I have had a few at my house, my in-laws have had a couple at their house, and last year my brother and sister in law had one in their sparkling new basement. No matter the location, the parties basically involve the same types of activities, heavy eating, heavy drinking, and heavy gambling, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Here is an over view of a normal Kentucky Derby party, in my world…

  • You invite everyone you know that enjoys at least one of the following: eating, drinking, or gambling. This involves most everyone you know, except the weird old woman down the street that seems to be scared of her own shadow, and that will call the authorities at the drop of a hat if one of your guests wonders to close to her house to relieve themselves.
  • You make it very clear that the party will be BYOB, even though you will have some extra brews and bourbon in stock. Your friends abide by this and bring their own drink, but manage to finish off your bottle/beers before they get into their own. If they are full before they get to theirs, they do not hesitate to take theirs home with them when they leave.
  • You don’t always ask folks to bring any food, but you also don’t tell them not to, if they insist. Pot Lucks normally creep me out, but once I am loaded, I will eat anything. It seems like the guy who insists he is bringing something, normally shows up with a pack of beef jerky that he walks around the party with asking people to try. If you don’t take a piece, and tell him how good it is, he will stand their explaining why it is good and you are wrong for at least 20 minutes.
  • On Derby day everyone becomes a gambler. Everyone has a tip on a horse, everybody has a strategy, and everybody is dead broke. My in-laws have introduced me to grid bets. You can buy squares on a grid, similar to a multiplication table. Boxes normally cost either $2 or $5 a square. It is always a struggle to sell all of the squares, and it never fails that someone breaks out a check book.
  • Gambling fever goes on through out the day. My wife and I set up a account online to bet on races all day long from the Downs. When people figure out that this is going on, they want some action too. After a while, you have 10 people around you while you are on the computer, and everyone is yelling numbers at you. No one ever seems to win when they use your account, and when they hand you a fist full of $1 bills (they cashed in about 53 $1 lottery tickets on the way to your house), it always feels like you are being screwed somehow.
  • Derby quickly turns into a long day when you have a house full of drunken idiots, including yourself. While moving around your house, you find different pockets of people you had no idea were there. After they tell you that they love your 4-wheeler, and compliment you on how nice it rides, you figure out someone has had your Rhino out of the garage and you instantly become enraged. When you peek into the garage and your prized possession is gone again, you ponder clearing out the entire party and having everyone leave. The only reason you don’t? You are told it is your wife that is giving everyone rides.
  • By the time the actual Derby goes off, your house is no more than an insane asylum. 4 of your most over weight friends have their shirts off and are belly to belly in the back yard, arguing over a corn hole game. One of your wife’s friends, the one with kids, has her yard apes over by the pond letting them wing rocks at the ducks and swans. One of your cousins has taken one of the grid sheets to the old lady’s house down the street to try and finish off the boxes, the only problem is that he also has a fifth of makers and his pet albino snake around his neck. A couple of your buddies have dared another friend to chug the barbecue sauce out of the crock pot that once held the cocktail wieners, after he vomits, your kitchen counter, your stove, and your miniature wiener dog are covered in brown sludge. The 2 guys now dare someone else to lick the sauce off your poor dog. Your mother in law has asked you 20 times what race the Derby is and you say you don’t know19 times, but the last time you say something that will scar your relationship forever.
  • Finally, the race is about to start, and the traditional singing of My Old’ Kentucky home is about to begin. People are stumbling around to find their beers, a seat, or whatever else makes plenty of noise and forbids you to hear the song played. Everyone is grabbing for their pieces of paper with a horses name on it they have drawn out of a hat, so that they will know who to cheer for. Once the noise dies down a bit, you can hear the mumblings of the wrong words to My Old’ Kentucky Home throughout the entire house and porch.
  • When it comes time to load the horses into the gate, there is always someone their who seems to have every horse picked. This guy is known as “Digger Phelps”, because he is not ruling out anyone to win. He has $2 to win on every horse, and you are sure to hear about how he knew the winner was going to win for months after the race is over. You also have the guy/girl who can’t remember who he/she bet on. They ask their husband/wife over and over until it has to be written down for them like they are twelve.
  • And they are off! This is either the best 2 minutes of your party, or the worst. You find out very early on that the guy/girl that could not remember who they had bet on is pulling for the wrong horse. As they normally do, a few people who bet on the speed horses have called the race over after a bout a furlong into it and are celebrating. About10 seconds later, they are all ripping up their tickets and walking out of the room faster than their horse is fading. Around the 3rd turn, your in-law, realizes that the horse he put $2 to show on is making a move. Even though he is one of the favorites and the guy stands to win about.20 cents if he makes it into the money, your in-law begins cheering like it is no body’s business. He is on all fours as the pack starts down the stretch, and is pounding his fist on the ground with each stride of his pick. The entire party becomes a small roar as the horses cross the finish line. There are high fives, there is disappointment, and there is confusion because the guy/girl who was cheering for the wrong horse realized she/he did not win, even though the horse she/he pulled for finished first. The guy who was on the verge of a .20 cent win fall is right up against the TV, because he lost track of his horse, and is waiting on a replay. Your wife slips off to the computer room to check on your wagers, and she returns with a smile on her face. She tells you that depending on the official results, you may have just hit the Trifecta .
  • When the results are official, it starts another sequence of emotions. Your in-law is dancing on the couch, because he has a new .20 cents in his pocket. The girl/guy who was confused about what horse he/she had is still very confused, and they are being consoled by a friend. One of your over weight friends has passed out with his shirt off in your back yard, and someone has drawn a male genitalia on his back. During all of the excitement, your little barbecue sauce covered wiener dog became nervous and moved her bowels in the living room floor, and no one has cleaned it up. When your wife gets a glance of the final results, she can not control her excitement, and also moves her bowels in the living room floor; again, no one cleans it up. You are not affected by these events, because this means you did indeed hit a big one, and it is now time to party! I, I mean, you roll over to the stereo and play the song below as loud as you possibly can! Happy Derby day!


Feb 22

Steve Spurrier at the Daytona 500

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Category: Tailgating

Check out South Carolina’s head coach Steve Spurrier drinking a Coors at the Daytona 500.

Nicely done, Sir!

Feel free to rip on the Heisman trophy winner’s man hooters.

Nov 18

TGR’s Tailgater Of The Week

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Category: Tailgating

With last week being our last home tailgate of the season and this being kentucky’s ‘bye ‘ week, things around the tailgate are a little down.  I made the suggestion that we should take a bye’ week ourselves here on the site, but Fertig insisted that you could not live without our insightful commentary and up to the minute Wildcat news.  So, in order to please Fertig and you, our loyal reader (singular, thanks Mom!), I will give you what you want…More of me!

No one has taken the time to e-mail me and ask me how I came up with the Tailgater of the Week questions, so, I will e-mail myself to ask me. Wonderful! I just received an e-mail from a very handsome man and he would like to know where I came up with the questions I ask our weekly tailgater of the week honoree. Thanks for writing Rob, I actually don’t remember.  I will be replying to your e-mail later with a few hot pictures of myself and a well-known Lexington sportscaster attached that I will ask you to keep to yourself.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, cranberry sauce.  I have never been a big fan of that stuff. One thing I am a fan of though is self promotion and telling you all (hi mom!) how absolutely wonderful I am.

This week’s Tailgater of the Week is my best friend.  He never lets me down when times are tough and he never yells at me for making rare mistakes. He prides himself on being a great American and towel folder. Seriously, he is a really fantastic towel folder. This week’s winner is known for putting nothing ahead of the tailgate party.  He has actually missed a couple of good friend’s weddings in the past couple of years because there was a home football game.  He would love to be able to say he is sorry, but unfortunately, he can’t because he is not sorry at all and will do it again if he has to.  Our honoree occasionally feels as if he would like to tailgate by himself because no one can do anything right, but also enjoys the presence of good friends.  He has never met an opponent that he did like or a drink he didn’t like besides the horrifying Mint Julep. If for some reason you are confused by my self-indulgence or do not recognize the picture above, I present to you….me!

Name? Robert Allen ‘By God’ Pedigo

Where are you from? The Streets

Where do you live now? Just off I-64

Do you have season tickets for UK football? You bet your sweet ass I do.

How long have you been attending UK football games? My first UK football game was in the mid-80s. My Uncle Clarence took me and I could not tell you who was playing.  The people in our section stood the entire time and I was not tall enough to see over them.  I tried standing on my seat in order to see over them, but that still wasn’t any better. At half time Uncle Clarence took me to the souvenir stand and bought me one of those plastic wildcat heads you wear on your head. You might have seen Bill Clinton wearing the Arkansas version in old pictures from his college days.  I still have that damn thing at my home, but have no clue if Kentucky won the game.

Good or bad, what is your most memorable UK football moment? For any true Kentucky football fan that was there, the Bluegrass Miracle is the most memorable moment. Stevie getting loose, beating #1 LSU, the Alabama, and the Georgia goalpost games were great, but nothing sparked as many emotions as the miracle Hail Mary LSU put on the cats.  I was sitting in the front row of the end zone helping boys and girls over the wall as time ran out on the Tigers. The guy I was sitting with was high fiving and celebrating as all of us were. As the pass was thrown and Kentucky fans started onto the field, my friend stood up out of his folding chair. When the pass was caught and LSU fell into the end zone, a UK fan grabbed my friends folding chair and threw it out onto the field and the many people standing on the field in shock. The chair hammered a guy in the back and he turned around and mean mugged my friend and I as the actual chair thrower was running out of the stadium. My friend just pointed to the exit as if to say “he went thatta way”.  Classic and miserable.

If you could choose Three UK related individuals to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? The first person is a no doubter, Mr. Bill Keightley.  Anyone who was lucky enough to know Mr. Bill for any period of time will tell you he loved his bourbon, as I do.  He represented all that is good about Kentucky athletics and I miss him.

The second person would be Eddie Sutton. It is an odd choice for a UK fan, I know, but the stories Eddie must have. My favorite part of tailgating is the telling of stories and I would love to hear more about the probation and violations committed by Eddie’s staff while at UK.  Eddie is a former alcoholic , but maybe I can talk him out of retirement.

The third would be my good friend, Coach Rich Brooks. I have not met anyone more kind and generous as Coach Brooks in my life.  He has been in the game for a long time and has many great stories to tell.  He can also inform me of the best knot to tie on my fishing pole, plus he enjoys bourbon.

If you could choose three famous people not related to UK to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? Deion Sanders would be my first choice.  He was my hero growing up and seemed like a great time.  He later found Jesus and became less appealing, but now seems to be off that wagon and I would like to hang with Primetime for an afternoon.

The second would be Abraham Lincoln.  There aren’t many more important people to have ever lived in America. Not only was he born in Kentucky, I have been told all of my life I am kin to him somewhere down the line.  The only resemblance we have is the fashionable top hats we wear.

The third would be Howard Stern.  I have been a Stern super fan for over 10 years now and he is my hero. He is not only a genius; he is an inspiration to those who wish for something bigger for themselves and their families. Plus he frequently has lesbians, Beetlejuice, and ‘High Pitch’ Eric on his show.

Name one person that you would never want to show up at yore tailgate, dead or alive. I don’t have a name for you, but any angry cops. Those cops who had no friends in high school and were not popular, but now have a gun and a badge and would love to ruin a bunch of cool people’s time.  I have been told this is called “little penis syndrome”.  I am sorry that you suffer from a disease, but just stay away.

What game do you most look forward to tailgating for? I can honestly say the next one.  I love the tailgating experience so much I don’t have a favorite game to tailgate for.  I love them all and any chance to get back out there is the one I look forward too.

If you could tailgate at any other school in the country for one game, which school would you choose? I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an LSU vs. UK night game a few years ago.  I doubt tailgating gets any better than that, but I will say the University of Hawaii.

How would you describe your tailgating “style”? It’s similar to a fall festival in a quaint Swedish village, but not really.

Nov 15

The Tailgate Review

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Category: Tailgating

Expressing your appreciation for fabulous weather never gets old.  The weather is something all humans are able to converse about no matter their origin, gender, or race.  It is the ice breaker of people within social situations all over the world, every single day. On Saturday, I doubt that anyone on the face of the earth was expressing their approval of the weather more than Kentucky football fans in the red lot.  The weather was discussed more Saturday morning amongst the Big Blue nation than Turkish basketball, Terrence Jones, or the Music City Bowl combined. For as long as many fans have been attending mid November football games in the bluegrass, I doubt they have seen many 70+ degree days.  My favorite outfit, no matter the situation, is a sweatshirt and jeans, which is all that was required Saturday.  We were granted wonderful weather all year long and it was only fitting to have another beautiful day to close out the home portion of the 2010 season.

By now, you are all familiar with my total distain for 12 o’clock kick-offs for home games. Many try to justify the start time  by saying it allows you to get home early in order to watch other games. The only problem I have with that is that I don’t care about any other games.  I am there bright and early to celebrate and enjoy the Kentucky football atmosphere, not South Carolina or Florida athletics.  I would love to announce I will boycott any Kentucky game scheduled at 12 noon next year, but we all know that will not happen.  Instead, I will simply set my alarm for 6 am, like I did this week.

Normally, I will have anyone who wants to ride with me to the game meet me at my house and then leave from there.  It never fails that my passengers do not arrive when they say they will arrive or when I ask them to. When an extraordinarily early departure time is in order, I insist on making the pick up, not allowing them to be tardy. People tend to attempt to be on time when they know you will be sitting out in front of their house with an obnoxious horn very early in the morning. I exercised this procedure this week for the final home game of the year.

Since I openly criticized them last week, I want to compliment the fine folks of Chick Filet for having my chicken and biscuit deliciousness  ready this week.  If you are not familiar with their product, Chick Filet combines the deliciousness of their chicken nuggets with the delightful taste of the Sister Shubert roll.  I believe they are called Chicken Minis and if you  have not had the pleasure, go pick up a bag of them very soon. Like Randall Cobb, they do not disappoint.

It was a bittersweet day for the TGR crew in the red lot.  It was another chance for us to gather as a unit, but it was also clear that it was our last for many months. The thought of not seeing our group together until next year forced me to loose control of my emotions and bowels throughout the day. That is not exactly true, I would never cry, but it was a very        special day never the less.

Our tent was full with guest all day long, but the two coolest guest were my nephew, Blake, who was making his first appearance of the year and the #9 Kentucky Hoops team who came by for a picture with their favorite TGR writer, yours truly.  I told them that “we hear them now: and  that I would love for them to teach me how to Dougie. I was fully aware that they had probably heard both of those 100 times as they crossed the lots, but I could not resist.  I will have that picture up later on this week, if not sooner.  We are planning a TGR trip to Memorial for a hoops game sooner than later.

As for the game… Not only was Cobb spectacular, it was nice to see Derrick Locke go out with a great performance.  Locke’s heart and motivation has been questioned a little over the past weeks, but  Saturday had to be very satisfying for the senior. The burst of speed we are used to seeing was not there for Locke, but the shimmy and the ability to break tackles was for sure. Mike Hartline and Chris Matthews also had strong performances in their fair-well game. Hartline’s rise to the top of the SEC’s leader board in several categories has been a pleasure to behold. For some reason I took to Mike after his controversioal comments after he was benched a coupe of years ago and I have  enjoyed watching him put his college career back together only to be come one of the most dangerous pocket passers in the conference.   Chris Matthews’ final season has become nearly identical to that of Stevie Johnson’s senior year at Kentucky.  I am sure Chris is noticing the season Johnson is having in the NFL this year and I could see Matthews doing something similar with his large frame and good hands.

Another successful season in the red lot  is in the books. I am already looking forward to the trip to Nashville next season for the Western Kentucky game and then the first home game with the Louisville Cardinals. Go Cats!

Nov 10

TGR’s Tailgater of The Week

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Category: Tailgating

Our tailgaters of the Week have been all over the board during football season. We have honored those who have magnificent drinking skills, extraordinary grilling skills, undeniable organizational skills, and those who simply show up and party. I would love to be able to tell you that all of our honorees are equal and none of them are held in higher esteem than others, but that is certainly not true. I have never once claimed to be an unselfish rat and those who provide for me and my needs will always be treated differently. It is actually the best way to be recognized as tailgater of the Week. Come to think of it, it is the only way to be recognized as Tailgater of the Week. I make my decision on what people do for me, is that wrong? It’s my post, right? It’s my tailgate, right?  It’s my world TGR and most of you are barely living in it.

This week’s recipient is the most deserving of our most prestigious honor. The tailgater I am going to introduce to you today is as dedicated to tailgating and Kentucky football as anyone I know. They do not have to be coerced into tailgating each week, they don’t have to be nudged along, and they don’t put up with anyone’s nonsense. They are loud and proud and are the first to tell our opponent’s fans they are nothing more than gravel under her shoe. Honestly, if that was the worst thing she had ever said to a fan, I would have not been nearly as embarrassed over the years. She is the life of the party and has never met a stranger, literally. She has been in the red lot with me in the rain, sleet, snow, cold, and extreme heat from 5 am to 2 am. I would love to say that she never whines and complains, but that would be a lie and affect who she is.

Madam speaker and TGR introverts, I present to you the reason this very site even exists. Without her, you would have never been blessed with such an entertaining presence as me. In fact, subtract all of the joy you currently have in your life… Done?… This is how things would be if this lady would have not given birth to me. Pretty miserable, huh?  This week’s tailgater of the Week award goes to my mother, Ms. Jane Allen Pedigo!

Mom and I were going to share a rib eye at Clif Hagan’s steakhouse, but unfortunately it no longer exists. Instead, we got all liquored up and headed downtown Winchester to the Playhouse pool hall for a few games of billiards. After 39 shots of Jose, Mom answered the following questions for me…


Where are you from? PARIS, KENTUCKY

Where do you live now? WINCHESTER, KY

Do you have season tickets for UK football? YES I DO

How long have you been attending UK football games? THREE YEARS WITH SEASON TICKETS. OFF AND ON FOR 40 YEARS

Good or bad, what is your most memorable UK football moment? WHEN STEVIE JOHNSON MADE THE CATCH THAT BEAT LOUISVILLE

If you could choose Three UK related individuals to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? MR.WILDCAT (BILL KEIGHTLEY)), COACH BROOKS, AND WESLEY WOODYARD

If you could choose three famous people not related to UK to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? EMMITT SMITH, JOHN ELWAY, AND MY AUNT LUCY

Name one person that you would never want to show up at yore tailgate, dead or alive. RICK PITINO OR BILL CURRY

What game do you most look forward to tailgating for? TENNESSEE OR LSU

If you could tailgate at any other school in the country for one game, which school would you choose? LSU


Nov 8

The Tailgate Review

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Category: Tailgating

It is a very strange Monday for me.  We had a football game and basketball game over the weekend, and I don’t feel as if we had either. I hope like hell that Joker and the football staff are able to move this program to the level it needs to be in order for us to have an interesting match-up in games like Saturdays.  I understand that most teams have a ‘cupcake’ late in the season now, but a “big name” would be fun to square off against late in the season. West Virginia, Notre Dame, Pitt, Missouri, Georgia Tech, NC State, or Wisconsin would be a couple of teams that I would like to see. We are not to the point where we can take an out of conference loss yet, but I think we are heading in the right direction.

If I have not expressed to you how badly I hate 12 o’clock games, I will try again.  12 o’clock games are the devil in my eyes. If you believe in the devil and hell, you understand how badly I hate 12 o’clock games, if you don’t, you can probably imagine. When we play at 7:30, I am rushing my wife around like we are attempting to escape a natural disaster, you can only imagine how bad things are at 6 am. We are good at preparing the night before, but it never fails that I do something to increase our chances of divorce. I think that if that ever happens, I will be sending UK and the SEC my legal bill and my alimony agreement, maybe then they will change their scheduling policies.

I will start by giving some ‘mad’ props to the “die hards” who were tailgating bright and early in all of the lots surrounding Commonwealth Saturday. The tents were far and few between, but there was a decent amount of Cats fans out in the elements early. My wife (for now), my father and mother in-law (for now) and I got an early start.  We were sitting in the Chick-Filet drive thru at 8:30 am waiting on our chicken and biscuit platter. If you are a Seinfeld fan, you might remember the episode when Jerry reserved a rental car. He reserved a certain sized car, but when he went to pick up the car, they had none left. Jerry explained to the lady working the rental car desk that the main part of the reservation’ is the ‘holding of the reservation’ of the car. My point is this…  If you work at Chick Filet and you take someone’s order over the phone, why even ask the customer when they need their order filled by if you have no intentions of making that happen?  Look, you have a great product.  The mini chicken and biscuits are one of god’s gifts to the southern United States, but give me a break.  We called 20 minutes in advance, so that you would have them done 20 minutes later when we arrived. You see, it is not the “taking of the order” that is the key, it is the “filling of the order” that is important. We will have a re-do on Saturday, love ya!

Other than the fire pit, the best part of our tailgate was seeing the entire military men and women spill into the Commonwealth area. Fort Knox did not send the rowdy trainees it normally sends, due to not having any at the moment. I always enjoy the chants and rowdiness of the soldiers, but was very happy to see the huge amount of National Guardsmen who made the trip to the game. My father in law is a retired Major in the National Guard and it meant a lot to him to have the armed services honored as they were. Since I was there with him, I would hope that I wouldn’t have to hear the story of the day over and over again as I do most of his stories, but something tells me I will anyway.

As for the game…I was given tickets by a friend and decided to try them out instead of my normal end zone seats. They ended up being 6th row on the 45 yard line behind the Kentucky bench. When I read Randall Cobb’s Tweet about how fans were yelling and criticizing his team, I was confused of how Randall could here the jeers from the crowd on game day. I am now perfectly clear on what Randal was talking about.  It is amazing to me that grown ass men, who sit only feet from the offensive and defensive huddles on the sidelines, think that yelling at the players and coaches at every possible opportunity helps things. I am about as obnoxious a fan as there is and I was embarrassed by some of the things I heard Saturday. This is an actual quote after Morgan Newton led Kentucky down for a score late in the 4th quarter, “If you would have put him in earlier we would have scored 200 points Joker!”, and he was not joking.

Saturday marks our last trip to the Red Lot for the 2010 season. It is hard to believe, but it is all coming to an end for the football season. From what I have heard, UK has decided to introduce something called ‘basketball’ to it’s student athletes to fill in the gap before the spring game in April.  I hope to see some of you Saturday morning; we have a few more TGR stickers to hand out and a few more fingers of bourbon to drink.  Hollar at your people!  TGR Baby! Gimme 5 cats!

Nov 1

Tailgater of the Week

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Category: Tailgating

This week’s TGOTW comes from the distant city of Louisville. Contrary to popular belief Louisville is a city, it’s in Kentucky and yes there are Cats’ fans that come from there. Not everything west of the Kentucky river is red, besides our TGOTW’s Mustang GT in high school that he to this day gets made fun of for being red.

All joking aside, this week’s award goes to one serious Cats’ fan, Mr. Todd “shake me down” Shadle.

That one hour drive east is never a daunting task for Todd and his crew. His one motto in life is that if he ain’t working, he’s in Lexington tailgating. Period. Whether there is a game or not he’s posted in the Orange lot. Take it away Todd!

Name? Todd Shadle

Where are you from? I am from Louisville, Ky

Where do you live now? I am still in Louisville.

Do you have season tickets for UK football? I do not have season tickets but usually go see a few games a year, but do get orange lot passes for the year.

How long have you been attending UK football games? I have been attending games since I was 10 years old.

Good or bad, what is your most memorable UK football moment? Most memorable is the LSU game of course, I rushed the field and hyper extended my knee jumping on the field from the end zone, couldn’t walk for the next three days but it was worth it.

If you could choose Three UK related individuals to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? Three that I would love to have at a game with me are Keightley, would love to have a glass of bourbon with a legend, the second would be WOO, I hear he is a trip to hang out with and the third would be Patrick Patterson to listen to some old school R&B a nd shoot the you know.

If you could choose three famous people not related to UK to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? Chris Farley would be one, how much fun would that be. Ronnie Lott just because who he is, plus my favorite defensive player of all time, and the third would be Jessica Alba, that would make my year.

Name one person that you would never want to show up at yore tailgate, dead or alive. One I would never want at my tailgate would have to be Sosa, that man talks so much smack, get him Boogie!

What game do you most look forward to tailgating for? This is a tough one I would say the most fun I have had is when Georgia comes to town, have met some really cool people from there in recent years.

If you could tailgate at any other school in the country for one game, which school would you choose? I would have to go to Death Valley, they know how to party and man they have some great food.

How would you describe your tailgating “style”? Laid back, relaxing, eating, and of course have to have a few glasses of bourbon. Fun with friends is what it is all about.

Nov 1

The Tailgate Review

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(AP/Kerry Smith)

Last year’s Halloween trick or treat tailgate brought us UK’s half hearted attempt at a ‘Black Out’ game.  This year the TGR crew made a better effort at just becoming ‘Blacked Out’! There was certainly more tricks than treats on the road in Starkville for the Blue and White, but as always, we did all we could before , after, and during the game to succeed in the land of the tailgate.

It was the first tailgate party in the history of the TGR World Tour that started with handing out candy to boys and girls and men and women dressed as Spider Man, the Hulk, and vampires for sure. The proceedings took place at the Raney/Midden compound, where the art of candy giving and trick or treating is held in high regard. Both Mrs. Raney and the future, Mrs. Midden were in full costume and Mr. Raney was in a scary mask.  I did not participate in the dress up game.

Here are a few thoughts on the trick or treating I experienced during the pregame.

– How much different are the costumes kids wear today, compared to the crap we ran from house to house in?  The costumes the kids are wearing now are Hollywood quality.  I saw an Incredible Hulk that may have been mistaken for the movie version if he were not only 2 ½ feet tall. Our costumes, at least mine, consisted of a modified plastic poncho get up with a plastic Fozzy Bear mask hanging onto my face with a rubber band. By the time you returned from your trip around the neighborhood, the damn thing would be torn all to hell and the sharp edges of your mask would have cut your face. Some of the gear kids were pimpin’ on Saturday night would be clothes that I would wear to work on a normal day. My nephew was dressed as a gangster and his suit looked as if it was straight from Boardwalk Empire.

– I participated in some candy giving on Friday and there was around 300 or so kids involved. As I gave candy out for a few hours, out of the 300 kids, 50 of them might have said ‘thank you’. I was so furious, I wanted to karate chop a child in the neck. I didn’t want to injure any of them permanently, just really stun the heck out of them.  It is hard to blame children for their parents faults and lack of proper parenting, but I will if I have to. If you are not encouraging, scratch that, DEMANDING that your child shows appreciation for someone giving them something. You are trash, and your child is nothing more than future trash. Those who came by the TGR Trick or treat tailgate Saturday night were well-mannered, for the most part, and were gracious for the many gifts  they were given.

– I am not sure if I was more surprised by the number of kids doing the “old school” trick or treating or the number of people who were upset that TGR member, Kyle Raney was not more costumed out. The Middens and Raneys live on a dead end street and I had no idea that kids still trick or treated in those numbers anymore. Due to, so called, “Safe” places to trick or treat like the YMCA or churches, I just figured the numbers were down. My subdivision is on the outskirts of town and we normally attract 5-10 halloweeners. My trick or treating experience was one that you see in the movies. Hoards of children running door to door, with their parents for the most part, for the entire 2 hours.  I was ready for my night to turn into a cheesy 80s horror film at any time, I was just hoping it was not going to get bloody on the gridiron. That, along with the fact Kyle’s previous years costume was remembered by the parent of a trick or treater and he was questioned on why he had not “gone all out” was the highlight of the evening.  There were parties up and down the street throughout the night and the entire night had a really cool classic Halloween feel to it.

– Can you imagine sitting next to someone who rang one of those stupid cow bells for 3 hours? I think I would seriously rather sit in front of a blue hair at Rupp that told me to sit down after every basket than to sit beside a bell ringer.  It is not bad enough that you have to live in Mississippi, when you go to a sporting event to escape the “real world”, you have a good shot at sitting by a 400 lb. man swinging a 5 lb. bell back and forth, awesome.

– Kentucky’s 5th loss of the season was nothing a few Bud light’s and some Woodford Reserve couldn’t remedy. Yet another Big Blue Monday when the “If’s and But’s” out number the “candies and Nuts”. The season is turning into what we expected it to be in the preseason, but not what it could have been once we saw what we had. A very frustrating season only became more so on Saturday night and it was tough to watch for those who were not drunk.

We will return to the hallowed grounds surrounding Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday for some tailgating action.  I hope we have a good crowd in attendance, but the 12 noon start, the season’s results thus far, and the opponent tells me we probably won’t.  Stay elevated TGR! Go cats!

Oct 27

TGR’s Tailgater of the Week

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It’s time for the weekly awards ceremony of the TGR week! Saturday afternoon and evening we had an extraordinary number of former Tailgaters of the Week in attendance. Some showed why they were chosen as such and some, well, others were obviously one hit wonders. In an attempt not to discourage any of the lack luster performers , I will not name names. This is obviously their warning and I am sure they know who they are. Let’s get to this week’s recipient…

Normally the Tailgater of the Week is someone who shows that they take their tailgating duties seriously.  Most of the time they show great stamina and at least one fantastic skill they bring to the table.  They might be able to shotgun beers at a ridiculous rate, they may be an ace at cooking a hot dog or two, or they might be able to find ‘over the air’ channels with simple antennae. Regardless of what they can do, they can do it, and their skills are much appreciated by those they tailgate with. This week’s winner is a little different. We have not chosen this week’s winner because of what they bring to the table as of now.  No, this week’s winner has been chosen on pure potential. Like the possibilities Tubby Smith saw in some of his latter recruiting classes, this week’s winner has the bloodlines to be a legend. In fact, this week’s winner and her father become the first father-daughter winners of the TGR’s most prestigious award. She also leapfrogs Eric Hudson as the cutest Tailgater of the Week of all time. Not only was Saturday her finest tailgate performance of her short career, it was her first!  It is with great honor that I present to you the winner of this week’s tailgater of the Week to Miss Brinley Faith Oaks!

Miss Brinley is only 10 weeks old, but she already brings the intensity and dedication needed to be a lifelong tailgater.  The first time Brinley and I met some 9 weeks ago, I could not wait to hold her.  Not long after she was in my arms, she immediately moved her bowels on my arm.  We have been best friends ever since. Brinley and I happened to run into each other last night at Baby gap and Brinley agreed to answer some questions for me.  Below are the results of that conversation…Congratulations Miss Brinley Faith Oaks!

Name? Brinley Faith Oaks

Where are you from? I have no idea.

Where do you live now? In my Mommy and Daddy’s room and in the arm’s of whoever will hold me.  Never mind, my answer to this question is that ‘I don’t know’ too.

Do you have season tickets for UK football? If season tickets means that I have 10 fingers and 10 toes, then ‘yes’…

How long have you been attending UK football games? Dude, I don’t even know where I live.  Do you seriously think I know this?

Good or bad, what is your most memorable UK football moment? When Moe Williams rushed for 299 yards (with three touchdowns in the first half) and a total of 429 all purpose yards (57 receiving and 73 on kickoff returns against South Carolina), the most ever by a player in the Southeastern Conference and the second highest total in NCAA history.

If you could choose Three UK related individuals to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? ‘Scratch’ the mascot – he scares me a lot, but he looks like he can handle his liquor. ‘The Wildcat’ mascot – he always is ‘mean mugging’ everyone, but he is really a sweetheart. Babe Parilli – I just love his first name.

If you could choose three famous people not related to UK to tailgate with, dead or alive, who would they be? Cole – My dog, My bottle – Not sure if it is a person, but I can’t go without it, George Herman “Babe” Ruth – I love his 3rd name.

Name one person that you would never want to show up at yore tailgate, dead or alive. Rick Pitino

What game do you most look forward to tailgating for? The next one.

If you could tailgate at any other school in the country for one game, which school would you choose? Any school that would not require me to be removed from my crib or a cal St.–Fullerton baseball game.

How would you describe your tailgating “style”? No matter what it is, I get it from my mama!

If you missed our former winners, here they are:

Jason Oaks of Breathitt County, Marc Raney of Clark County, Mike Hounshell of everywhere, Ryan Midden of Clark County, Eric Parker of Louisa, Eric Hudson of Clark County, Lacey Midden of Ashland, Todd Blanton of Winchester, and Shelby Fisher of Lexington