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Jun 21

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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TGR’s weekly voyage into the world of Big Blue’s Twitter! Tweets from anyone and everyone in Cat Country…

John Calipari: “It’s neat to see the next generation of the Big Blue Nation learning how special this game & this program are. “

Terrence Jones: “I love this team”

Mike Gilchrist: “Me John Wall & Quin Cooke all in the same boat. But this is what Leads us to be Great!! Our Father’s would be Proud Let’s keep on Grinding”

Stacey Poole: “finna take a shower an cool it fa tonight! Prolly throw in a season of the BOONDOCKS!”

Ryan Harrow: “It’s been that hot outside and today is only the first day of summer ?“

Anthony Davis: “Mad Hungry… But dont feel like walking… Legs Are Dead”

Doron Lamb: “Back to sleep“

Jon Hood: “Nap, class, camp.“

Twany Beckham: “Good pickup runs with the team…..”

Marquis Teague: “Showed her real n now she hate lame”

Eloy Vargas: “i walk around the club …. everybody..“

Patrick Patterson: “Dropped… My… Fone… In… The… Water…kill me now”

Perry Stevenson: “Shredded chicken is gross. Anytime I eat it, I feel like a baby bird being fed chewed-up food by it’s mom.”

Nazr Mohammed: “On Mother’s Day, fathers take the kids so mom can relax & on Father’s Day were suppose to hang w/ the kids & b good dads lol. NODAYSOFF”

Josh Harrellson: “Sittin on this plane 40,000 feet off the ground! Wonderin what will happen thurs. I have done everything I can! Only time will tell!”
Randall Cobb: “I would do anything to get on the show GUTS. nickelodeonflow“

Tee Martin: “We suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or pain of regret. Difference is, discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons“

Morgan Newton: “Sitting in the computer lab over @ CATS, would much rather be doing football stuff over at Nutter.. this school thing is for the birds“

Danny Trevethan: “Watching film. Tryna get better in every aspect of my life. Its a money year.”

Larry Vaught: “Looking more and more like DeAndre Liggins could go undrafted. Sure hope it works out for him“

Matt Jones: “In the continuing search for NCAA hypocrisy, Florida has a banner hanging for it’s 87 and 88 NCAA appearances…both of which were vacated”

Dick Weiss: “this is huge for ohio state. no laws broken in car deals“

Alan Cutler: “Amber Smith is thinking about the Final Four. She also talks about her knee and you can see how it’s doing on LEX 18”

Dick Vitale: “Player whose stock rising Klay Thompson Wash St.- Flat out Reggie Miller shooter.Great genes Dad Michael ex NBA hoopster! Will make it big!“

Anthony Wireman: “Former Louisville big man David Padgett has been added to the coaching staff at IUPUI…“

Ben Roberts: “Cal on if there will be enough shots to go around: “If you’re teaching them to be good teammates and good players, that won’t be an issue.”“

Oscar Combs: “Must say Chip Cosby always did great job at Lexington Herald-Leader. Never had an outside agenda. Never!“

Aaron Smith: “Jay Bilas on SportsCenter says Kyrie Irving has a better NBA future than John Wall.“

Matt May: “ESPN’s Chad Ford has Brandon Knight going #3 to Utah, Enes Kanter #4 to Cleveland and DeAndre Liggins #56 to LA Lakers in latest mock draft“

Next Cats: “ZagsBlog source says No. 1 recruit Andre Drummond has narrowed his list to UConn and Kentucky.“

Jun 14

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Category: TGR's Tuesday Tweets

TGR brings you into the weird, wild, and very random world of Twitter! Enjoy the best and worst of Twitter from across BBN!

John Calipari: “Was at WKYT on Winchester taping promos & turned the wrong way out of parking lot. Stopped at Sarah’s Corner Cafe. BBQ. Good stuff. “

Terrence Commodore: “Our team is going to be scary good next year, especially if they keep working as hard as they have started out.We are UK“

Mike Gilchrist: “Love My Team Already!“

Darius Miller: “I told ya wayne can still goin in whenever he wants to…“

Terrence Jones: “It’s a way of life to live better or bitter“

Jon Hood: “In here early before class and the teacher had to ask how to use the laser pointer…“

Anthony Davis: “Ok BBN just got word that Ryan harrow is scared to play me in 2K. RESPECT”

Kyle Wiltjer: “Dirk is scary good. MVP. the white mamba taking the mavs to the promised land”

Doron Lamb: “Jus got a good lift“

Marquis Teague: “I’m going to miss nap I ain’t going to lie“

Stacey Poole: “Man I been sleep for an min smh…. Welp im up now!“

Twany Beckham: “Jus put in work with Eloy Vargas“

Ryan Harrow: “I keep wearing red and black forgetting that Kentucky doesn’t like those colors at all. Gotta rack up on some Kentucky gear“

Neiko Johnson: “Going to play for the Tri-City ValleyCats in New York can’t wait to play some baseball“

Nazr Mohammed: “Buying a glove to play catch with my son and I just realized why I decided to play basketball…none of the equipment fits me lol #6’5″At13“

Brandon Knight: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a act, but a habit.”

Josh Harrellson: “Another successful workout down heading to Utah for a workout tomorrow… Taking my future in my own hands and I’m not taking any prisoners“

DeAndre Liggins: “Aint no such thing is tired. Im staying on this horse and grinding it out!!!!!“

Alex Kline: “Beginning at midnight, college coaches will be able to call rising juniors from the class of 2013 for the first time.“

Bruce Feldman: “CBS announces that Rich Rodriguez has joined the network as a game and studio analyst for the 2011 season.“

The Bylaw Blog: “When I saw “Always Bet on Duke” as a hashtag, my first thought was “How did some two-bit gambling site afford a promoted trend?”“

Darren Rovell: “NBC: 6.8 million people watched the Belmont, race ratings were up 44% vs last year when Derby & Preakness winners weren’t in race“

Chad Ochocinco: “Why is it called *After Dark* when it’s really *After Light* A great morning for thinkers. I salute and love all of you. Literally all of U“

Jay Bilas: “Athletes, wanna be liked? Then, be nice and show humility. Arnold Palmer said, “There’s no reason that you can’t be good and be nice, too.”“

Thomas Beisner: “David Aldridge now has Josh Harrellson as the #8 center prospect on his Big Board after placing him at #2 before.“

Aaron Kall: “The Washington Wizards have a workout scheduled with Enes Kanter on Friday in Chicago“

Bill Simmons: “I’m tired of watching the Sedin twins attack Boston’s gloves with their faces.“

Anthony Wireman: “Former UK big man Jamaal Magloire: “I plan to be back, playing” next season…”

Dave Telep: “NBA front office ex: “We assume if you act like an idiot, you are an idiot.” Well said. Simple and to the point.“

Gary Parrish: “Prediction: Nike will try to confiscate all video of this series and stash it with Jordan Crawford’s dunk.“

Kentucky Athletics: “UK softball coach Rachel Lawson has been rewarded with a new five-year contract worth a total of $727,500. Lawson has guided the UK softball team to three straight NCAA Tournament berths and the school’s first Super Regional appearance this year.“

Clutchfans: “clutchfans Very sad to hear former Rocket Robert Horry lost his 17-yr old daughter Ashlyn today…“

John Clay: “Sam Amick has Brandon Knight at 3 and Enes Kanter at 4 in his latest NBA mock draft.”

Oscar Combs: “Once this little squabble is settled, can you imagine what kind of a production UK will make out of the next (real?) 500th victory for Cal”

Jun 7

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Category: TGR's Tuesday Tweets

Big Blue nation’s ORIGINAL spot for all of the Tweetage from the UK landscape! Random Tweets from some or all of the folks you love and follow on Twitter…

John Calipari: “Heading to Rochester, NY to take part in “The Tournament of Love” put on by Camp Good Days. Will see my good friend “The Guv” John Gilmore.”

Kyle Wiltjer: “Sitting at the airport getting ready to go to kentucky and Henry Prosser is on my flight. No big deal”

Marquis Teague: “I got booooed last night in my own state lol….”

Anthony Davis: “I’m on my way to the best university in the world..where the grass is the same color as the sky…UK BBN”

Mike Gilchrist: “Morning World! Its Time to get in a Kentucky state of mind”

Ryan Harrow: “A lil layover in ATL then to my final destination. I think they call it Lexvegas haha I touched a lot of peoples lives in nc and i care about all of those ppl dearly. U will not be forgotten and will be truely missed.”

Darius Miller: “She got a Loose/lazy neck”

Doron Lamb: “The mall with my mom”

Stacey Poole: “I think basketball wives are so trash except for like 2… Str8 up”

Twany Beckham: “Had a nice coool relaxed day……night world…Lex in the A.M”

Eloy Vargas: “having a great time with the fam..”

Terrence Jones: “All the way at home and the car died just my luck”

Josh Harrellson: “I’m ready to show the knicks what I got…”

Nazr Mohammed: “Lol it’s always funny when u see a woman in her Club clothes early in the morning. What Did U Do Last Night””

Eric Bledsoe: “Whatup fam and I’m in LA where you at?”

Rajon Rondo: “Where is Plax going to end up?”

Zach West: “Move in day classes start Thursday my journey starts today. Staying humble”

Mikie Benton: “Glad I got this Qdoba card, jus got a free burrito!!!”

Morgan Newton: “Up and at it this morning…lift at 7, film at 8 #work”

Danny Trevathan: “Relationships are worth a dam now a days .”

Randall Cobb: “Saw some kids playing ball in the field on my way back to the apt. I stopped and reminisced– that’s where it all begin for me!”

The Sporting News: “Reports: Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton resigns”

Josh Hopkins: “Talked to a source very close to Hamilton and the UT athletics program and He confirmed the news with me.”

Gregg Doyel: “Today it’s Mike Hamilton at Tennessee. Soon it will be Gene Smith at Ohio State.”

Andrew Gribble: “Hamilton’s buyout: $1,335,000. Will be paid in equal installments over next 36 months through June 2014.”

Clay Travis: “UT will now appear before the COI with a fired AD, a fired bball coach, and a former coach facing major violations.not winning”

John Clay: “Austin columnist predicts Tony Woods will play for Texas.”

Brian Eldridge: “Henry Clay WR Vinny Miller just picked up his second offer – Ball State.”

Herald-Leader Sports: “Tennessee to name interim AD before the end of the week”

Oscar Combs: “Amazing how these college presidents claim they support their ADs, then just as they head to NCAA hearings, they dump AD like hot potato. In business word, it’s called “damage control.” In academic world, it’s called “saving your own “you know what.””

Aaron Kall: “Bob Knight criticized the NCAA and called the rule OSU football players broke when they sold and traded their personal memorabilia idiotic”

Dick Weiss: “let me get this straight bobby knight defends tressel, rips ncaa for rules”

Chuck Dunlap: “The SEC’s 4 teams in Super Regionals are 12-0 in the NCAA Tournament”

Bill Simmons: “Wade is -250 for Finals MVP. LBJ is +250. Is LBJ a good semi-longshot bet or am I crazy? I think he’s going off tonight.”

Dick Vitale: “By the way John CALIPARI was terrific @ our Gala – helped us break our record of 1.3 million 4 kids battling cancer”

Jeff Archer: “Nick Maronde from Lexington was just taking 104th overall by the Angels. He is a Junior at Florida.”

Bleed Blue Kentucky: “Taft DE Adolphus Washington’s top 11: Ohio State, Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Miami (Fla), Mich. State, Tenn, LSU, ND, Nebraska, Fla. State”

Jeff Drummond: “Cats are building a KY-GA squad for 2012. Of the 7 public commitments, 4 are from Peach State, 3 from the Bluegrass. Expecting a heavier dose of FLA to that UK list before it’s all said and done, but those kids generally wait a little longer to commit.”

Bluegrass Baseball: “Legends Chris Wallace, Jiovanni Mier and Adam Bailey have been named South Atlantic League All-Stars”

Kentucky Athletics: “Meyer is Kentucky’s highest MLB Draft selection since Joe Blanton went 24th overall in 2002.”

Jody Demling: “UK signee Marquis Teague booed during introductions of Indiana All-Star scrimmage in Washington, Ind. He just smiled…”

Kyle Neddenriep: ”Marquis Teague drains a 3, drives to the basket for a score. Guy in pro-IU crowd yells, “Put him on the bench.””

Ben Roberts: “Ex-Scott County star and one-time Indiana recruit Bud Mackey was sentenced to 15 years today. Sad story”

Desmond Howard: “USC stripped of BCS title. *Yawn* Wake me up when NCAA/BCS starts making schools write checks for $$$ earned using “ineligible” players.”

Seth Davis: “Seriously Clark Francis? Ranking the top 6th, 7th and 8th graders in the country? He actually is ranking kids under 5 feet tall. Unreal.”

Steve Jones: “UK signee Bubba Tandy of Christian Co. said he might need to go to junior college”

May 31

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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We are approaching 90 degrees here in the bluegrass, but the Tuesday Tweets have been boiling over for months! I tried hard to make that work…

Rich Brooks: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to TC Drake and his family. Hit on motorcycle by drunk driver and he was not wearing a helmet. Hope for best!“

Tom Leach: “coach Cal thinks new block/charge arc will help UK’s Dribble Drive; says he doesn’t “know the answer” on doing away w/ divisions in SEC“

Matt May: “Cal said the Dominican Republic approached him to “help build basketball in that country”“

Perry Stevenson: “I’m pretty sure Betty white was never younger than 143 years old but she is HILARIOUS.“

Chip Cosby: “Radio Silence sounds like a good name for an underground grunge/heavy metal band. I’mma start one up. Who’s with me?“

Darren Rovell: “Avg listed ticket price for tomorrow’s Bruins @ Canucks game is $1,697, according to seat geek. Cheapest is $728! Avg listed ticket price for tonight’s Mavs @ Heat game is $1,060 according to seat geek. Cheapest is $130 standing room only.”

Micah Johnson: “Oh yeahh..and HangOver 2 waz wack as hell!!!!!! I barley laffed! Had 2 tweet that b4 the plane take off!”

Terrence Jones: “With everything I’m facing I’m still gone make it!“

Aaron Boyd: “Magnesium Citrate! Waiting for it to kick in 0_o“

Blue Grass Baseball: “No Ky teams in NCAA tourn., but Ky HS alums Jeremy Dobbs & Jack Snodgrass (Austin Peay), Nick Maronde (Fla) and Spencer Petett (Belmont) are“

Mikie Benton: “Man lil kids be bad as hell at the doctor’s office!“

Thomas Beisner: “Cal takes subtle shot at Big East regarding NCAA Tournament berths vs. success. Followed by a subtle dig at Duke and their flops. He’s batting for the cycle today!!!“

Kyle Wiltjer: “In about a week ill be a college student. crazy“

Mike Gilchrist: “Good Morning world! Last week of school“

Gary Parrish: “Josh Pastner will announce Tuesday that he’s hiring Damon Stoudamire to be an assistant on the Memphis staff, a source told“

Daniel Orton: “I refuse to give up. Never will give up. God give me strength….“

UK Athletics: “UK Softball set five single-season offensive records in 2011, including runs scored, home runs and RBI.”

Nazr Mohammed: “For all the OKC fans that keep asking me about my free agency… My goal is to come back to OKC next season. I hope everything works out.“

Randall Cobb: “Get comfortable w being uncomfortable. Frustration comes when I can’t do something but I will continue to work until I get it”

Twany Beckham: “What if i kissed u right now…..”

Eloy Vargas: “I ate chicken, fried rice and eggs for two weeks straight.. time for something different.. Yessir..“

Stacey Poole: “Bored… watchin Wayne bros“

Ryan Harrow: “After this move and do my daily routine I need to be getting in someone’s pool“

Bill Simmons: “The Ohio State scandal didn’t scare me off — I’m going to continue trading ESPN memorabilia for tattoos.“

Steve Jones: “Miami Coral Reef rush end Julian Leslie told me UK is his favorite after getting offer from David Turner last nite“

Bleed Blue Kentucky: “Rashad Cunningham (2011-WR) who signed with UK in Feb. Will report to UK on June 18th. This should end any speculation regarding eligibility“

Doron Lamb: “The Show Basketball Wives is crazy“

Not Jerry Tipton: “Will Cal apologize to Forde & Thamel when their full length story on his generosity & UK’s APR is published, thus explaining radio silence?“

Oscar Combs: “The just-released Sports Illustrated story on OSU & Tressel should be required reading for every coach & student-athlete in the USA. And the story should put fear in the heart of every coach/administrator/athlete/fan/booster in USA. And no one should cheer.“

May 24

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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On a day in which not much is happening in Big Blue Nation other than thunderstorms and allergies…We give you TGR’ Tuesday Tweets from around BBN!

John Calipari: “How bout Dirk Nowitzki last night? I hear Dirk is a UK fan &
Wayne Turner hosted him on his UK official visit. We need 2 get him 2 Rupp Arena.”

Anthony Davis: “”We remove tags because we don’t return things” -Daniels“

Kyle Wiltjer: “once again the white mamba strikes again. dirk“

Doron Lamb: “Watching Everybody Hates Chris“

Mike Gilchrist: “The World doesn’t Change for u, U have to change for it!”

Nazr Mohammed: “That one definitely hurt. Can’t believe we let that 1 slip away. Gotta learn from it and prolong the series.”

Eric Bledsoe: “Put’em in the rim then big perk lol“

Patrick Patterson: “How do i get my twitter “Verified”?“

Twany Beckham: “I swear wen u be tryna creep in the crib…wood floors make up sounds…hahaha damn“

Stacey Poole: “2 white cups an I got that drink could be purple or it could be pink depending on how u mix that ish… I SAY IM ON ONE!!!!“

Darius Miller: “Snack an Netflix > watever ur doin haha“

Terrence Jones: “Big boys do Big things“

Randall Cobb: “The Thong Song just came on the radio n took me back to the boys and Girls club. Trying to sneak in the teen center to watch MTV videos haha“

Gene McCaskill: “Watching ANY GIVING SUNDAY in class!!“

Rich Brooks: “Karen and I will be going to dinner with the Cropp’s and the Ortmeyer’s tonight and head west in the morning.“

Jon Lipsitz: “What do u think it would take to get Dre to make some UK Beats headphones?”

Brett Dawson: “UK baseball: 3B Thomas McCarthy named first-team All-SEC. P Alex Meyer and OF Chad Wright named to second team.“

Matt May: “UK Jr., Thomas McCarthy has become the first UK 3B named first-team All-SEC since 1972. Meyer and Wright tabbed to the 2nd team.“

James L. Pennington: “I don’t understand why SEC basketball coaches’ first team has eight people but SEC baseball first team only has one relief pitcher.”

Adam Zagoria: “Update on the Momo Jones sitch.Even if Moe Hicks were to leave St. Johns for another job, SJU could not take 1 of his former players until 2012“

Dick Vitale: “It will be LaBron James & Ddwayane Wade plus their Heat buddies vs mark Cuban Mavs 4 the NBA title eventually!Dirk vs The King!“

Thomas Beisner: “UK announces new camp July 28-30, featuring Knight, Liggins and Jorts.“

My Blue Nation: “Tickets are available at the UK Ticket office for the NCAA Softball Super Regionals matchup between UK-Cali.“

Kentucky Athletics: “Tickets for this weekend’s UK-California matchup are $10 for adults and $7 for students, youth and adults 65 and over.“

Aaron Kall: “Tony Woods will make a decision in mid-June, but his AAU coach doesn’t list UK among the schools he’s currently considering“

Chris Nee: “Indiana and Kentucky have offered Weston (Fla.) Cypress Bay LB Josh Witt.“

Chuck Dunlap: “Looks like the SEC Tournament will officially feature the No. 1 (SC), No. 2 (UF) and No. 3 (VU) teams in country seeing early polls…“

Dick Weiss: “looking for another candidate for penn state? how about bruiser flint of of drexel. he understands philly, has won aganst big 5 teams.“

John Daly: “Since I’ve got some down time–Goin to open up twitter for 15 mins Q & A, got my diet coke & a smoke so fire away!!“

Tiger Woods: “Almost press conference time. I’ll donate one million dollars to Tiger Woods Foundation if no one asks me about the leg.“

Darren Rovell: “New Gatorade flavor I’d like to try: Lime-Cucumber”

Joy Behar: “Harold Camping is now saying the Rapture will occur on Oct. 21. Apparently he was able to file for an extension. “

Bill Simmons: “Kudos to Dallas, but that was like watching a Little League World Series pitcher fall apart and start crying on the mound.“

Jay Bilas: “Charles Barkley turning to life of crime with no football? Inciting hecklers with hairy backsides to do violence may be only the first step.“

Ben Roberts: “New Rivals Top 100 for 2013 starts with 5 UK targets: 1 Andrew Harrison, 2 Julius Randle, 3 Chris Walker, 4 Jabari Parker, 5 Nerlens Noel“

J R: “Dirt Nowitzki looks like someone fed Larry Bird after midnight.“

May 17

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Category: TGR's Tuesday Tweets

From Lexington, to Ethiopia, to the Dominican Republic, Tailgate Review is tracking Tweets from Big Blue nation all over this Big Blue world! Join Us!

Joker Phillips: “Good luck to former UK football beat writers Chip Cosby and Brett Dawson, who began new jobs today with and!”

Stuart Hines: “Great time helping people in #Ethiopia with Joker Phillips, Danny Trevathan, Jason Schlafer, Mitch barnhart, and co. Truly eye opening…”

Mitch Barnhart: “UK Hoops signee Bria Goss was one of 39 senior prep standouts to be named to the Parade Magazine All-American team”

Winston Guy Jr: “I’m glad class is over with, no I got this tutor and I’m done for today I can go sleep”

Martavius Neloms: “Finally gt my rim bak on my baby”

Gene McCaskill: “Its only right I throw money the whole song”

Randall Cobb: “Just caught some punts fromTim Masthay great way to start my day!go pack go”

Rich Brooks: “Big thanks to coach’s Phillips, Henderson, and Calipari for filming a promo with me for the Lex Speech and Hearing Center.”

Andre Woodson: “Who thinks Hangover 2 will b better then the first??? I just hope it ain’t a flop!!!”

John Calipari: “Headed to the Dominican Republic. I’ll check in later.”

Eloy Vargas: “Wheels up.. Headed to china”

Stacey Poole: “Wow… Ive literally locked myself out the house an theres nodody home!”

Terrence Jones: “Tuck ya chain son Theyll take it!!I’ll be damn mama they know who I am mama I’m still yo little boy but to them I’m the man mama”

Darius Miller: “Thor was good! Everybody should check it out”

Mike Gilchrist: “Lexington,Kentucky in a weeks! Can’t wait to get this Mission started. BBN. 8”

Kyle Wiltjer: “Turning off my phone so I can be at full attention with my mom. Going to dinner. bonding”

John Wall: “This Summer about to be crazy…All dedicated to the Gym!!!”

Perry Stevenson: “Anybody need a good wingman? I’m like Cupid out here haha”

Ben Roberts: “U of L point guard target Sterling Gibbs has committed to Texas.”

Cecil Hurt: “Trevor Lacey tells Greg Ostendorf that he will know at “1:59 tomorrow” and make his choice between UA, AU, UK and KU”

Anthony Wireman: “This Lacey recruitment is all over the place; I’m not sure what to think at this point…stay tuned I guess.”

Jay Bilas: “My Top 5 prospects: K. Irving, D. Williams, E. Kanter, K. Walker, B. Knight. Top Euros: J. Vesely and J. Valanciunas.”

Aaron Kall: “Orlando Antigua is a possible candidate for the Murray State University head coaching position . ESPN’s Chad Ford says Enes Kanter could be the number one pick in the NBA Draft”

Thomas Beisner: “Cal says even if the national team doesn’t qualify for the Olympics, he’s willing to continue working for the Dominican team. Del Harris and Felipe Lopez (FELIPE LOPEZ!!!) will be on Cal’s Dominican staff, along with ANtigua and Strickland.”

Daniel Rufenacht: “Calipari: “Debemos definir quien será nuestro point guard. Tenemos que lograr que jueguen unidos. Tengo 5 semanas para eso””

Marc Maggard: “Nick Faust is not on UK’s radar. I have no reason to think UK will attempt to recruit Nick Faust……“

Erick Patrick Marr: “”Eargasm.” That indescribably AWESOME feeling you get after showering – upon entering a Q-Tip in your ear!“

Dan Wetzel: “There is no NFL deal even close, but maybe some hope. Source: “It was an adequate exchange of ideas that hopefully can be continued”“

Mike Freeman: “Arnold Schwarzenegger is a freaking DOG. Hugh Hefner tips his cap, bra’.“

Bill Simmons: “My son slept until 730 today. I’m reacting like LeBron post-Celtics win – I’ve been kneeling and crying for 10 minutes.“

Mike Humes: “CollegeGameDay to originate from Oregon-LSU in Cowboys Classic on Sept 3 (8 pm, ABC)”

Dwyane Wade: “I had 2 laugh at ths..I was playing my oldest son Zaire on his nerf rim & he dunked & said Gibson while screaming..L2MS Kids u gotta luv em”

Jeff Drummond: “Cool to be in FLA & be able to watch the Reds on TV. 10+ years ago, you’d just wonder what happened until the news flashed the score at nite”

Oscar Combs: “Cincy Reds making Jeff Drummond a very happy camper last few days. Me too. Still miss Big Red Machine days, especially Morgan, Rose & Doug Flynn.”

Wildcat_World: “Brandon Knight signs with Arn Tellem of Wasserman Media Group”

Chad Ford: “Drafting No. 1 is no guarantee you’ll get best player in the draft. Top pick has turned into the top player only 6 times in 17 years. Duncan in 97, Brand in 99, LeBron in 03, Dwight Howard in 04, Derrick Rose in 08 & Blake Griffin in 09 … perhaps Wall in 2010 as well”

May 10

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Category: TGR's Tuesday Tweets

Your weekly collection of Tweets from around Big Blue Nation and beyond! Let’s Tweet!

Anthony Wireman: “John Wall models the new Washington Wizards uniforms…”

John Calipari: “Don’t forget our Father/Son Camp – Fri, June 17th at 5 pm – Sat, June 18th at 4 pm ET for ages 7-18. We also will have our satellite Camps again this year. They are open to both girls & boys, K-6th grade, June 20-24. Schedule: 6/20-Bowling Green to Bardstown; 6/21-Newport to Independence; 6/22- London to Danville; 6/23-Louisville; 6/24-Pikeville to Hazard“

Brandon Weems: “Westbrook is comedy!!! I think he’s trying to be like DRose which is something you can’t do when you have someone like Durant on your team“

Terrence Jones: “I never read books on my own I plan on reading 5 good ones by this time next year any suggestions?“

Doron Lamb: “This girl never answer me damm what I do to you“

Eloy Vargas: “It’s 90 degree outside.. bienvenidos at Miami“

Twany Beckham: “She holla u gotta talk ya G….my swagg do the rappin shorty…talk is cheap if u aint kno str8 up“

Mike Gilchrist: “Chicago in 3 weeks for my brother Anthony Davis’s graduation! Yes yess“

Anthony Davis: “Man i want and need a iphone 4“

Marquis Teague: “To tired“

Kyle Wiltjer: “i wonder if by the 3rd overtime russell will understand that kevin durant plays on his team too…“

Joker Phillips: “Today let us stand as one…Operation Win! See you there!”

Wesley Woodyard: “A dude sat down in the middle seat on this 4hr flight and then looked at his ticket to check if it was the right seat. Yep its your seat lol“

Derrick Locke: “U know u in a small town when u see older women mowing the lawn on a riding kubota ZG327“

Rich Brooks: “Pleased that Johnny Williams graduated yesterday. He also is recovering from bicep surgery. Great to see fromer players do well.“

Patrick Patterson: “Why settle for jumpshot when ur man slips and u hav a chance to drive to the basket when your not a great jump shooter?wannabeahero“

Nazr Mohammed: “That was a helluva win. I am physically and emotionally drained right now. I’ve never been part of a game with so many highs and lows“

Michael DeCourcy:” Is this the best NBA game since the Gar Heard game?“

Mike Prada: “Average age of OKC’s top 4 in minutes this yr: 21.5. Average age of Pitt’stop 4 in minutes this yr: 21.75. Perspective“

Gregg Doyel: “First three names on the Lakers list: Jamie Dixon, Sean Miller and Brad Stevens. Good grief, I hope I’m joking“

Thomas Beisner: “Liggins on entering draft: “It is going to be a deeper draft next year. Where do I fit in? Would I start? Would I come off the bench? …. Would I be treated differently? I was thinking if I was going to go, this was the perfect time to go.””

Dick Vitale: “Love ppl with passion & Giu Johnson has it – I wish him the best as he will come up big.“

Jonathan Rankin: “Just saw Jodie Meeks back on campus.“

Pat Forde: “Off to NCAA Mock Enforcement Minicamp. I’m thinking this will be one of the more interesting work days of the year.“

Jay Bilas: ”NCAA mock enforcement today. Wonder if they have mock interview of witnesses with no credibility without opposing counsel being allowed.“

Adam Schefter: “Schwarzenegger, Shriver separate — surprising..“

Brian Eldridge: “Conner High QB Drew Barker (c/o of 2014) says coaches from Kentucky, Cincinnati and Miami Oh came by his school and asked coaches about him“

Jeff Drummond: “Brandon Phillips — ho hum — with his daily web gem. Guy has taken 2B play to a whole new level.”

Kentucky Athletics: “With just five home games remaining on the year, UK baseball will host Indiana on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Cliff Hagan:”

Ben Roberts: “Trevor Lacey’s father tells Rivals that he will not take another trip to either NC State or UConn. Kansas was the final stop.“

Kristen Pflum: “Can’t believe I’m sitting in a 30 min session to learn how to answer a phone. Btw, Cutler looks confused.”

Oscar Combs: “UT friend just texted me copy of UT-UK upper level basketball game ticket at UT last season with $5 price stamped on it. My friend is not going to like this comment. Next time you try to tell me UT hoops are important, show me something besides $5 ticket stub. On a more somber note, it’s sad that UK’s second best basketball rivalry is going on a prolonged vacation with Vols’ probation. Of course UK’s been responsible for the football portion of non-rivalry since 1984. There’s always hope. Tee needs to make something happen.“

May 3

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Tweets from across Big Blue nation for your reading enjoyment courtesy of tailgate Review!

Draft Express: “UK Combine was supposedly a big disappointment for NBA people. No competitive action. Just drills. Nothing much to learn. “

Chip Cosby: “Facebook friends.. I wanted to announce that I’ve accepted a position with Insight/CN2 as SR managing editor for sports programming where I’ll be hosting a sports TV show and helping to build the website. I want to thank the Herald-Leader for 14 wonderful years and the opportunity of a lifetime. And thanks to everybody who has supported me through everything.”

Wayne Turner: “Normally I’m not one for killing people but USA USA USA finally got him”

Darius Miller: “Lmao u one of them lil monkeys wit the pink butts“

Eloy Vargas: “I feel like I got smart in the library last night.. I was in there from 7 to 3 this morning.. I can’t believe it (T-pain voice)“

Doron Lamb: “I miss my mom and dad“

Twany Beckham: “I couldnt wait for the lakers to lose….im up all night talkin wats good lol laker junkies hahahaha“

Kyle Wiltjer: “Watching two of the best white guys battle againtst eachother. Taking notes“

Anthony Davis: “This guy is giving a presentation and idk what he is talking abt……get me out of here”

Mike Gilchrist: “Pennsauken Prom OO LET’S Do It!“

Demarcus Cousins: “Man this has been a great day…Found out the kings are staying in sacramento and I’m headed back to Lexington today …”

Daniel Orton: “Even if you’re a hater of mine. I love you and so does the man upstairs. Praise Him and give Him all the glory!!“

John Wall: “It was a great honor to go to the White House Correspondents Dinner…enjoyed myself!!!“

Patrick Patterson: “3 days in a row I have gotten a large Oreo Milkshake from BR…fat boy“

Tee Martin: “”You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.Better throw biscuits & keep it movin”!”

Randall Cobb: “Just laying here looking back on life.. I’ve changed SO much but for the best. I made many sacrifices to get to this point… I will probably continue to change. I believe that is part of growing as a man“

Winston Guy Jr.: “Its way to early to be giving presentations at 9:00am“

Qua Huzzie: “Done for today final number one done with“

Andre Woodson: “B.I.G. -Ba ba baby!!! (biggie voice) lol”

John Conner: “Having a great time in LA at the game”

Stevie Johnson: “Stay Positive, Optimistic, Have Fun and Handle Business! Trust ME You’ll Appreciate Life Much More! Be That Positive Influence!“

Ricky Lumpkin: “Lol holy rain and if you know me I don’t wear jackets or own a umbrella lolol so I’m soaked from head to toe“

Micah Johnson: “My Own man in My Own World On My Own MIssion!! Depending on Nobody but GOD!!”

Jake Lewellen: “This rain is beyond annoying!“

Jeremy Jarmon: “You can look me in the eye and see I’m ready for whatever. Anything that doesn’t kill me makes me better.“

Not Jerry Tipton: “Purvis decommits from L’ville. Most compelling story going forward? The investigation by Pat Forde & Pete Thamel of whoever he commits to.“

Thomas Beisner: “Kentucky’s Alex Meyer one of MLB Draft’s top prospects according to SI “

Larry Vaught: “Talked to Derrick Locke tonight. More with him Tuesday, but he’s very confident he’ll still play on Sundays“

Dave Telep: “Figure this out. Proposed NCAA calendar defines weekends in April as Sat/Sun BUT in July its Fri-Sat-Sun. That’s just a starting point.“

Jeff Dalessio: “More SEC alums (17) on remaing NBA plyf rosters than any league. Next: ACC/Pac10 (14), Big12 (13), BigEast (12), B10 (8).“

Matt Jones: “Chip Cosby leaving the Lexington Herald Leader and joining us at CN2 as the Managing Editor of Sports. Very excited to have Chip come aboard“

Dick Vitale: “Talk about a gutty & Courageous attack- wow the details on our commandos mission on bin Laden shows it was a Masterpiece!“

Bluegrass Baseball: “Former UK OF Collin Cowgill was named the player of the week in the Pacific Coast League on Monday“

Brett Dawson: “Saw DeMarcus Cousins at the Joe Craft Center today. He’s in town for about a week, he said“

Aaron Kall: “Calipari thinks some NBA personnel may tell some UK players they need to stay in college for another year“

Bill Simmons: “Hawks!!! Grizzlies!!!!!!!! It’s the NBA Finals on ABC!!!“

Ben Roberts: “Kyle Wiltjer comes in at No. 3 in the final 2011 Canadian player rankings from Nolan Shulman”

Tuscaloosa News: “Tuscaloosa fatalities still at 40; missing 240, 771 cleared. 11 search and rescue teams.“

Apr 26

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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It is a very damp, moist, and dripping version of Tuesday Tweets that I bring you! Make sure you follow us on Twitter at @ TailgateReview…

Joker Phillips: “At Malone’s for dinner then off to the CATSPYs. Myself an Coach Skinner from volleyball will present the Team of the Year award.”

Tee Martin: “Packing for spring recruiting. Hitting the road tomorrow”

Rich Brooks: “Was on the way to Valhalla and turned around because of rain. This weather is killing me. More on the way and my pond is a major lake.”

Randall Cobb: “Had a great time st the Catspys, always good seeing UK athletes dressed up. Time to pack for the Empire”

John Calipari: “Grabbing a bite to eat after the Catspys with jay Crawford”

Eloy Vargas: “Do yall want D Liggins to get a Twitter? He thinking about getting it”

Stacey Poole: “The name is Deuce!”

Mike Gilchrist: “Headed to House of Hoops.. What should I get Air Maxes or some J’s”

Twany Beckham: “now bout to put in work….gym. 400 makes….light”

Darius Miller: “I think the mute button is a beautiful thing..

Kyle Wiltjer: “someone needs to invent something so we don’t ever have to brush our teeth”

Anthony Davis: “Whoever is my 10,000th follower i will personally call them..”

Nazr Mohammed : “”If u gonna be down with me, be all the way down or get from ’round me” (in my Mystical voice) lol”

Rajon Rondo: “Keep the eyes on the prize. On to the next round”

Perry Stevenson: “bout to go and get some hoopin in at the Johnson Center. Come if ya want ur *** handed to u. Kno worries tho, it comes on a silver platter.”

Ben Roberts: “’s final 2011 rankings: 1. Anthony Davis; 5. Michael Gilchrist; 7. Marquis Teague; 22. Kyle Wiltjer; 59. Trevor Lacey”

Jody Demling: “Remy Abell reports his visit to Indiana “went great.” The Hoosiers did extend an official scholarship offer.”

Dave Baker: “Demarcus Cousins will be at Lexington Sports Cards May 4 from 4-5:30 for a signing–169 E Reynolds Rd, Suite 102, Lexington KY 40517”

Jeff Goodman: “Wyking Jones, former Nike guy who was at New Mexico this past season, will join Louisville staff – sources told FOXSports. Louisville has not yet made a decision/its final spot – despite reports that have said it’ll be Hargrave’s Kevin Keatts.”

Ukandrew: “UK having a “Cram Jam” Finals Prep tomorrow at Memorial Coliseum for students. It’ll include free tours of the Joe Craft Center and massages”

Not Jerry tipton: “Calipari needs to be careful. This is what got Pitino in trouble. .. Ricky Ledo tells ESPN Kentucky is “coming hard.””

Vaught’s Views: “Alabama shooting guard Trevor Lacey says he will “probably ” visit UK this weekend. Also may visit Kansas before signing”

Kentucky Sports Report: “Note: Trevor Lacey told Vaughts Views yesterday he’d “probably” visit UK this weekend. Likely won’t, but that doesn’t make report “false.””

BigTymer4UK: “Gotta like Barkley still going at Kenny for North Carolina losing to Kentucky”

Will Graves: “Pletcher says Uncle Mo is back to old self in last 96 hours”

Wildcat_World: “Kentucky target Trevor Lacey “probably” will visit Kentucky this weekend”

Bluegrass Baseball: “Former Morehead St. INF Drew Lee slugged his first home run of the season last night at Whitaker Bank Ballpark for Kannapolis”

Aaron Kall: “Luke Winn of says Terrence Jones is a long shot to return and DeAndre Liggins is a mid-to-late second-round draft pick as of now”

Andrew J Bone: “Notre Dame and Kentucky visit Mitchell HS in Memphis today to see Four-star WR Nate Cole.”

Dick Weiss: “no public tickets for michigan state-carolina game on aircraft carrier. that ship has sailed. 7,000 seats.”

Bleed Blue Kentucky: “Right now both Bubba Tandy and Farrington Huguenin are not cleared by NCAA yet for next season. Tandy is waiting on test score. Huguenin has test scores, needs transcript to be processed for one class. Huguenin told me he cant wait to play in new defense. The staff has talked to him about the hybrid position.”

Dick Vitale: “Dancing on the streets in Memphis baby – good young talent Chris Wallace assembled.Up 3-1 on Spurs who look shook! If they had Rudy Gay Wow!”

Mike Hume: “On ESPN, Herbstreit said “It’d be very difficult moving forward with Jim Tressel””

SportsByBrooks: “Last week brought out the worst @ ESPN (Bob Knight fiasco.) Today brought out the best @ ESPN (Kirk Herbstreit tough love w/ alma mater.)”

Oscar Combs: “Charles Barkley had message for Knight & Jones about their NBA readiness, but I doubt anyone is paying attention. He says they’re not ready.”

Adam Zagoria: “Tobias Harris and Scotty Hopson have submitted paperwork for the NBA draft, the Tennessean reports”

Aaron Smith: “ NBA writer Chad Ford says in story that Knight & Jones are “almost for sure going to stay in the draft” …”

Apr 19

TGR’s Tuesday Tweets

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Big Blue nation’s one stop shop for all of the most interesting and humorous tweets from around BBN! By the way, Rot in hell Bobby Knight…

UK Athletics: “Freshman Doron Lamb has decided to return to UK for his sophomore season & will not declare for the NBA Draft.”

Joker Phillips: “Very disappointed that Dave Ulinski had to give up football. He’s a fine young man and will work with the team as a student strength coach.”

Tee martin: “”It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through””

Rich Brooks: “Had dinner tonight with Vince Dooley , Johnny Majors, and Charlie Trippy. Lots of good stories. Golf tomorrow at Athens CC.”

Aaron Boyd: “I’m not a star somebody lied.”

Mitch Barnhart: “The Univ. of Kentucky, our student-athletes & their families take great offense to the blatantly erroneous comments made by Bob Knight. Academic performance has always been a priority at UK. It’s unfortunate that, although every starter from the 2010 season finished the spring semester in good academic standing, these myths exist. Our men’s basketball team’s APR score reflects our attention to academic progress . . . and our student-athletes take great pride in representing the University of Kentucky on and off the floor.”

John Calipari: “In Boston at Dolce Vita on Hanover Street. WOW. (Franco says hello to Luther Deaton). Cannoli’s to finish it off. A must stop in Boston.”

Jarrod Polson: “hahaaaaa. just saw Miami game highlights. Heat makin people look stupid!!!”

Doron Lamb: “Long day of class, now about to get some food with Richy Pacheco”

Twany Beckham: “Bout to get this wkout in with Bknight……”

Mike Gilchrist: “Man High School Basketball is really over!!!!”

Kyle Wiltjer: “just realized doing homework while the playoffs are on is against my morals… guess ill just have to wait til tmaro to do this paper…”

Stacey Poole: “Just touchdown in Duval, lol im in here!”

Demarcus Cousins: “All respect Coach Knight but I went to my spring classes at UK and finished out strong good gpa even after declaring for draft. Hope you correct your statement!”

Oscar Combs: “Legend has it Bob Knight hated media so bad he wouldn’t let IU build bathroom for reporters, made them get in line with fans at latrine. Don’t know whether that’s fact or myth, but I do know there was no reporters’ restroom at IU’s Assembly Hall in the 1980s and 1990s. Remember great Cawood Ledford having to beg a guy to let him break line so he could make it back to courtside in time for second half.”

Dick Weiss: “bob knight rips uk, claims five one and dones who started in tournament had not been to class all semester. hope he has proof of that one.”

Gregg Doyel: “Bob Knight is a bad guy. Great coach. Valued education. Didn’t cheat. But a bad guy.”

Kentucky Sports report: “ESPN obviously not “getting it” if they allow false statements to be issued by their representatives and pretend its an “opinion.””

SportsByBrooks: “If Knight isn’t at ESPN, comments aren’t news. But he is. And they are. ESPN knows that, not sure if Knight does.”

Dan Wolken: “Kentucky’s persecution complex is stunning. Not sure why you think what Bob Knight said matters at all. If Knight “apologies,” it accomplishes what? About the same as he accomplished by saying something stupid. Both amount to nothing. And please don’t pretend like guys who were at UK for one year were there for any reason but to get to the NBA. Just don’t. Turning millionaires into martyrs over this issue is stupid. Don’t go down that road.”

Rob Pedigo: “I like turtles”

Brett Dawson: “Backup linebacker Jewell Ratliff becomes the second Kentucky football player dismissed this spring for violation of team rules.”

Brian Snow: “Is Carlos Boozer contracted to say “Give me that (ish)” on every rebound?”

Anthony Wireman: “Travis Ford was in Morehead last night to watch Adam Wing play pick-up; he told Wing to come to OSU, according to a good source.”

Aaron Kall: “Marquis Teague and Anthony Davis have bonded on the all-star circuit and plan to room together at UK”

Jody Demling: “Expect to hear that Rick Pitino is in North Carolina on Tuesday, talking with another assistant coach candidate and seeing Rodney Purvis.”

Ben Roberts: “A very early ESPN Bracketology has UK as a No. 1 seed playing its first two games in the Yum! Center”

Larry Vaught: “Music City Bowl will be Dec. 30 at 6:40 EST on ESPN. Hope Cats are at least in contention for this bowl. Beats Compass Bowl by a lot”

Kentucky Athletics: “Admission and parking for the Blue/White Game are free on a first-come, first-served basis. Kickoff is at 3 p.m. at Commonwealth Stadium.”

Team Cousins: “Barnstable Brown party releases guest list, including DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson & John Calipari”